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Calgary International Airport (YYC), extending over an area of 8.25 sq. meters is about 11 miles northeast of downtown. It is considered as the fourth-busiest airport in Canada (by passenger traffic) and the busiest in the province of Alberta. Passenger traffic was 16.27 million in 2017.

The first Calgary airport opened in 1914 in the proximity of Bowness and underwent a series of changes. It was only in 1966 that it acquired its current name.

YYC has four runways, two terminal buildings for passengers and also many, warehouses for cargo handling, it is very easy to access the Calgary Airport either from downtown or the surrounding areas. YYC affords many parking options on-site and off-site very close to the terminal.

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Calgary International Airport Address and Map

Airport's legal address 2000 Airport Rd NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6W5, Canada
Airport type Public
Phone number +1 403-735-1200
Airport traffic More than 16 million in 2017
GPS coordinates 51°06'30.00" N -114°01'7.80" W

Serving the greater Calgary area and surrounding areas in Alberta, Canada, the Calgary International airport is close to downtown- just 11 miles northeast of it. The greater Calgary area and other surrounding areas in Alberta benefit from its presence.

There were many rebuilds, renaming and shifts in location after which the then Calgary Municipal airport was sold to the Federal government in 1966. It was then renamed as Calgary International Airport. The Calgary Airport Authority operates the airport but pays rent to the Federal government.

As the fourth busiest airport in Canada and the busiest in the province of Alberta, many airlines operate from YYC to regions within Canada and also to five other continents that include N America, Asia, and Europe.

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Cheap parking

It isn't as if airports don't provide parking slots- they do have numerous parking spaces, but the ones on-site are too expensive and the off-site ones are too far away from the airport.

TravelCar, the low cost parking provider, which is into a partnership with local companies, is well positioned to offer parking spaces anywhere you want- either at the airport, close to the airport or near your hotel. This wide gamut of choices allows travelers to book parking slots that suit them, and that too at rates that are normally unheard of.

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As TravelCar's parking lots are more often than not, very close to the airport, travelers never have a hard time. Of course, the provider's offer of free shuttle services from and to the airport clinches many a deal. With automated parking and valet services on the cards, TravelCar's offerings of 'goodies' just don't seem to end.

The parking provider provides adequate safety measures- ranging from 24/7 video surveillance, gated parking lots to and presence of security guards to ensure safety and security of the cars entrusted to its keeping.

TravelCar parking locations

TravelCar's ubiquity at high passenger traffic zones makes it possible to solve parking problems with ease. Its parking solutions are available at-

Airports: Calgary International, Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International, Vancouver International, and Toronto Pearson International are some major airports in Canada, where passenger traffic is high and parking always in demand. TravelCar provides cheap parking solutions that are very convenient.

Train Stations: Tuscany station in Calgary, Victoria Park, Gare Lucien-L'Allier Station, and Toronto Union Station. Pacific Central Station, Waterfront Station is important to train stations in Canada. Railway stations always have a non-stop stream of passengers boarding and alighting. TravelCar simplifies the problem of parking by offering low-cost parking spots that are easy to access.

Cruise Ports: Port Calgary, Port of Alberta, Port of Colborne, Port Weller, Port of Oakville, Port of Hamilton in Ontario are passenger-heavy and 'parking-hungry' ports. TravelCar offers cheap parking spaces close to the port.

TravelCar's parking lots are guaranteed for safety and security- it doesn't let up on closed-video monitoring and its gated lots and the strong presence of security guards is very reassuring.

Calgary International Airport Gates Presentation

2 Terminals T1- Domestic flights

Departures level- 3 Concourses- A, B, and C

Concourse A (Canada) Gates A11-24

Concourse B (Canada) Gates 31-40

Concourse C (Canada) Gates C50-59

Gates 61-65

Gates 70-73

T2 - International Flights

Concourse D- international flights- Gates D70-87

Concourse e- USA only Gates E70-97

YYC has the longest runway in Canada and also has the distinction of having the tallest control tower. Three of its runways are asphalt covered, while the 4th runway is layered with concrete.

