Liverpool Airport Parking

Liverpool-Airport Parking

Liverpool airport parking : The John Lennon Liverpool Airport (LPL) was officially opened in 1933 but was subsequently closed and reopened again in 1986. Originally called Speke airport, it was renamed as Liverpool John Lennon Airport in honor of the “Liverpudlian musician” John Lennon, a member of the Beatles.

Considered one of the busiest in the United Kingdom and the fastest growing in Europe, LPL has an annual passenger traffic of almost 5 million.

LPL has a Main Terminal, a Main Concourse, and a single runway. Being located just 7 miles from the southeast of the city center, it can be accessed easily by train, bus, car, and taxi. The airport also offers many parking options- but the density of daily passenger activity makes it hard to obtain parking.

It is here that TravelCar, a global trendsetter in airport parking and automobile-sharing, makes a difference by providing low cost parking at parking lots close to the airport.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport Address and Map

Airport’s legal address John Lennon Airport, Liverpool L24 1YD, United Kingdom
Airport type Public
Phone number +44 871 521 8484
Airport’s traffic Around  5 million in 2017
GPS coordinates 53°20′01″N 002°50′59″W

The Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL) aka as Liverpool Airport is located on the banks of the estuary of the River Mersey- just 7 miles southeast of the Liverpool city center. This international airport serves North West England and also the city of Liverpool.

In addition to domestic flights within the United Kingdom, the airport also serves Ireland and mainland Europe. Low-cost airlines also operate from LPL, which is considered to be the 12th busiest airport in the UK as of March 2017. The Liverpool John Lennon Airport operates a wide range of flights to destinations across the globe.

In the 1930’s the airport was called Speke Airport and renamed in the year 2001, as John Lennon Liverpool Airport after John Lennon of the Beatles. Never before has an airport been named honoring an individual in the UK.

One of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom, thousands of passengers use the airport every day. TravelCar, ‘the one of a kind’ parking provider, caters to the parking needs of these passengers.

Cheap parking

Airport parking is always expensive and the off-site parking lots are far away from the airport. This is where TravelCar has an edge over all others as it scores on both counts. Its spaces are available at the airport, near it or even near the hotel where you reside at prices that are highly affordable. Airport travelers tend to find this very attractive.

.The duration of parking and pricing are necessarily interconnected- the longer you stay- the more you pay. That’s not so withTravelCar- you pay nothing if your car is parked for over three months. In fact, you stand to gain monetarily if you allow TravelCar to rent out your car to bonafide customers during your absence. Even for short spells of parking, the charges are negligible when compared to what the other providers charge.

TravelCar’s parking lots are very close to the airport- hardly 5 minutes away- and even this distance is nullified by the free shuttle services that TravelCar provides for transfer to the terminal.

And that’s not all- its low-cost valet services and automated parking are tempting options for those who don’t want the bother of parking. The advantages don’t stop there- opting for valet services ensures the safety and security of your car as the parking lots are under constant video surveillance.

TravelCar parking locations

TravelCar has achieved global recognition because of its low cost parking solutions in areas of high passenger density. TravelCar’s presence can be found at:-


Manchester airport, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Blackpool Airport are important airports in Northwest England. They are always teeming with activity and finding parking spaces is always a problem. TravelCar makes it right with its cheap parking solutions.

Train Stations

Wigan, Crewe, Liverpool Lime Street Station, Oxford Railway Station are important railway stations in Northwest England. Like airports, railway stations are always ‘passenger-busy’ places’ where demand for parking spots is high. TravelCar’s low cost parking spaces that are easy to access are a boon.

Cruise Ports

Port of Liverpool, Port of Garston, Port of Manchester, port of Fleetwood are some important ports in Northwest England, where parking is scarce. TravelCar compensates with its low cost parking spaces near the ports.

All TravelCar’s parking lots are safe and secure as they are monitored constantly with cameras and are under video surveillance.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport Gates Presentation

Passenger Terminal Upper level

Lower level- Departure Gates Gates 30-43 to the left; Gates 1-10 to the right

Terminal Information

Liverpool airport has a single passenger terminal and a single runway. The terminal is at the south end of Speke Hall Avenue. The terminal has two levels- upper level and a lower level.

The departure gates are located at the lower level at the east and west ends of the terminal. Gates 1-10 are to the right and gates 30-43 to the left. The airport has no airbridges and for remote stands, buses are provided.

Buses stop at the terminal whereas private taxis and cars stop on the opposite side of the terminal road. Short-stay parking is available opposite the terminal in the multi-story car park. Long-stay parking extends to the further side of Speke Hall Avenue.

Advantages of booking through TravelCar

Pricing and trust

When choosing a service provider, the obvious choice would be the one who is dependable, whose services are affordable and whose operations are seamless. That, in a nutshell, describes TravelCar- the ‘people’s parking provider.’ Right from its booking process to its prices, TravelCar is a perfect fit for customers that look for ‘quality alongside affordability.’ It’s considered an economic and great alternative vis-a-vis other car parking providers.

