Manchester Downtown Parking

Manchester is a metropolitan borough and city located in Greater Manchester in England. It has a population of over 545,500 according to last year’s survey. In fact, it lies in the third most populated metropolitan area in the United Kingdom. This city has the Cheshire Plain to its south and the Pennines to its north. You will also notice a small arc of towns that form an uninterrupted conurbation around the city. The Manchester City Council looks after the local affairs in the city.

Besides London, Manchester was honored with being the highest ranked city in the United Kingdom. The city is well known for its culture, architecture, media links, musical exports, engineering and scientific output, sports clubs- social impact as well as transport connections. In fact, the Manchester-Liverpool Road railway station is considered to be the first intercity passenger railway station in the whole world.

Manchester played an important role in several historical events, including the Industrial Revolution, Women’s suffrage, the Trade Union Movement, football and so on. There are several museums in the city if you like to learn more about the history of the city. The city is also well known for its music and art influence. There are plenty of different events held in the city throughout the year.

Brief History of Manchester

A Celtic tribe known as the Brigantes was the first tribe which had a stronghold on the land where the Manchester Cathedral stands currently. During the Roman conquest of Great Britain, a fort was constructed to protect their interests in the area. By 1282, Manchester had a thriving market, which encouraged more people to settle down and continue living in the area. In the 14th century, an influx of weavers helped lay the ground for the region’s flourishing textile industry. Manchester soon turned into an important center for the trade and manufacture of linen and woolen clothes.

By 1750, cotton became popular in the textile industry. Interestingly, the opening of the Bridgewater canal helped resolve the issue of transportation of cotton and turn Manchester into the forerunner in textiles in the surrounding towns.

As time went by, Manchester turned into a center for capitalism. This was helped by the introduction of the world’s first intercity railway station as well as the Manchester Ship Canal. Manchester soon became the center for industrial innovation and attracted many educated visitors from Europe and Britain.

Since 1966, the city has undergone major regeneration. This includes the Corn Exchange, the Printworks, and the Manchester Arndale and so on. Interestingly, it is considered as the second city of the United Kingdom by the British public as well as the international press.

TravelCar’s Downtown Parking Service

Finding a parking spot in large cities like Manchester is a daunting task. The constantly growing number of vehicles has not made this job any easier. This is why TravelCar has come up with its own Parking Services. You can easily spot them near the top tourist locations as well popular places within the city. These services can be a lifesaver in crowded cities like Manchester. Here are a few benefits of considering the parking services offered by TravelCar:

Cheap Parking

TravelCar offers affordable parking services right within the center of the city. If you are looking for cheap parking prices, TravelCar’s downtown parking services are the right answer. TravelCar has been offering parking services in major cities all over the world for a long while. This helps you enjoy your visit to the city without a second thought about parking. With low cost parking at unbelievable prices, it is no wonder that people prefer to choose the services offered by TravelCar rather than drive around in the hope of spotting a parking spot. You can also choose from a wide variety of parking offers based on your requirements and your budget.

Long Term Parking

People who go for long trips outside the city often worry about the safety of their vehicle that they plan to leave behind. If you are planning on going on a trip or a holiday, it is essential to find a safe spot for your vehicle. TravelCar parking services offer long term parking services to their customers. You can easily go on your trip without worrying about anyone trying to steal your car. The affordable long term parking services offered by TravelCar is very popular, especially during major holiday seasons. TravelCar services allow you to park your car or other vehicle in a secure area and go about your trip devoid of parking woes!

Secure Parking

Like any other major city, the growing crime rates are a cause for concern in Manchester. If you are worried about car theft when you are off on a long holiday, TravelCar parking services is the solution. With secure parking services, you can be assured that your vehicle will remain safe and secure till you are back to retrieve it. In fact, people even choose to park their cars for the whole day to enjoy a day in the city without worrying about looking for parking spots. The secure parking services offered by TravelCar come at affordable prices.

In the event that you want to convert your short term parking into a long term one, you can easily contact the customer service center and have your vehicle moved to the long term parking section. In order to minimize your waiting time, you can give a date and time as to when you will be back to retrieve the vehicles. If you require parking services regularly, you can also avail the season pass to make the whole process easier. In fact, many working professionals and students use this service to find a safe spot for their vehicle while they are away.

In order to best serve the interest of the customers, TravelCar makes sure that their parking services are open 24/7. So, regardless of how long you take or when you will be back, you will be able to retrieve your vehicle easily.

Parking in Manchester

Manchester has plenty of lovely spots to go visiting. It has a wide range of interesting places ranging from historical monuments, sports clubs, parks, art galleries and so on to visit.

