Port Dover

Port Dover

Park your car with ease near the Dover Port

The general population of Dover utilize the Dover Port on a daily basis. As the parking region of the port is compact, parking spaces are limited for passengers. In this situation, most of the people just park their car near the Port of Dover, via the help of TravelCar.

Where is Port Dover situated?

Port Dover is located in Dover, Kent, south-east England. At just 34 km away, it's the nearest sea-port to France. The Dover Port is owned and operated by the Dover Harbour Board, which is a statutory corporation. This port is among the busiest passenger ports of the world, hailing 16 million travelers, 2.1 million lorries, 2.8 million cars and 86 coaches each year, with an annual turnover of £58.5 million.

Effortless parking available near Port Dover

As the Port of Dover is one of the busiest ports on the planet, the everyday traveler movement at the port terminal is large. On account of that reason, numerous travelers can't locate an accessible parking spot at the port's parking area. Majority of these travelers believe it's smarter to park close to the Dover Port, where parking is considerably less expensive than at the port's parking region. It would be wise to use the services of TravelCar to find a parking location near the port. TravelCar offers travelers with the most appropriate parking spots close to the sea-port. Pick a parking spot that you deem fit to your liking. The parking spot can be near the inn you're staying at or you can just book a parking space which is closest to the Dover Port, without any hassle. Most passengers need to realize that parking at the port's parking area can be costly for them. With TravelCar, the parking fee is free of charge, due to the fact that your car is rented while the owner's away. You get the alternative of valet parking as well, in case you're in a rush. However, if you aren't willing to use TravelCar's valet parking, you can park the car yourself through their automated car parking system. The cost of both parking options is the same, which is zero. Passengers who are worried about the safety of their car don't need to be. TravelCar has taken the liberty to install cameras all over their parking locations, so your car will be monitored 24/7 by our sharp staff.

TravelCar has excellent customer support, as well. On the off chance that you are not happy with your booked parking spot, contact the customer support and they'll see to it that your issue gets resolved. Another vital aspect of TravelCar's amazing service is that they are willing to keep your car keys safe, while you are away on your cruise journey. If you bring along your keys to your journey, you risk losing them. Take the smart option and keep your car keys with TravelCar for safekeeping.

Travel to Port Dover via TravelCar's shuttle service

As TravelCar developed, they saw that numerous travelers had issues strolling from their parking spot to the sea-port and they comprehended that. So, they decided to launch a shuttle service which would transport their clients from the parking location to the Dover Port. The shuttle is fast so the transportation doesn't take up a lot of your time. Usually, it takes around 6 minutes for a shuttle to complete its excursion.

The working schedule of TravelCar's shuttle service makes it easy for all passengers to have an effortless journey. The shuttle is ready, on your command, to pick you up from your parking space and drop you off at the terminal of the Port of Dover. You may even use this shuttle service on your way back from the port. There will be no extra charges and your ride will be smooth and sound.