Aberdeen International Airport

Aberdeen International Airport, Parking

Aberdeen International Airport Parking: The Aberdeen International airport (ABZ) opened in 1934 and was meant to connect London and Scotland. It is in close proximity to the Aberdeen city center and is the main heliport for the Scottish offshore oil industry.

The airport serves both domestic and international passengers and operates flights to over 40 international destinations. It also offers direct flights to many places in Europe, e Middle East and other places around the world.

ABZ has a main passenger terminal, 3 helicopter terminals and one offshore fixed wing terminal for its North Sea helicopter operations. It has one fixed-wing runway and 3 helicopter runways.

Aberdeen International Airport connects well to the city center and also to the surrounding areas. There are two car parks at the airport which are used for long-term and short-term parking and also by heliport passengers.

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Aberdeen International Airport Address and Map

Airport's legal address Aberdeen Airport, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 7DU Scotland
Airport type Public
Phone number (0)844 481 6666
Airport's traffic Passenger traffic in 2017 3,090,692
GPS coordinates 57°12′09″N 002°11′53″W

Seven miles northwest of the Aberdeen city center is the Aberdeen International Airport (ABZ). The airport lies in a suburb of Aberdeen, Scotland- Dyce. Aberdeen is the largest oil-related center in Europe and a large part of its traffic is from the North Sea Oil fields. Thus the Aberdeen airport is an important helicopter base and has a terminal to cater to only North Sea helicopter operations.

Notably one of the oldest airports worldwide, both domestic and international airlines operate from ABZ. The airport serves not only the United Kingdom but also entire Europe. It was previously owned by Heathrow Airport Holdings and in 2014, AGS Airports took over. Aberdeen Airport acts as a hub for many airlines and is considered as one of UK's fastest-growing airport.

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Aberdeen International Airport Gates Presentation

1 Passenger Terminal Departure area- Gates 1-5 & Gates 6-12
4 helicopter terminals Dedicated to North Sea helicopter operations

The Aberdeen International airport has 4 runways- one fixed-wing and three helicopter runways. There are 4 terminals- 1 passenger terminal, 3 helicopter terminals and 1 offshore fixed-wing terminal.

The helicopter terminals are used for North Sea helicopter operations and the small terminal called the Broomfield House that is adjacent to the Main terminal is used for oil company charter flights to Scatsta in Shetland.

The check-in area has desks 1 to 20 and 21 to 24 in addition to coffee shops, kiosks, and restaurants

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Access to Aberdeen International Airport

Aberdeen International Airport is connected by bus routes and rail links to the city center and surrounding areas.


Dyce is the nearest railway station to the Aberdeen airport. Trains from Aberdeen and Inverness halt at that station. You can either walk from there to the airport or just take a taxi. Trains from major cities halt at Aberdeen station.

A dedicated 727 bus service to the main bus and Aberdeen station goes to the airport. Airport buses are operated either by Stagecoach Bluebird or First Aberdeen.


There are regular buses that ply from the Aberdeen city center to the airport. During weekends, buses are less frequent.

By road

Since the airport is just 7 miles from the city center and can also be accessed from the A96 Aberdeen to Inverness road, it is very easy to get to the airport. Cars can either drop off passengers near the terminal building or owners can park their cars in the parking area.


Rainbow Airport Taxis and ComCab Taxis can be booked previously and the pickup point specified. The journey time from the city center will take just 10-15 minutes.

Other information

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