Car Rental in Kingston upon Hull

Car Rental in Kingston upon Hull

The Kinston upon Hull or the Hull is a city that is prosperous and attracts tourists despite it being destroyed by the Germans in World War II. It has many tourist destinations and cultural events to visit and enjoy. The best way to get around the city for a traveler is by budget car hire Hull. TravelCar is the leading operator as it provides:

Value for money: TravelCar rental services offer value for money to travelers so that they explore the city without worrying about the cost of travel. The company provides:

  • High-quality customer service
  • The best deals and offers that are incomparable
  • Safe and comfortable vehicles equipped with the best features.
  • There are no hidden fees charged once you hand over the car.

The estimate they provide will be comprehensive and include all the charges so that you rest assured you pay what was quoted during booking. There are many payment options that ensure convenience for its customers. All these make it the best choice among all the car rental companies in the Hull and is excellent value for your money.

Unique car sharing option: Many travelers on vacation rent long-term parking lots to leave their vehicles when they are away from their hometown. TravelCar offers those travelers a choice of renting their cars to trusted clients of the company and earning money instead of paying for parking. Moreover, they also get discounts when they hire vehicles in the city they are traveling to.

24/7 Customer service: TravelCar customer service works 247 and help find cheap car rental in the hull. The staff is knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and transparent. They help you find the best deals and discounts and work based on your travel itinerary. The cancellation process is also hassle-free. They ensure all your individual needs are taken care of, making the whole process of hiring a car in Hull a pleasant experience.

Booking is Simple: You can hire a vehicle from the many types of car TravelCar has, in a jiffy. The reservation process is very streamlined and can be done in a few clicks after you fill the necessary details. The process of booking is straightforward and stress-free. There are many pricing options which enable travelers to book vehicles for a short or a long-term stay.

Insurance: TravelCar offers many insurance packages, and you can choose based on your needs. For those who are opting for car share option, the company ensures a thorough inspection of the vehicle before and after hire so that the car is in the same condition. Photos of the car can be easily accessed as it is uploaded to their website. Contact the customer support team if you are not sure what insurance to buy as a traveler.

Service: TravelCar offers many value-adds that ensure your travel in the Hull is smooth. They have many pickups and drop off locations including airports so that it is convenient for you to rent or return the car. An agent will help check the profile and reservation details at the place you have chosen. Post verification, you can start using the car.

A Wide Range of Vehicles in Kingston upon Hull

Types of Vehicles

The kind of vehicle to choose is based on the type of travel. A family on vacation needs a larger car, while a solo traveler might want a compact one. TravelCar offers the following type of vehicles

  • Compact cars: Are compact vehicles with 2 or 4 doors and provide good mileage. It comes in sub-compact, small or economy cars and suits solo or small group of travelers.
  • Mid-size cars: IS good for a group of 5 people plus there is enough room for luggage. They are more comfortable to sit but gives less mileage.
  • Full-size cars: Is suitable for a big group of travelers has lots of storage space, and passengers can sit comfortably.
  • Luxury cars: luxury car rental in the UK can help you travel in style. They are incredibly comfortable and makes your trip special, but does not provide a high mileage.

Driving in Kingston upon Hull City

The Hull is a prosperous city which has been redeveloped into a beautiful town after its devastation by the Germans in World War II. It is a compact city and travelers can use the public transport or go for a budget car hire in Hull to see the attractions, given below:

The Old Town: A visit to the Hull’s old town will take you to the 21st century, you get to see many hidden treasures of the past. This port city has a rich architectural heritage of the previous eras which includes the Edwardian and the Gregorian buildings. History enthusiasts can get a glimpse of the bygone era when you walk on the roads of the old town. Other interesting places to visit is the Ye Olde White Hart which is believed to be the place where the English Civil War was planned. You will also find the house of William Wilberforce who pioneered stopping of the slave trade.

The Humber Bridge: This Bridge is the longest continuous suspension bridge in the world. It connected the North Lincolnshire and the Yorkshire’s East Riding and was opened in 1981 by Queen Elizabeth II. Since then this bridge has a lot of traffic from both regions. This bridge is also the host for the Humber Bridge Half Marathon and the Humber Bridge Fun run. Many local and international runners attend this run every year. Apart from that you can also walk or cycle soaking in the beautiful view of the bridge.

