Bristol Downtown Parking

Bristol, which lies in South West England, is a city as well as a county. It is brimming with a population of 459,300 which is the 10th largest in England as per 2017 statistics. The river Avon flows alongside the city which also has a rich maritime history. During the 16th century, Bristol was one of the major ports involved in overseas and inland trade. The old port harbor in the city has now been converted into a cultural hotspot with museums, shops, and art galleries.

The city is a hub for artists and activists. It is the first cycling city in the UK and also offers loads of activities for tourists from cultural attractions, heritage walks, biking, to hot air balloon rides. No wonder it is UK’s most popular tourist destination! While at Bristol, one can spend time at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, visit the Berkeley Castle, enjoy the view from Clifton Bridge, take the Bristol walking tour or watch a show at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre.

Bristol has been twice named as the best city to live in the UK (2014, 2017) mainly due to its green quotient, rich heritage, cultural dynamism, and art. The city has given the world many famed scientists, writers, and artists. JK Rowling, Banksy, and Sir Humphrey Davy to name a few.

Brief History of Bristol

During the 16th century, Bristol was known as an important port city. It was trading with Ireland and Iceland. Bristol was also the starting point for some of the earliest voyages. The city witnessed rapid Industrial development at the same time leading to a boom in population. With an increase in air travel during the 20th century, many aircraft manufacturers also built factories in Bristol.

During World War II, Bristol was heavily damaged with close to 100,000 buildings being hit. Few of the damaged buildings have now been converted into heritage sites or museums. In the 20th century, the Bristol docks were relocated 11 km away from the main city. This gave an opportunity to redevelop the old docks or as they call it- ‘the floating harbor’, as city center hubs, now bustling with art, culture, and food.

TravelCar’s Downtown Parking Service

The number of vehicles on the road are increasing year on year and it’s tough to find a parking spot in a busy, tourist city like Bristol. This is where TravelCar’s parking services can come to your rescue! The company’s parking services are usually located near famous tourist spots or popular locations in the city, thus saving your time spent in searching for a parking spot. This leaves you with more time to enjoy the place! Below are some of the reasons why you should consider using TravelCar’s parking services when you visit Bristol.

Cheap Parking

TravelCar offers you cheap parking services that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The company serves in all the main cities in the country and lets you enjoy your holiday without worrying about parking spots and huge parking bills. In fact, as TravelCar offers low-cost parking, it is one of the preferred parking services company for locals as well as holiday goers in the city. One can choose from a wide variety of parking services offered by the company depending on their requirement and budget.

Long-Term Parking

Before heading off for a long holiday, most of the people try and find a safe albeit cheap place for parking their car. TravelCar helps you get just that! The company offers long-term parking services to customers at affordable rates. This service is quite popular with locals, especially during the holiday period. By using TravelCar’s long-term parking service, one can park their car in a secure area without worrying about the parking bills and enjoy a relaxed holiday.

Secure Parking

Holidays are always fun. Though, if the fear of something happening to your car while you are away, is taking all your joy away, its time you called TravelCar. The company provides secure parking services in and around the city. This way one can enjoy their holiday without worrying about their car being stolen or getting damaged. It’s important to mention that the secured parking services come at a very reasonable price thus making the holidays a bit merrier!

For TravelCar, customers always come first. To serve customers better, the parking services offered are available 24/7. This ensures that your vehicle will be ready no matter what time of the day you come back or visit a city. The company also provides an option to convert your short-term parking into a long-term parking service. For a small cost, the car is transferred to the long-term parking area as per your instructions. Also, it is always better to let the company know when you will be back to retrieve your vehicle. This helps in planning better and also means lesser waiting time for the customer!

TravelCar also offers a season pass. This is highly advisable for working professionals and students who use the parking services regularly to find a safe spot for their vehicles.

Parking in Bristol

Bristol is a tourist hotspot and is always bustling with activities. There are many things to see in the city. TravelCar makes sightseeing easier, should you decide to use their services. Here are a few sightseeing spots that are worth visiting when you are in Bristol.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge, one of the most popular landmarks, in Bristol, hangs over the Avon Gorge. The bridge measures 702 feet and was completed in 1864. That is 33 years after its architect and engineer, IK Brunel, first submitted his plans. One can enjoy watching the peregrine falcons flying above the Clifton Bridge or enroll for a behind-the-scenes tour on the weekends.

