Belfast International Airport Parking

Belfast-International Airport Parking

Belfast-International airport parking : The Belfast International Airport (BFS) was formerly known as Aldergrove airport after the village that was in the vicinity. Sometime after 1983, it acquired its current name. The airport is located at about 13 miles northwest of Belfast, which is in Northern Ireland.

BFS is considered as the second busiest on the isle of Ireland and is an important regional airfreight center in the United Kingdom. It handled almost 6 million passengers in 2017. It has two cross asphalt covered runways that are aligned in the east-west and north-south directions.

The Belfast International Airport can be accessed easily using many modes of transportation. It has a wide array of parking options at the airport and also off-site. Parking is located on the north side of the main runway.

Thousands of visitors use the airport every day and parking may be difficult to obtain. TravelCar, a global trendsetter in airport parking and automobile-sharing, offsets the problem to a great extent with its low cost parking options.

Belfast-International Airport Address and Map

Airport’s legal address Airport Rd, Belfast BT29 4AB, UK
Airport type Public
Phone number +44 28 9448 4848
Airport’s traffic Passengers traffic  5,836,552 in 2017
GPS coordinates 54°39′27″N 006°12′57″W

The Belfast International Airport (BFS) formerly known as Aldergrove airport, is a major airport that is centrally situated in Northern Ireland. It is located north-west of the city of Belfast- about 13 miles away. The airport acquired its current name in 1983. Although civil traffic began in 1922, regular civil air service started only in 1933.

Belfast International is now stands fifth among the busiest airports handling domestic traffic in the United Kingdom as of January 2017, the busiest in Northern Ireland and the 2nd busiest on the island of Ireland. Passenger traffic in 2017 almost touched the 6 million mark.

BFS is an important airfreight center in the UK and is owned by Airports Worldwide. As it is a favored transport hub for visitors and also businessmen, traffic is always high on any given day and parking problems surface.

TravelCar, the global innovator in car parking and sharing provides cheap parking facilities at parking lots close to the airport.

Cheap parking

Just outside the terminal building, BFS has parking facilities such as short-stay-and-pick-up, long-stay parking and reserved parking for those who use the facility frequently. High demand and high parking prices tend to put people off.

That’s why TravelCar has chosen to give passengers a more viable and economic alternative with its low cost parking options, near the airport. In fact, TravelCar tries to accommodate all its customers, regardless of whether they want parking spaces near the airport, at the airport or at the hotel where they reside. Passengers are benefited to a great extent- they get the parking space of their choice, pay less and are less harassed and troubled. This is why TravelCar edges itself to the forefront of the ‘parking provider space’.

It’s a given that the duration of parking and pricing go hand in hand- but TravelCar waives the parking fees in respect of those who park their cars for over 3 months. In case they are willing to rent out their cars during their absence, then they earn a small revenue as well. Even those who park for a lesser duration don’t lose out. The parking charges they pay are nowhere near to those that other providers charge for the same period.

Parking spaces close to the airport is a ‘dream come true’ for many and TravelCar with its local partnership contacts, makes that happen. It even provides free shuttle services to transport passengers from the parking lots to the terminal and back. These shuttles are very comfortable and easy to access.

The ‘icing on the cake’- valet services and automated parking- not only do these services simplify your parking problem but they also ensure the safety and security of your car till you return from your trip.

TravelCar parking locations

TravelCar is headquartered in Paris and has a presence in many European countries. With accumulated experience under its belt, it’s able to minimize parking problems for passengers in heavy traffic areas.


Major airports such as Belfast International Airport, George Best Belfast City Airport, City of Derry Airport and others like Enniskillen/St Angelo Airport, Newtownards Airport are located in Northern Ireland. Main airports are always bombarded with traffic and parking spaces are hard to come by- TravelCar provides cheap parking solutions that are a boon to many passengers.

Train Stations

: Portadown, Lisburn, Belfast Great Victoria Street, Belfast Central, Holywood, and Bangor. Belfast Great Victoria Street, Belfast Central, Carrickfergus, Larne Harbor are important train stations in Northern Ireland. Parking at such passenger-ridden stations is in great demand but not commensurate with the availability of parking spaces. TravelCar comes to the rescue by offering low cost parking spaces at convenient parking lots.

Cruise Ports

Northern Ireland's ports such as Belfast Harbor, Port of Larne, Londonderry Port, Coleraine Harbor and others are in the midst of hectic activity always. Not all passengers and visitors can manage to secure a parking space. TravelCar provides cheap parking spaces close to the ports.

The safety and security of TravelCar’s parking lots are very impressive- CCTV surveillance, security guards, manual monitoring- the whole works.

Belfast-International Gates Presentation


 Terminal Lower level- Arrivals lounge and other amenities

Upper Level- Departures lounge and other facilities

Gate Areas are divided into

Domestic flights

International flights

The Belfast International Airport has two cross runways that are aligned in east-west and north-south directions.

