London Stansted Airport Parking

London-Stansted Airport Parking

London Stansted airport parking : London Stansted Airport (STN) is situated in Essex, 38 miles north of London and 42 miles northeast of Central London and 3 km from the town of Stansted Mountfitchet. Stansted Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the UK.

STN has a single runway, one main terminal with three passenger satellites in which the departure gates are present. The airport opened in 1943 and is one of the fastest growing in Europe. It handles over 25 million passengers annually and more than 50 percent of passengers prefer to use public transport to commute to the airport either from central London or its surrounding areas. The airport provides on-site and off-site parking and has a wide range of options.

TravelCar, founded in 2012, offers a viable alternative in the form of cheap parking facilities and other extremely affordable services to passengers at airports, train stations, and city centers.

London-Stansted Airport Address and Map

Airport’s legal Address Bassingbourn Rd, Stansted CM24 1QW, UK
Airport type Public
Phone number +44 808 169 7031
Airport’s traffic More than 25 million in 2017
GPS coordinates 51°53'3.59" N  0°14'3.60" E

In the district of Uttlesford in Essex about 0.9 miles from the Hertfordshire border, lies the London-Stansted international airport. It is about 42 miles northeast of Central London, is the 3rd busiest airport in London after Heathrow and Gatwick, fourth busiest, and the 4th largest airport in the UK. It also figures amongst the fastest growing airports in Europe. The airport opened in 1943 and handles more than 25 million passengers annually. Of all the main London airports, Stansted is the newest passenger airport.

The Manchester Airports Group owns and operates London-Stansted and three other UK airports. The airport is home to many European low-cost carriers and serves over 170 destinations across Europe, Central and North America, and also North Africa.

In contrast to Heathrow and Gatwick, London-Stansted has a single runway and yet more than 25 million passengers use the airport annually. Stansted’s runway is used by private companies such as Harrods Aviation and others.

Cheap parking at STN

Airport parking can be pretty expensive and if you’re parking your car for a few weeks or months, it can make a hole in your bank balance. There is no dearth of parking providers and parking fees can be steeper if you don’t book your parking space in advance.

TravelCar, founded in Paris, France in 2012, has sought to make a huge difference in this market with its low cost parking- much lower than that offered by other providers. Apart from the fact that all its parking lots are near the airport -within 5 minutes-, TravelCar’s cheap parking fees are a huge relief to travelers. Another point that works in TravelCar’s favor is that it offers free parking to those who park their cars for a period of over three months. Those that are willing to rent their cars to bonafide TravelCar customers during their absence will benefit from additional revenue. Travelers have found that even when parking fees are payable, the charges are considerably less than those charged by other providers.

Even if travelers are allotted parking spaces in remote parking lots, TravelCar ensures that passengers reach the terminal well in time for their flights through its free shuttle services. The shuttle services operate efficiently and quietly, transporting passengers to and from the airport terminal. Easy to access, comfortable and frequent, the free shuttle services have worked in TravelCar’s favor.

TravelCar has even more to offer- automated parking and valet services and an unwritten guarantee of safety and security for the cars. Those opting for such services will find that it is to their advantage.

TravelCar parking locations

TravelCar has a long reach and its ubiquity has provided relief to harassed passengers in need of parking spaces at airports, train stations, and even cruise ports.

Airports: London City Airport, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, Southend, Manchester, Bristol, and Leeds are teeming with passenger activity throughout the day. Naturally, parking spaces are in great demand and it’s often very difficult to secure one close to the airport. TravelCar steps in to provide low cost parking spaces that are near the airport.

Train Stations: King’s Cross, Paddington, Charing Cross, Victoria, St. Pancras Vauxhall, London Richmond, and Manor Park are some of the important railway stations that are subject to steady and increasing passenger activity. It’s hard to secure inexpensive parking spaces there. TravelCar solves the problem of affordable parking with its cheap parking lots that are easy to access.

Cruise Ports: Port Portsmouth, Port of Tilbury, Port of Southampton, Port Dover, Port Harwich, and London-Tilbury cruise port are often the scene of hectic activity with travelers stopping to park their cars. Not all manage to secure good parking spots but with TravelCar around, travelers can park close to the port without any difficulty.

TravelCar brings a cost-effective and an environmentally-friendly solution for travelers and that one which is safe and secure. Gated parking lots and constant video surveillance make TravelCar an excellent alternative.

London-Stansted Gates Presentation

1 Main Terminal Satellite 1 Gates 1-19         Transit system

Satellite 2 Gates 20-39        Transit system.

Satellite 3 40-59     Walkway from main terminal

Gates    81-88      Walkway from main terminal

APV      90-93       Walkway from main terminal

There is one large terminal in the London Stansted Airport which is near the village of Stansted Mountfitchet. The departure gates are located in the three passenger satellites- two are connected to the Main terminal by the Transit system and one by an air-bridge. No gates are present in the main terminal building. The large passenger terminal accommodates check-in, domestic arrivals, international arrivals and departures, the departure lounge and the “meet and greet area.”