The Calgary airport houses two terminals-

  • T1 (Domestic Terminal) and T2 (International Terminal). The two terminals are linked via moving walkways and the Compact Transit System. T1 caters to Canada flights only- It has 3 concourses- A, B and C.
  • T2 houses airline gates for U.S destinations as well as international. It has 2 concourses- E Only for the US and D for other international flights.
  • Freight airlines operate flights to Europe, Asia, and other destinations.

Advantages of booking through TravelCar

Pricing and trust:

TravelCar has a feather in its cap- a feather that it likes to flaunt- many people consistently choose to opt for it over other similar service providers. TravelCar has worked hard to reach where it is today and continues to keep up the good work. Starting right from its booking process, TravelCar has tried to keep it simple and easy so that people don't ditch transactions while they're halfway through. It has also ensured that it's parking charges remain affordable and an economically viable option. Its discounted deals carry no 'fine print' and are really discounts- that's why it's regarded as an extremely trustworthy and credible provider.

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Prompt Valet Services:

TravelCar's valet services are especially tempting to those entering the airport in a tearing hurry. Once you enter the airport, your thoughts are only on catching your flight and nothing else. At such times, valet services are a real blessing. You can just hand over your car and keys to a valet and not worry about both till you come back from your trip. The last thing that you want to do is to go round in circles, trying in vain to find a parking space and miss your flight in the process. Neither do you have the patience to do it, nor do you have the will!

A valet does things that you'd rather not do- park your car at the airport and search for it when you come back amidst thousand similar looking cars. The valet takes your car keys, drives the car off to a safe and secure parking spot. When you need to use the car all you do is to let the valet know about it and they will bring the car around for you. Passengers can rest assured that their cars are in able hands and will be taken good care of. They are mentally free to enjoy their upcoming trip and can focus totally on the job at hand. The relief is enormous and the peace of mind- tremendous- thanks to valet services.

Courteous and Efficient Customer Service

TravelCar does all it can to establish a rapport with its customers and builds long-lasting relationships. This goes a long way into adding value and lays the foundation for a solid alliance. Customer teams and service personnel are always open to queries and offer their services unsparingly. Customers feel reassured that their problems will be solved once TravelCar reps are in the know of it. TravelCar knows that satisfied customers will bring in more customers and augment its database. Its mission is to build' consistent consumer experiences' that will help build brand loyalty.

The service team is open to questions regarding booking and at times and every customer is treated as important and every issue that they face gets equal attention, all the time, every time. You can rest assured that TravelCar will always do its best to show its customers that 'it cares'.

Access to Calgary International Airport

Calgary International Airport is easy to access as it is well connected to Calgary City. Travelers have numerous transport options.


The Allied Downtown Shuttle- connects designated points in Calgary City to YYC

The shuttle leaves from Bus Bay 19 & 29 and in case of a booking stops at certain locations decided beforehand.

Banff Airporter- operates between Banff and Calgary International Airport. Taxi trips are also available in Banff Alberta and taxis will pick up passengers from pick up points. Caters to groups also going to YYC.

Public Transportation

Calgary Transit - Route 300 and Route 100 connect to the airport terminal.

Route 57 operates along McCall Way to 78 Avenue NE (in the vicinity of Air Canada and WestJet campus)

Route 32- goes to YYC's Global Logistics Park (located on the west side of the airport)

Route 300 BRT - connects YYC to the City Center/ and also to Downtown via center Street

Route 100- links North Pointe- YYC-McKnight-Westwinds LRT Station

TNC - connects passengers through mobile apps. Passengers can request for pickups while going to YYC using the apps

Bicycle routes

For cycling enthusiasts, there are new bike lanes that have been assigned so that they can get to the airport.

Other information

Parking at the airport is perhaps the only setback that you foresee when you set out to catch a flight, and you would be absolutely right. The rest of the things can be easily managed- be it your packing, handling your extra baggage, getting through security lines and the such. Yes, those things do take time but do get done. The same cannot be said about parking. Invest in TravelCar and you'll save loads of time and save a few dollars too.

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