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Toronto Pearson Airport is Canada’s largest and busiest airport, moving people and goods across the country, the continent and around the globe. Toronto Pearson served more than 50 million passengers in 2019.

We offer a variety of options to fit the travel needs of our passengers including:

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*Reservation must be amended or cancelled 24 hours prior to arrival time.

The first passenger flight to Malton Airport (as Pearson Airport was known then) happened in the year 1939. It was renamed as Toronto International Airport in 1960 and acquired its current name- "Toronto Pearson International Airport" (YYZ) in 1984. The code for the station in Malton, Ontario was YZ and Canada was assigned a "Y" for all airports there. That is why Pearson Airport has the IATA code YYZ. YYZ is owned and operated by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority. The airport caters to over 40 million passengers annually. Pearson has 5 runways, 3 terminals of which one is no longer in use. The two terminals handle both domestic, international and also Transborder flights. It is equipped with an 8 level parking garage and more than 8000 public parking spaces. It is well connected to other areas via public transport, making the Pearson Airport easy to access. TravelCar, the global innovator of car sharing, offers low-cost parking facilities along with a host of other services.  

Toronto Pearson International Airport Address and Map


Airport's legal address 6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga, ON L5P 1B2, Canada
Airport type Public
Phone Number +1 416-247-7678
Airport traffic Exceeded 47 million in 2017
GPS coordinates 43° 40' 39.7834" N, 79° 37' 29.3509" W

Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is aka Toronto Pearson, Pearson airport or just as Pearson. Located in the province of Ontario, Canada, it is 14 miles northwest of Downtown Toronto. It serves the metropolitan area of Toronto, Toronto and the region known as the Golden Horseshoe. The Airport is named after Lester B. Pearson, the 14th Prime Minister of Canada. Pearson Airport is said to be the busiest and largest airport in Canada. Its international credentials are impressive- it's the 30th busiest airport (for total passenger traffic) in the world, 22nd busiest (considering international passenger traffic), Numero Uno for offering the best travel experiences across the world. More than 1250 flights depart from the Toronto Pearson airport to more than 180 destinations across the world. Many domestic flights also take off from here. 

Cheap parking 

With Pearson airport's international stature growing, passenger traffic has been steadily increasing, touching a little more than 47 million in 2017. Parking is invariably a 'premium problem'- both in terms of price and availability. Even if you're lucky enough to find a parking space either at the airport or close to the airport, it's going to burn a hole in your pocket. However, TravelCar- the 'miracle parking provider' weaves its magic even there and has you covered. Its ability to offer low-cost parking that's well below what other providers offer is extremely laudable. As to the location, TravelCar trumps on that too- it provides parking spaces close to the airport or even close to the hotels where you reside. A double whammy- cheap parking and proximity to the terminal- both of which are sure to get your stress levels down. TravelCar's parking lots are often located within 5 minutes distance from the airport and to make it still more convenient for you, offer free shuttle services from the parking lots to the airport and back. In short, TravelCar's top priority is always its customers and it ensures that they never have any difficulty at all at any time. You'd think you would have to pay more if you parked your car for over three months- guess again. TravelCar offers free parking in such cases and also ensures that your car is not idling away. Parking is free and your car earns revenue for you while you're away. And that's not the end of the story- the parking provider offers automated parking and valet services too- both of which ensure that your car is safe, secure and monitored 24/7. TravelCar is a provider that cares for its customers in many ways- 

TravelCar parking locations 

With an almost global presence, TravelCar solves parking problems at the busiest of places- be it at airports, train stations, downtown areas or even cruise ports. 


-Vancouver International, Vancouver Boundary Bay Toronto Pearson International, Calgary International, Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International, Billy Bishop Toronto City, Quebec airport are some major airports in Canada, where parking is always in great demand. TravelCar has proved to be a low-cost, highly affordable parking provider. 

Train Stations:

-Central Station/Gare Centrale, Montréal, Québec, Gare Lucien-L'Allier Station, Toronto Union Station. Pacific Central Station, and Waterfront Station are major train stations in Canada, where parking fees are always in great demand and at an all-time high. TravelCar enables you to weather the 'parking storms' and park easily and cheaply. 

Cruise Ports:

-Port Metro Vancouver in British Columbia, Port of Montreal in Quebec, Port of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Port of Mississauga, Port of Toronto in Toronto, port of Colborne, Port Weller, Port of Oakville, Port of Hamilton in Ontario are important ports that see a lot of passenger traffic. Parking spots are generally hard to locate, but with TravelCar around, the task is much easier. TravelCar's parking lots have a reputation for safety with 24/7 video surveillance, non-stop security guards and gated parking lots.  

