Cheap Parking in London City Airport

London-City Airport Parking


London-City Airport Parking : London City Airport (LCY) celebrated its 30th birthday in 2017- it opened in 1987- 31 years ago. It is located in the London Borough of Newham, 3 miles east of Canary Wharf and just 6 miles away from the London city center.


This international airport is easily accessible because of its proximity to Central London and the Canary Wharf. It is regarded as the 5th busiest airport in aircraft movements and passenger traffic in the London area. More than 4.5 million passengers boarded flights in 2017. It is the smallest of all the London airports and the most central one servicing London.


London City Airport has a single runway that is 4,900 ft. long and a single, two-story passenger terminal building in the east of London. The airport can be accessed by taxi, bus, tube, and DLR. It offers a variety of car parking facilities and the car parks are situated close to the main terminal entrance.


TravelCar, the peer to peer car sharing provider, has established its presence at all major airports and is well known for its cost-effective car parking options.


London-City Airport Address and Map 


Airport’s legal address Hartman Road,  Royal Docks, London, E16 2PX, United Kingdom
Airport type Public
Phone number +44 20 7646 0000
Airport’s traffic Passenger traffic in 2017- 4,530,439
GPS coordinates 51°30′19″N 000°03′19″E

The London City Airport (LCY) is located about 7 miles east of the City of London and about 3 miles from the Canary Wharf- both centers of London’s financial industry. Hence, the airport is frequented by business travelers. More than 12 airlines operate to over 50 destinations across the United Kingdom and also northern Europe.


Though it is a smaller airport when compared to Heathrow and Gatwick, it is the closest to Central London. Also, departures and arrivals are handled more easily and much quicker than at the other larger London airports. London City airport was the 14th busiest in the UK in 2017 and the 95th busiest airport in Europe by way of annual passenger traffic. More than 4.5 million passengers boarded flights in 2017.


The rush at London City Airport translates into a high demand for parking. TravelCar, a global trendsetter in airport parking, helps to combat this by providing low cost parking solutions near the airport


Cheap parking


Car parking on site can be very expensive even at smaller airports like LCY and in case you don’t pre-book, you could land up paying a hefty amount. However, with parking providers like TravelCar around, this need never be the case.


TravelCar’s parking charges are stated to be the lowest around- much lower than what other providers charge. Another bonus that the provider dishes up for travelers is the providing of parking slots to suit specific needs of individuals- be it at the airport, close to it or in the vicinity of their respective hotels. Low cost parking options and choice parking spaces make a great combo for travelers.


You would think that if you parked your car at the airport, you’d have to pay parking charges. TravelCar has a surprise for you- If you park your car for a period of over three months and allow it to be rented out to TravelCar’s bonafide customers- you’re not only entitled to free parking but you’re in for a bit of (car rental) revenue as well. In case, you’re parking only for a short time, even then what you pay is a pittance when compared to what other parking providers charge. The net result? TravelCar’s cheap and free parking options appear to have no parallel!


The going gets even better with TravelCar’s ability to offer parking slots close to the airport and provide complimentary shuttle services to and from the parking lot to the terminal. And TravelCar keeps going further with its extremely affordable valet services and automated parking- both of which ensure that your car is safe and secure in the parking lot.

TravelCar parking locations


TravelCar has its headquarters in Paris but has spread its wings in more than 10 European countries. TravelCar does appear to be extending its outreach to ‘passenger-density’ ridden areas such as major airports, train stations, and even cruise ports.



London’s five major airports: London City, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and London Stansted are all busy places, where demand for parking exceeds availability- that’s why TravelCar’s low cost parking solutions near the airport are lapped up with such avidity.


Train Stations:-

King’s Cross, Paddington, Victoria, Charing Cross, St. Pancras etc., are some of the important stations, where the hue and cry for parking spaces is loud and vibrant. TravelCar assiduously caters to such needs by offering considerably ‘cheap parking’ spaces’ at convenient parking lots.


Cruise Ports:-

Port of London, Dover Port, Port of Tilbury, Port of Southampton and other major ports are bustling centers, where parking is always a ‘question-mark’. TravelCar provides answers in the form of low cost parking spaces very close to the port.


Parking lots at TravelCar are safe and secure with CCTV monitoring and video- surveillance. Travelers can rest assured that their cars are in good hands.


London-City Airport Gates Presentation


Single Terminal Ground floor

Upper level


A single runway - good for short-haul flights from which the airport operates flights to Europe and New York with a special emphasis on business travel.

The airport has one terminal and this was opened in 1986. It contains 2 levels

Ground Floor- houses check-in desks and service facilities, airside waiting area and shops. Waiting area connected to piers on both sides. No jet bridges are available at this airport.


