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London-Heathrow Parking

Heathrow Airport Parking : London Heathrow (LHR) is considered as the ‘jewel in London’s crown’ and is situated in the London Borough of Hillingdon, just across the Surrey border. It is linked to the capital by the M4 motorway and is about 14 miles from the center of London. As one of the busiest airports in the world, LHR handles about 190,000 passengers every day- with annual passenger traffic exceeding 78 million. The airport came into existence in a small way in 1929 south-east of the hamlet of Heathrow. Extending over an area of 1,227 hectares, LHR has 2 east-west runways and 4 terminals. The airport can be accessed easily by private and public transportation and offers a variety of parking options. However, TravelCar, the global innovator of parking solutions offers the best and cheap parking options in LHR. In addition to London Heathrow, some other airports in the vicinity are Gatwick, Luton, Southend, and Stansted.

London-Heathrow Address and Map

Airport’s legal address Longford, UK
Airport type Public
Phone Number +44 844 335 1801
Airport’s traffic More than 78 million passengers in 2017
GPS coordinates 51°28′39″N   000°27′41″W

Heathrow Airport, often referred to as London Heathrow (LHR) is not only the busiest airport in Europe and the sixth busiest in the world in terms of passenger traffic, it is the major international airport in the United Kingdom. Notably, then, a large percentage of its annual passenger traffic are international travelers. What is today the principal international gateway for the city of London, originated as a small airfield southeast of Heathrow- a small hamlet in London. The airport was named after this hamlet and lies about 20 miles from London City Center and 14 miles west of Central London. There are six international airports that serve Greater London and Heathrow is one of them. LHR is owned and operated by Heathrow Airport Holdings and is home to international, regional and cargo services from more than 80 airlines.

Cheap parking at London Heathrow

Many of us have experienced the travails of airport parking, which is exorbitant and prohibitive. TravelCar enables travelers to save precious dollars by offering cheap parking at major airports. It offers viable parking alternatives at train stations and cruise ports that are much cheaper than those of its competitors. TravelCar’s reputation as a low cost parking provider is growing by leaps and bounds.

Shuttle services

TravelCar’s parking lots are very close to the airport and are easy to access. In order to ensure that travelers are not late for their flights, it has introduced a shuttle service that transports travelers from the parking area to the airport terminal. The frequency of the shuttles and their easy accessibility takes away the strain of commuting to the terminal. These services are also available on your return trip.

Most of us don’t want to be bothered about finding a parking space when you have a flight to catch. This is where TravelCar’s valet services come in useful- the valet takes charge of your car from the moment you enter the airport and till you reclaim your vehicle, it is their responsibility. If you opt for valet services that include car maintenance, your car will be washed, cleaned, oiled and kept looking as good as new for you. In case you choose to park your car for more than three months, you are not only entitled to ‘free parking’ but also to a little extra cash if you allow TravelCar to rent out your car to bonafide customers in your absence.

TravelCar different parking locations.

  • Airports:

    London City Airport, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, and Southend are important airports in London that experience hectic passenger activity. As airport parking is significantly expensive, there is a paucity of cheap parking spaces. TravelCar provides affordable parking lots that offset this.
  • Train Stations:

     London has twelve major railway stations that cater to different parts of the country- Charing Cross, King’s Cross, Paddington, St Pancras, Victoria, Waterloo, and others. TravelCar offers low cost parking options that suit travelers’ pockets.
  • Cruise Ports:

    Port of Tilbury, Port of Southampton, Port Dover, and Port Harwich are some very important ports in the United Kingdom. As these ports are always humming with activity, passenger traffic is excessive. Affordable parking is a serious problem- one that is countered effectively by TravelCar, which offers low cost parking and top-notch services.

TravelCar’s reputation goes beyond providing cheap parking options. It takes its responsibility seriously and ensures the safety of the cars entrusted to its safekeeping. Its parking lots are gated and monitored extensively in order to minimize the risk of thefts.

London-Heathrow Gates Presentation

Terminal 2 Terminal 2B Gates A1 to A26 (Level 4) Gates B31–B49
Terminal 3 Check-in (GF, L1), Departure Lounge (L1), Arrivals (GF)
Terminal 4 Check-in (L2 & Mezzanine), Departure Lounge (L2), Arrivals (GF)
Terminal 5 Terminal 5B Terminal 5C Gates A1–A23 (L 2) Gates B32–B48 Gates C52–C66

The airport is spread across 4 terminals, each one of which is self-contained. Terminals 2 and 3 are connected and centrally located, 4 and 5 are at the outer limits. There are two east-west runways.

Airport Arrivals- First floor of Terminal 2 and ground floor of Terminal 3, 4, 5

Airport Departures- Ground floor of Terminal 3, second floor of Terminal 4, 4th and 5th floors of Terminal 2

Terminal 2 and 3 are located in the Central Terminal, which is in the middle of the airport between the runways. Terminal 4 lies in the south-eastern corner of the airport while Terminal 5 is situated far west of the airport, between the runways.