Cheddar Gorge

Cheddar Gorge is located 18 miles from Bristol and is an excellent option for a day outing. It’s a National Nature Reserve which has 450-foot cliffs and stalactite caverns. Tourists can enjoy the view from the ‘Lookout Tower’ though climbing it might test your fitness levels! At Cheddar Gorge, visitors usually enjoy the cliff-top walk and the Cheddar Man Museum of Prehistory.

Fleet Air Arms Museum

At the Fleet Air Arms Museum, one can see Europe’s largest naval aircraft collection. The visitors get an opportunity to step on the first ever British Concorde and see the cockpit up close. The museum’s award-winning Aircraft Carrier Experience has gained popularity with its top-notch audio and visual effects. The museum is situated next to the military air-station and if lucky, one can see a real fighter jet fly by as well!

Berkeley Castle

Berkeley Castle, home to the Berkeley family, is a beautiful and historic monument in Bristol. The castle is famous as the place where Edward II was brutally murdered in 1327. The castle houses few of the finest collections of furniture, rare paintings, and tapestries one can find in England. It has also featured in some of the British movies as a backdrop and has hosted receptions, weddings etc. as well. The castle is open for tourists between April – October and a guided tour lasts for just over an hour. Visit the castle and experience the royal feeling!

Old Vic Theatre

There is something for everyone at Bristol! For the theatre and art lovers, a visit to the Old Vic Theatre is a must. The theatre, built in 1766, is the oldest working theatre among the English speaking countries. The theatre showcases some amazing plays and also has a fully functional bar and kitchen! One can enjoy finger licking food after watching a wonderful play at the theatre. The Old Vic aims to create path-breaking theatre with the support and encouragement of the people of Bristol. The theatre is funded by the Arts Council England and the Bristol City Council. An evening spent at Old Vic Theatre will be a memory, one will always cherish.

Banksy Walking Tour

Banksy, once a kid who made graffiti, now a world-famous artist, was born and raised in Bristol. The city has some of his original graffiti work and spotting them is a fun way of spending your day. Bristol organizes Banksy walking tours where guides walk you around the town showing Banksy’s original art and the theme behind the same. Banksy’s art was earlier found to be too explicit by the people of the town and some of his work was painted over. His initial graffiti artwork has now been restored and it is a must-see attraction for all art lovers!

Advantages of TravelCar

TravelCar’s parking services are located close to the main city centers and popular tourist spots. This way one doesn’t need to search far and wide for parking spots. An added advantage is the simplicity of booking the parking services. One can drive up to the nearest parking service center and choose from a wide variety of options available.

The company offers both Short-term and long-term parking options. While the short-term parking options are more popular among tourists, office goers as well as students; the long-term services are availed by holiday goers away for a number of days. It’s advisable to inform the company about your return date and this way your car will be ready whenever you reach the city. It will also save on some waiting time. The secure parking services offered by TravelCar helps you go on your holiday tension free and without worrying about the car being stolen.

The staff at TravelCar are well trained to help customers with their different queries. Their professionalism and courtesy have helped make TravelCar one of the most sought-after parking services in the country. The company has branches in major cities all over the country, and one can be inducted in an elite club of customers who can choose their reserved parking at affordable prices.

Premium parking services are often the ones that are closest to your destination, thus it’s better to choose a service that offers this comfort. TravelCar takes into account the customers’ preferences and as a result, have opened up their parking service centers close to all the major tourist spots and city centers. One can now easily park a car at one of TravelCar’s many parking centers and go ahead to enjoy a day without worrying about finding a parking spot or the steep parking rates.

The fact is, that space is now a premium commodity, in crowded metro cities across the world. Thus, it’s no surprise that parking services like those offered by TravelCar are so popular with the locals as well as tourists. However, not all services are able to provide the security, service standards, and prices that TravelCar does. This makes TravelCar easily the number one choice for parking services in the country. TravelCar guarantees the safety of your vehicle regardless of when you drop it off. Also, it doesn’t matter what time of the day you come to pick up your vehicle, as it would be waiting for you sparkling and shiny!

Best After Sales Service

Like any other service, parking services is only as good as the after sales service it provides. Once you park your vehicle in one of TravelCar’s many centers, the staff takes top-notch care of the vehicle. Their customer care center is open 24/7 to help customers with their queries at any time of the day. The customer care center also accepts requests to change short-term parking to long-term parking or to change the pick-up, retrieve date. The staff at TravelCar is highly trained to answer all of the customer’s queries and help out in times of emergencies. If you are a tourist in the city, the staff not only helps you get an affordable parking space, they also help you with information on major tourist spots that you might like to visit.

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