Arrivals Level- baggage claim, some restaurants, passport control, customs and ATMs

Departures level on the first floor of the terminal- houses check-in counters, food outlets and leads to the gates.


Car parking facilities located very close to the main terminal.


Advantages of booking with TravelCar


Pricing and trust:

There are many parking providers at airports but only a few of them stand out- TravelCar is one of those. Over the years it has grown in stature, thanks to its seamless booking process, ease of operation and navigation, transparent dealings and a firm bid to give its customers the best deals possible. It offers genuine discounted deals and all its acts and intents are ‘customer-oriented.’ TravelCar respects its customers and they in return repay it with loyalty.


TravelCar’s professionalism and high standards of operation have met with approval and rating services like Trustpilot rated it highly with a superior score of 9+. Delivering excellent customer services, affording good customer- experiences while ensuring that customers go away completely satisfied have all taken TravelCar a long way up the success ladder.


The special emphasis on ‘customer comfort’ is visible not only in the allocation of parking slots close to the airport but also in its providing friendly shuttle services to and from the airport. The onus for TravelCar has always been the anticipation of ‘customer needs and the customer wants’. Travelers relish doing business with the ‘customer-friendly’ parking provider.


Prompt Valet Services:

TravelCar keeps going on and on alongside customers and the offering of valet services and automated parking is yet another step in that direction. It understands that travelers are often in a hurry and would like to avoid the ‘onerous act of finding a parking space’ for their vehicles. Its valet services ensure that and much more, going beyond customer expectations.


Valets are efficient and responsible individuals that take care of your car for you when you are away and cannot do it for yourself. This takes away a lot of weight from your shoulders and allows you to relax in the thought that your car is safe and will be well cared for by TravelCar’s valets. As valets take away your car keys too, you needn’t ever worry about losing or misplacing it when you are hundreds of miles away from home. Valets help to reduce stress levels before, during and even after the trip when they bring your car to the terminal entrance without you having to ‘search for it amidst a thousand similar looking cars.’


Efficient Customer Service


TravelCar believes that customers are important and it goes out of the way to make them feel so. It dedicates time and effort, puts in a lot of energy into making them feel special. By putting them first always and making them a priority, TravelCar has succeeded in winning hearts and loyalty. Starting from the moment of booking until after all is done, TravelCar hovers in the background, setting things straight, ironing out creases and solving issues. By showing customers it truly cares about them, TravelCar has sealed its reputation as a ‘customer-oriented parking provider’.


Customer care is open 24/7 and the whole team has just a single goal- to keep customers happy and satisfy them to the greatest extent possible. You can rest assured that if you have a query or an issue to be sorted out, it will be addressed promptly.


Access to London-City Airport


The London City Airport is ideal for those who are traveling to and from London and Greater London. Central London can easily be accessed using public transport and road connections. The airport has its own Docklands Light Railway station just next to the terminal building and is also well connected to the Tube network.


Many local bus routes serve the airport

Route 473: runs between Stratford and the airport

Route 474: runs between Canning Town, Manor Park, and the airport



Docklands Light Railway (DLR) connects East London to the Tube. It makes transport to and from the airport very easy and fast. Trains are frequent during weekdays and slightly reduced during weekends. London City Airport is linked to Canary Wharf, to the City of London, Woolwich Arsenal, and to Stratford International station via DLR.


From Canary Wharf and Bank, the journey time to the airport is 18 and 22 minutes respectively. It takes just 7 minutes from Canning Town and 17 minutes from Stratford International station by DLR.


National Express doesn’t go to the airport but does halt at Bank, Canary Wharf and other places that are accessible by DLR


LYC is also connected to the Tube network and from its DLR station, you can access Tube interchange stations such as Bank, Stratford and Canning down.


Cab services

London City Airport together with Minicabit offers direct transport from anywhere you want to the airport. This service is available in more than 300 UK towns and cities.

Road access

Roads A1020 and A112 serve the airport and links to London city, Stratford, Canning Town. It also connects to A13 road and A406, the North Circular road. A13 makes the M25 motorway accessible. A406 also connects to the M11 motorway.


Other information


Reaching the airport in time is imperative, but how many of us that drive are able to achieve that. There are so many hurdles to cross- beating the traffic, getting to the airport in one piece- this is just one part of the story- the worst is still to follow. Finding a parking space at the airport is especially trying and frustrating- more often than not, it’s a lost cause. You either park just about anywhere (at the risk of being penalized when you return) or choose to miss your flight and find a parking space miles away from the airport.


If you don’t want those hairy horrors to come true, just trust TravelCar to find a cheap parking space for you or opt for its valet services. It’s well worth the price you pay, which by the way is not too much.