Old Trafford

If you are a fan of football, your visit to Manchester is incomplete without visiting Old Trafford. This is the largest club football stadium in the United Kingdom. It was built in 1910 and has undergone several changes since then. Additional tiers were added to the North, East and West stand in order to return the stadium to its original capacity after the unfortunate bombings during the Second World War. The stadium has played host to many iconic games including the 1966 World Cup, Euro 96, and Champions League Final 2003 and so on. It also hosted women’s international football matches for the first time during the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Science and Industry Museum

Located on Liverpool Road in Manchester, the Science and Industry Museum is devoted to emphasizing the city’s role in technology, science, and industry. You will be able to find extensive displays on different themes of transport including cars, railway locomotives, aircraft, and rolling stock. It also has several exhibits devoted to the different ways of generating power like electricity, water, steam, and even gas engines. The museum is located on the world’s first passenger railway station with the original railway station frontage.

Manchester Cathedral

The Manchester Cathedral was built originally in 1421 after Henry V granted permission for the construction of a collegiate church. It has witnessed the history of Manchester as it went through different historical events. The architecture is worth seeing. You can see for yourself the beautiful stained glass, as well as the ancient church bells. The church suffered major damage during the 20th century. The restoration has helped bring it back to its original glory. The church is open to the public for worship and sermons.

Heaton Park

The Heaton Park is a 600-acre park located in Manchester. The Grade I listed Heaton Hall is also located inside the park. The park was remodeled in 1772 by James Wyatt and is now open to the public as a museum. Special events are also conducted at the Hall occasionally. The park also has a golf driving range, ornamental gardens, woodlands, an adventure playground, an animal farm an observatory, a Papal monument, a boating lake and so on. It is the perfect place to spend a day with friends and family when you visit Manchester.

Albert Square

The Albert Square is located in the center of Manchester. It is a public square that is home to several historical monuments. You can find the Manchester Town Hall by Alfred Waterhouse at Albert Square. The square is also home to several statues like the Albert Memorial which was set up in the memory of Prince Albert who was the Prince Consort of Queen Victoria. In fact, the square is named after Prince Albert and was established in 1868. Visitors from all over the world visit Albert Square to see historic monuments in all their glory.

Advantages of TravelCar

The parking services by TravelCar are located close to tourist locations as well as vital economic centers in the city. The simplicity of the reserved parking system has made it an unavoidable part of visiting or living in Manchester. You can easily drive up to the nearest parking service center and choose one of the many options available.

If you do not want a long term parking option, take a look at the short term options. The short term parking options are popular among visitors, office goers as well as students. If you prefer a more long term option, TravelCar has that available as well. In fact, it is a popular choice among holiday goers who will not be in the city for a number of days. If you inform your return date, the staff at TravelCar will ensure that your vehicle is ready to be picked up. The secure parking services offered by TravelCar is the best way to go on a holiday without worrying about your car getting stolen.

Interestingly, premium parking services are often the ones that are closest to your destination, so it makes sense to prefer a service that offers this advantage. TravelCar parking services take into account the preferences of the customers and have opened up its services in close proximity to important hubs within the city. You can easily park your car at a parking center and go ahead and enjoy your day without worrying about raking up parking fines. The affordable rates offered by TravelCar makes it a lot easier to own a car in today’s world!

The staff at TravelCar are given the training to help customers with their different queries. The professionalism and courtesy displayed by the staff have helped make TravelCar one of the most sought-after parking services in the country. Since TravelCar has branches in most cities all over the country, you can easily join an elite club of customers and choose reserved parking at affordable prices.

Since space is a premium commodity in crowded major cities across the world, it comes as no surprise that parking services like those offered by TravelCar are welcomed by people. However, not all services are able to provide the professionalism, security, and prices that TravelCar can. This is why it is considered to be the number one parking service in the country and across Europe! TravelCar guarantees the safety of your vehicle regardless of when you drop it off. When you come back to pick it up, it will be waiting for you in top notch condition.

Best After Sales Service

Any service is only as good as the after sales service it provides. Once you leave your vehicle with the staff at TravelCar, they will take utmost care of it. They also have a customer service center open 24/7 for any queries or doubts you might have. You can contact the customer services center in case there are any changes about when you will be able to retrieve your vehicle. This helps the staff retrieve the vehicle from long-term storage and have it waiting for you when you arrive. The staff at the customer services are trained to answer all your questions and help out with any issues that you may face. If you are a visitor to the city, the staff will also help point out nearby tourist spots to each parking service area to make your visit a whole lot more fun.


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