TravelCar’s parking solutions, its customer-centric approach and high standards of professionalism have come in for praise from rating agencies. Trustpilot assigned an almost perfect score of 9+ to TravelCar, which well deserved it. This was a shot in the arm for TravelCar, which is excelling on all fronts- cheap parking, availability of parking spots and customer-satisfaction.

And as if all that were not enough, the availability of TravelCar’s low cost parking lots close to the airport is the ‘creamy part of it’. Its friendly shuttle services that travel tirelessly to and from the parking lot to the terminal is an added comfort that travelers relish.

Prompt Valet Services

This is one service that travelers always look forward to while they are away on a trip and TravelCar understands that mentality. That’s why it offers valet services at charges that are just marginally higher than its parking charges. After all, when travelers are focusing on the upcoming trip, it’s unfair that they have to worry about the security of their car. Valet services ensure that their cars are placed under the custody of TravelCar and parked safely in their parking lots under constant video monitoring.

No wonder then that valets are always in great demand. TravelCar’s valet takes charge of your car and your car keys from the moment you enter the airport. Parking and keeping the car in good condition is their lookout. You don’t have to do anything except hand over your car to them. They are the ‘temporary owners’ till you return from your trip. Valets are smart, efficient, and courteous and so assured of themselves that you can’t but help to feel convinced that your car is in very good hands.

TravelCar’s valet parking services are indeed exceptional- just as its parking services are. Its valets live up to the parking provider’s reputation as a ‘well-disciplined’ organization that has ‘customer care at heart’.

Courteous and Efficient Customer Service

Customer satisfaction doesn’t just happen- TravelCar makes it happen. It ensures that all its customers have a positive experience and that leads to customer satisfaction. It’s not only the booking process or the reservation of parking spaces but the overall approach that TravelCar adopts that keeps customers happy.

The service teams at TravelCar work alongside each other and operate on the same frequency- that of keeping customers satisfied, tending to their needs and extending a helping hand along the customer journey. TravelCar cares about its customers and makes no bones about it- it goes to great lengths to ensure that no problems surface and if they do, ensures they are resolved quickly.

Access to Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Since Liverpool airport is close to the city center, it’s pretty easy to get there via public transport or other means.

By Car

  • From the City Centre, take the A561 through Dingle, Aigburth, and Garston, pass the old airport terminal (now the Crowne Plaza Hotel) and the Estuary Commerce Park on the right and then turn right onto Speke Hall Avenue and follow signs to the Airport terminal.

  • From the North/North-East- Take M6 motorway, travel south to reach Junction 21A with the M62 motorway. Continue on M62, reach junction 6 and get onto the A561via A5300. Follow airport signs- the airport is just off Speke Hall Avenue.

  • From South/East- Get on to M6 motorway northbound to reach junction 20 with the M56. Follow M56 to junction 12 and then take A557/A562 by passing through Runcom Bridge. When it merges with A561, just follow airport signs.

By Bus

There are many bus services to the airport-

  • 500 Airport Flyer- take you directly to Liverpool Airport

  • 86A- Arriva and Stagecoach buses share this service and operate between South Parkway train station and the Liverpool airport. Buses are available 24/7 and journey time is 40 minutes.

  • Arriva Bus 500- operates between the city center, many main hotels, Lime Street Station and Liverpool Airport. Liverpool Lime Street Station is about 7 miles from the airport.

  • Airlink 501- operates between Liverpool South Parkway Station to the airport- journey time is barely 10 minutes. The station is just about 2 miles away from the airport. Regular buses also operate between the Parkway Station and the Liverpool Airport

  • Route 80A and 86A- operate between Liverpool South Parkway Station and the Liverpool airport

  • Arriva Northwest 89- operates between Hunts Cross Station and the Liverpool Airport

Bus routes connecting to the airport are - 86 - 86D and 86A; 80A, 81A; 82A - 82B; 89 - 89A; Merseytravel 883.


There is no rail station at LPL. Liverpool South Parkway and Merseyrail Hunts Cross are close by. They are both served by shuttle buses to the airport. Both stations are close to the airport.

There are 2 to 3 buses from the Airport to Liverpool Lime every hour. Liverpool Lime Street Station connects with main rail stations of the UK.

Taxi and private cabs

Black cabs stop just outside the airport terminal and private cabs use either the drop-off parks

Other information

So many things come in the way when you decide to drive to the airport to catch your flight. You have to face traffic jams, untoward incidents can happen and worst of all you have to find a parking space (which may never really happen). That’s the sad story of parking at airports- there are never enough spaces. While you can handle traffic jams (you’ve been in so many) and can deal with a flat tire too if needed (provided you leave early enough), finding a parking spot is almost a ‘lost battle’.

Well, not to worry- if you avail of TravelCar’s parking and valet services, you won’t have problems on that count either. TravelCar assures you cheap parking spaces at their lots at unimaginable prices. So cast aside those worries and leave for your trip in a peaceful frame of mind- just opt for TravelCar’s parking facilities.