Saint John Airport
Your car can pay for your parking space.

Parking is available near the Saint John Airport

One of the biggest drawbacks of travelling through the Saint John airport is that it can be difficult for the passenger to find an available parking spot there. The parking are is filled most of the times. In this case, the best option for you is to park your car using TravelCar’s service near the Saint John Airport.

Learn more about the Saint John Airport

The Saint John airport is located 15 km east northeast of the central business district of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. On 8 January 1952, this airport was officially opened by the authorities. It is currently owned by Transport Canada and operated by Saint John Airport Incorporation. In the year 2012, about 216,000 passengers travelled through this airport.

Why is TravelCar the best option for parking near Saint John?

Saint John airport is regarded as a busy airport in Canada. Implying that every day, the measure of travelers going through this air terminal is massive and this outcomes in less parking spots being accessible at the airport’s parking zone for the travelers. The issue of finding an accessible parking spot is a tricky one and the travelers need a workaround to this issue. TravelCar offers you this workaround in the most advantageous way imaginable. With TravelCar, you can stop your automobile close to the Saint John Airport. They offer you various parking areas to browse and you ought to pick an area which suits your necessities. A short time later, you will be asked to book an accessible parking spot in that area. While choosing a parking area, ensure that you select one that is near the air terminal or close to your living place. TravelCar has an option of valet parking, as well. This will come in quite handy for you, if you’re running late for your flight. You may pick automated parking in case you're not happy with the valets parking your car. The parking locations all have cameras installed and this will guarantee that your automobile is under video reconnaissance day in and day out. With TravelCar’s securtiy continually watching out for your car, there is zero chance of theft happening.

Contrasted with the over-valued parking expense at the Saint John’s parking zone, the parking charge asked by TravelCar is zero. This is on account of your automobile being rented while the owner of the company is away. You likewise get the alternative of keeping the keys of your autmobile with TravelCar for safekeeping. This way, you’ll get to enjoy a wonderful time and not worry about anything getting broken or lost.

TravelCar has employed an amazing customer support. They are obliging and will help you with any issue. In the event that you need to file a complaint against TravelCar, you can do that. Educate the staff about the issue and they'll inform the higher-ups of the company about the issue. They’ll see to it that your issue is resolved as quickly as possible. TravelCar’s service is consistently improving and eliminating all mistakes that have happened in the past. That is what makes TravelCar one of the best car parking services.

Free shuttle transportation 24/7

The new shuttle service launched by TravelCar is, to a great degree, helpful for majority of the customers. The customers who are remaining at an inn which is at a distance from the airport are transported inside minutes to the airplane terminal by means of this shuttle. Additionally, the shuttle has magazines and comic books for you to peruse so you don't get exhausted while you are in the shuttle.

How the shuttle service works is straightforward. A shuttle will pick you up from your parking spot and drop you off at the takeoff terminal of the Saint John airport. On the way back, the shuttle will pick you up from the airplane terminal and drop you where your automobile is parked.

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