Museum of Transport: This unique museum showcases the public transport in Hull from 200 years till date. The galleries in this museum are informative, and there is no entry fee. You will also get to see the high street of 1940’s and loads of other transport vehicles which cannot be found anywhere in the world. You can go on a snap fest snapping many pictures which are worth preserving.

Hull and East Riding Museum: It is a collection of artifacts dating to a history of 235 million years. The museum has an old boat on display which is 2000 years old, and there are many more things like that to see. This place is a must-visit for kids too, they get to look at the dinosaur bones and sword of the Iron Age. The entry to this museum is free making it a great place to visit.

The Deep: It is a landmark building in the Hull and is known as the first submarine in the world. It is a massive aquarium for the public where you get to see many aquatic creatures like jellyfish, shark, turtles and much more. This aquarium was voted in 2013 as the best place to visit with family in Hull if you time it right you can even get to watch the divers feeding the sea animals.

Queens Gardens: This place was a wharf earlier which was converted into a beautiful garden. It has fountains and other attractions and is located in the center of the city. You can enjoy the flowers that gardens offer or walk along the tree paved sidewalks. You can have a picnic and chill out with your family and take a sightseeing break.

The Hull Minster: This place was called the Holy Trinity Church and was rechristened the Hull Minster in May 2017. Built in the early 14th century, this church is the biggest in England. It is now a grade 1 building and is considered among the best brick-work of medieval times. The architecture of the exterior and interior of the Hull Minster is of medieval times. This place is now offered as a venue to the public for events and performances.

Driving in Kingston upon Hull Area

The Museums Quarter: It is a development that is prevalent in High Street which is located in the heart of the Old Town. There are four main museums that are positioned around a leisure garden and hence the name! It was formally opened by the Duke of Gloucester. The four museums are:

1. Wilberforce House

2. Arctic Corsair

3. Hull and East Riding Museum &

4. Streetlife Museum of Transport

Hull Maritime Museum: The Hull Maritime Museum is one of the oldest museums in Hull. It hosts some of the best and rarest artifacts that were used by Hull and East Yorkshire. There are also a lot of old documents that have been kept preserved for a very long period of time. This museum is located in Victoria Square and is a must see if you are history lover or one who truly appreciates the time and effort that has been put into making this museum a visible treat to any onlooker.

Cottingham: This is the nearest and the largest village that is situated just 3.5 miles away from the center of Kingston upon Hull. Cottingham is a civil parish that is a part of the East Riding of Yorkshire and lies on the fringe of the Yorkshire Wolds Hills. The village has a population over seventeen thousand people as per the census in 2011. Cottingham has two main shopping streets, the Hallgate and King Street which cross over each other. Hallgate runs from East to West and King Street from North to South. The University of Hull uses most of this village for the accommodation of its students.

The Hull Tidal Surge Barrier: Many parts of Hull are located either on reclaimed land or under sea level. The Hull Tidal Surge Barrier is the point where River Hull meets the Humber Estuary. It is lowered during times of unusual high-tides. On an average, this barrier is used between eight to twelve times in a year and saves over ten thousand families from unprecedented floods.

University of Hull: This University was founded in 1927 and got its charter in 1954. The main campuses have now been extended to Scarborough in addition to Hull, where twenty thousand students are benefitted every single year. The main campus of the university is in North Hull in Cottingham Road. Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, dramatist Anthony Minghella, writer Jenny Murray, social scientist Lord Anthony Giddens, and Poet Philip Larkin were some of the students hailing from this prestigious university. The university also partners with the University of the Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education which was built in Yorkshire.

Driving in United Kingdom

If you are driving a car in the United Kingdom, there are some documents that you need to keep handy at all times:

  • Passport and ID card
  • Documents of the vehicle
  • Driving License – with validity
  • Accident and breakdown cover
  • Motor insurance
  • European accident statement

Speed Limits:

All of the speed limits are mentioned either in miles or yards.

Vehicle Type

Less than 3 Tons (in mph)

More than 3 Tons (in mph)

Built-up areas



Single carriageways



Double carriageways



Near schools or areas with pedestrians



Roads with sharp bends