TravelCar’s advantages

How often have you found a booking system to work as you would expect it to? Many who have chosen to book online cannot really boast of a having had a good journey or a good customer experience. That’s why oftentimes, people give up even before they’re half-way through. TravelCar, though, is different- its booking system is absolutely straightforward with no twists and turns and the whole process is finished within minutes. This suits today’s user, for whom ‘immediacy’ and brevity are all-important. Staff and personnel are professional to the core- they respond promptly to customer queries, solve issues immediately and find a way to get the job done. Nothing is too small or big for them- they give equal priority to all issues as in their eyes, all customers are equal. This professionalism has earned them a 9+ rating on TrustPilot and also recognition by other rating agencies. By partnering and coordinating with local parking companies, TravelCar is well positioned to offer low cost parking- something that competitors are not positioned to do. The parking provider has another ace up its sleeve- all its parking lots are close to the airport and it offers free shuttle services to travelers that want to reach the terminal to catch their flight.

Valet Service

Though the concept of valet service has been around for some time- its application to the parking industry is perhaps more recent. As the term denotes, a valet is assigned to look after your car- starting from parking, maintaining and restoring it to you on your return. That means, you just don’t have to worry about your car at all when you are on your trip. Everyone knows how stressful trips can be- before, during, and after. TravelCar takes that stress away from you and ensures that you are easier in your mind. No sooner you drive into the airport, the valet takes charge of your car and allows you to focus on the business ahead. Parking can be a pain in the neck and those who have tried to park at the airport know that only too well. TravelCar irons out those creases for you. TravelCar does have official timings- 6 am to 12 am, but it’s always awake and ready to help you at any time. This is what makes TravelCar special- the desire to please and deliver beyond expectation.

Customer service

This is a fancy term that merely means looking after customers, giving them what they need and helping them to sort out issues as and when they arise. In fact, TravelCar never really ‘sets out to practice customer service’- it’s something ingrained in their DNA that comes naturally. Patience,  willingness to help, an earnestness to make customers feel comfortable and transparency in dealings that builds credibility and trust are some of the pillars of good customer service. When customers go booking- whether it’s booking a parking space or hiring a car on rent, they want the whole process to be seamless and without hitches. TravelCar preempts and anticipates customer needs, it listens to the customers’ voices, takes hints from feedback and improves its services. The learning curve never ends for TravelCar and that’s why it’s touted to be one of the best parking providers around.

Access to the airport

Just 15 miles west of central London, LHR is easily reached by road or public transport.


The Heathrow Express is between central London and Terminals 2 and 3. Journey time is just 15 minutes. TFL rail services ply between London Paddington and Terminals 2, 3, and 4. Stops at Ealing Broadway, West Ealing, Hanwell, Southall, and Hayes & Harlington, enable people from this area to reach London Heathrow. Journey time from Paddington to Heathrow Terminals 2 & 3 takes 15 minutes and a little longer to reach terminals 4 and 5. This is perhaps the fastest way to travel from Central London to LHR.


Central London and Heathrow Airport are connected by the Piccadilly line. Tube services are cheaper but travel time is longer. Journey time is under an hour.

Three Tube stations at Heathrow Airport serve Terminals 1-3, Terminal 4 and 5. The first trains leave Heathrow at about 6 am and continue to run untill midnight.


The National Express bus operates between London Gatwick Airport and London Heathrow. Journey time is about one and half hours. If you want to reach London Heathrow from London City airport, get to Paddington and then connect with the Heathrow express. Journey time is under two hours.

The N9 night bus runs from Trafalgar Square (central London) to London Heathrow. This service operates between 11.30 pm and 5 am. Journey time is about 20 minutes.

Bus 285 operates between Feltham and Heathrow and the night bus N285 operates every 30 minutes on this route. RailAir coaches operate between Reading and Heathrow airport. The 490 bus runs between Richmond and Terminal 5 via Terminal 4.


The airport is about 17 miles west of central London and can be accessed through the M4 motorway. From Junction 14 of M25, Terminal 5 can be directly reached. Motorways M40 and M3 are also close to the airport.


All Terminals at London Heathrow have authorized taxi stands. So you can make the journey using a black cab or the minicab. Be careful of unauthorized drivers. Book the taxi beforehand and specify the pickup point. Journey time is about one hour.

Other information

Getting to the airport in time is an art that has to be practiced religiously for most of us- it’s always a rush affair. You have to counter the rush at home, rush on the roads and of course the inevitable scramble for parking at airports. That leaves you very little time to go through the check-in and security process- the chances that you miss your flight is high. One way to offset this is to opt for TravelCar’s parking services- this makes things a little easier. Finding a parking space at the airport or near it is not easy nor is it cheap. TravelCar offers the dual advantage of low cost parking and parking spaces near the airport. Its shuttle services ensure that you reach the terminal well before your flight time.


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