The airport’s single terminal is divided into 2 levels. Gate areas are demarcated by domestic and international flights.

  • Lower level- houses the Arrivals lounge, check-in counters, a connector to the Link Bridge is at the left, information counters, security control, food and restaurant options, duty-free stores and the like
  • Upper level- houses Departures, information counters and other service amenities.

The on-site short stay and main car parks are very close to the terminal building and the on-demand courtesy bus shuttles between the terminal and the on-site long-stay park. The off-site park is situated a little way from the main entrance.

Advantages of booking through TravelCar

Pricing and trust:

Staying ahead in the competition and maintaining that lead is difficult, but not for TravelCar. Its organizational growth has its footprint in smooth and seamless operations, simplicity in online navigation, and fast resolution of problems and effective control of prices. These are the things that keep customers happy. The parking provider provides a credible environment, offers genuine deals that help customers save precious dollars and adopts a ‘customer-friendly’ approach.

It’s not surprising then that TravelCar is rated highly on Trustpilot and other rating services. It scored a well-deserved 9+ for its professional approach and undeniably ‘superior customer service’. TravelCar doesn’t provide merely ‘service that’s acceptable’- it doesn’t believe in ‘merely doing its job well’- it goes beyond that. This is what leads to ‘complete customer satisfaction’. TravelCar cares for its customers and makes no bones about showing that it does.

TravelCar’s low cost parking lots are close to the airport and TravelCar aims to keep them that way because they care about ‘customer comfort’. Its easy-going shuttle services are meant to keep passengers ‘tension-free’ and are an assurance that they will reach the airport well before their flights take off.

Prompt Valet Services:

“Worry kills more people than work because more people worry than work,” is an age-old adage that holds well even today. People worry every day about lots of things and if they have to catch a flight- they worry whether they can make it in time. Most of us plan our schedules to the airport but forget to seriously consider parking problems that you necessarily encounter. If you want that off your shoulders, then just opt for TravelCar’s valet services. It’s a convenience beyond compare and one that you would like to avail of, especially if you happen to fall in the ‘I detest parking my car’ group.

So why are valet services the key that triggers ‘less worrying’ enzymes? People, in general, love to indulge in a little bit of luxury, like to be pampered some and love to shrug off a little responsibility. Well, that’s exactly what a valet will do for you. They’ll take the car off your hands the moment you drive into the airport, deprive you off your keys and courteously ask you to just go ahead. The moment that happens, you feel as if a weight has fallen off your shoulders- ‘looking after your car and ensuring that it’s secure’ in your absence irons out those niggles in your head. Under the assurance that your car is in good hands, you feel ‘light-hearted’ and up to any challenge that lies ahead. When you return, your car is waiting for you at the curb and the fact that you don’t have a ‘hunting among thousands of cars job’ ahead of you, helps you to retain your poise and coolness. The valet hands over the keys, opens the door for you and you’re off- something that would have never happened but for valet services.

Courteous and Efficient Customer Service

TravelCar has managed to stay ahead of its competitors because it believes in customer service that results in customer satisfaction. It has a personal investment in its customers as mere low cost parkingprices are not going to do the trick. Customer interaction, acting on customer feedback, taking cognizance of what works and what doesn’t helps the parking provider retain its top place.

All the professionals at TravelCar believe in helping customers get what they want- be it booking or reservation related. They have the expertise, the knowledge and the willingness to make customer journeys- pleasurable ones. TravelCar is wide-awake 24/7 (in spite of the advertised working hours). Customers feel assured that they can approach the provider at any time without hesitation. Going that extra mile is a regular affair and all in the line of duty.

Access to Belfast-International Airport

Since BFS is close to the city center, transportation is easily available-

  • Shuttle bus service - operates between the airport terminal and Sydenham train station
  • Service 109A-operates between Belfast International Airport via Lisburn Bus Centre and Antrim Bus center
  • Airport 300 Service - operates all days of the week between Derry and the Airport and also from the Northwest to the airport
  • Translink express bus- operates from Europa Bus center to the airport. It also connects to Antrim railway station.


By Road

If you are driving from Belfast to the airport go on the M2 motorway and then when you reach junction 5, take the A57 and proceed for 7 miles.


The airport does not have a railway station and the nearest one is Antrim, which is about 6 miles from the Antrim airport. Take 109A from the bus center and proceed to the airport. Since Antrim bus and railway station is well connected to other areas, it is easy to reach the airport.


Official airport Taxis are available easily. Book in advance to reach the airport terminal via taxi.

Other information

Arriving at airports without having to rush through is a juggling act of sorts- where you have to balance time and your airport tip judiciously. No matter how hard you try, the last minute rush sees you racing against time and every minute is precious. Thinking of how long it will take to park your car at the airport can drive you crazy, so just opting for TravelCar’s parking services or valet services will soothe your fevered brow.