The Ground level, which houses check-in and domestic arrivals area and leads to the departure lounge and gates 1 to 99. The International Arrivals area houses the baggage area, rental car, and information desks and shops. The Departure Lounge offers access to gates 81 to 90 via pier, to gates 1 to 19 & 20 to 39 via transit; and departures route to gates 40 to 59.

Advantages of booking through TravelCar

Pricing and Trust

TravelCar offers honest and unmatchable service when it comes to assigning good and accessible parking spots. Right from the booking process to rentals, payments, and insurance, TravelCar spells efficiency and exhibits a high sense of professionalism- that’s why it’s so popular with travelers on the lookout for low cost parking spaces. For TravelCar, customers are always a top priority and it strives hard to give them inexpensive and easy to access parking spaces that are always in such high demand. When it comes to price, security of cars, availability of parking spaces, there’s just no one to beat TravelCar.

TravelCar is rated highly on Trustpilot and other rating services- the superior service rendered and an exhibition of excellent professionalism earned for it a 9+. Coupled with the fact that it affords a highly credible platform and exhibits an integrity that’s unmatched, it’s no wonder that the ratings are always high.

Another area where TravelCar scores over all the others is its ability to provide low cost parking lots close to the airport. Also, it provides free and friendly shuttle services that allow travelers to reach the airport terminal in time to catch their flight.

Efficient valet services

More brownie points for TravelCar- there are many travelers that don’t want to waste precious moments searching for parking spaces when they have a flight to catch. TravelCar understands this and enables them to avail of its valet services and automated parking. That way, customers will not have to worry about parking or fret about whether their cars are safe and secure.

No sooner you drive into the airport, a valet takes charge of your car and the car keys- that means you’re absolved of the responsibility of having to find a parking space and ensure that it is safe and secure. Cameras installed in all its parking lots provide the necessary video surveillance 24/7. On your return flight, your car will be ready, cleaned, polished and waiting at the curb for you to drive off immediately. That TravelCar is unique in its approach and delivering is unquestionable.

Courteous and Efficient Customer Service

For TravelCar, customer service goes beyond the mere act of reserving a parking space or taking care of the booking. Its overall approach has always been directed at making its customers comfortable and happy. Its customer care team and other professionals have a common goal- giving customers what they want and addressing all their queries promptly and satisfactorily.

TravelCar is always working round the clock to help customers get what they want. It is always on the watch, anticipates problems and prevents them from becoming an issue. That way every customer feels important and special and in no time, a loyal customer base comes into existence. TravelCar’s popularity has not dimmed in any way over the years, in fact, it has emerged stronger with every new presence.

Access to London-Stansted Airport


National Express and Airport Bus Express ply between London-Stansted and other places.

National Express 727 Norwich links London Stansted and Norwich- every two hours direct

National Express 757 Oxford- links Oxford, Hempstead, and High Wycombe to STN- every two hours

National Express 777 Birmingham- links Coventry, Birmingham, and Luton to London Stansted

easyBus - links Central London to London Stansted- every 15 minutes throughout the day

Airport Bus Express - links the Stansted airport to Victoria and the Stansted/London Airbus (A6) links Victoria coach station, Heathrow, and Gatwick to London Stansted

Terravision- Shuttle bus service operates between Kings Cross station and the Stansted coach station. The bus and coach station is just a two-minute walk from the terminal. A low cost coach service operates between Central London and the Stansted Airport.

Rail and Train Connections

Rail services are very good and London Stansted Airport is connected to all major destinations across the UK. Stansted Airport's railway station is just below the terminal building.

The two services that operate between Liverpool street station and STN are

  • The Stansted Express
  • Local services

The Stansted Express- fast mode of transport between the airport and London’s Liverpool Street train station- regular frequency and a journey time of 45 minutes. Train services commence from 3.40 am on Monday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

Local services- operates every hour and stops at major stations between London Stansted Airport and Liverpool Street Station.

Central Trains Midlands and the North- connects Birmingham, Peterborough, Leicester, Cambridge, Audley End, and Ely with London Stansted Airport. Services commence at 6.19 am Monday- Saturday and 09:15 am on Sundays.

Car: Since the airport lies just off the M11 motorway- you need to take exit 8A from London or exit 8 from Cambridge. Follow the signposts to London Stansted. Postcode for London Stansted Airport is CM24 1RW.

Taxi: Taxis ply between London’s city center to London-Stansted Airport 24/7. The Journey time is one hour.

Other information

It’s pretty obvious that you need to get to the airport well before your flight is scheduled to take off and it pays to make it to the terminal leaving you with time to spare. Those who drive to the airport need to schedule their departures from home even more carefully. Traffic jams on roads and inability to find parking spaces are just some of the problems that you will have to contend with- not to mention the long lines for check-in baggage and security.

Trust TravelCar to do its bit for you- it can lessen the woes of finding parking spots by assigning them to you even before you reach the airport. TravelCar is the best when it comes to low cost parking and valet services.