Toronto Pearson International Airport Gates Presentation


2 Terminals Terminal 1- 3 concourses: D, E, and F Eastern-most concourse- D1 to D12 and D20 to D28 South of this concourse- D31 to D57 and F Gates F32 to 36 & F51 to 57 (not all gates are present) F concourse- F60 to F73 Shared by E gates- F-69 to F-73, F 82 to 89, F 9 to 99, E 68 to 81

Terminal 3 Gates A6 to A7, A8 to A20 (14 to 20 are shared by A and B), B22, B24 to 29, B37 to 41 & C30-36)

Toronto Pearson has 5 runways and three terminals, the Infield Terminal is presently not being operated. The two active terminals are Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Both these terminals handle international, transborder and also domestic flights. Terminal 1 is divided into four levels and there are 3 concourses- D, E and F that have access to departure gates. The terminal is connected to T3 through a walkway. Terminal 3 Concourses A, B, and C- Gates are located at various places Right across from the terminal, a 5-level parking garage and public parking spaces exist. 

Advantages of booking through TravelCar Pricing and trust: 

Anyone that wants to book a parking space online wants to complete the process as quickly as possible. If that doesn't happen, then many a time, the online transaction is aborted midway and passengers opt for other providers that offer seamless booking. TravelCar, always bent on making things easy for passengers, makes online booking a breeze. On top of that its low cost parking is an added incentive. Its ability to offer a customer-friendly alternative vis-a-vis other car parking providers makes TravelCar all the more attractive. Professionalism and transparency are always treated with respect- Trustpilot and other rating agencies have been impressed. So much so that the former assigned TravelCar a superior score of 9+. Its ability to satisfy customers and soother irate ones, offer discounted deals and the best choices have paved the way for a highly successful TravelCar. Of course, one can't deny that having low cost parking lots close to the airport and free shuttle services to travel to and from the terminal is a huge advantage. In short, TravelCar has ticked the right check boxes as far as customers go and that can only enhance its reputation further. 

Prompt Valet Services: 

Automated parking is a boon for those that cannot afford to 'waste time trying to find a parking spot' but opting for valet services is perhaps even better. You don't even have to park your car or close the door. Valet parking is a convenience beyond compare- especially if you're one of those who 'love driving but hate parking.' A valet takes charge of your car keys and your car as soon as you enter the airport- you don't even have to shut off the engine or close the door. You just slip off the driver's seat gather your luggage and walk off without a backward glance. The valet parks your car, maintains it, washes and cleans it if necessary, oils it and keeps it ready for you to use when you return from your trip. They are the guardians of your car and take the responsibility rather seriously. Those that entrust their cars to a valet's possession can forget about them till they return. Valet services are not very much higher than ordinary parking charges, but the benefits you get are tremendous. 

Courteous and Efficient Customer Service 

TravelCar and its service teams aim to excel in customer service all the time, every time. To this end, its friendly professionals go to great lengths to satisfy customers. They are available all the time to answer queries and tackle problems before they get out of hand. Customer care is open 24/7 and customers can avail of their services as and when they need. The fact that help is always at hand and there is someone to address general or booking related questions assures travelers, who then feel that they are never alone. Staff and TravelCar personnel adopt a professional approach and are always courteous and efficient. This makes it easy all around- the customer is happy and goes away with a smile and staff is contented that they have satisfied customers. 

Access to Toronto Pearson International Airport 

Toronto Pearson is in the vicinity of many major transit routes- so you can use public transit to reach any part of Greater Toronto Area.


Union Pearson Express- connects Union Station in Downtown Toronto with Terminal 1- journey time is 25 minutes. There are trains every 15 minutes and the first express departs at 5.27 am. The service runs throughout the week. Link Train- automated people mover between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3- runs throughout the day and is a free service.

Greyhound Canada- connects Toronto Coach Terminal in Downtown - Pearson airport. Also connects several other cities across southern Ontario. The bus arrives at terminal 1 and departs from the same place. Public transit bus and coach services- connect Toronto and other cities in GTA to the Pearson Airport. Subway Line 2 - links Pearson Airport to downtown Toronto. You have the option of paying just one fare and changing onto Line 1 subway or taking a bus or a streetcar. GO Bus Route 40 - connects Hamilton GO Centre, Square One GO Terminal, Dixie Transitway, Renforth Transitway, Richmond Hill Centre Terminal to Pearson Airport Go Bus no. 34- connects Yorkdale bus terminal, Finch Bus Terminal, and Yonge St at Sheppard Avenue with Pearson airport.

These are available at all terminals and need to be booked in advanced for city or downtown pickups. Licensed taxis are allowed to drop passengers at the airport terminal

By car
You can reach the airport either from Highway 409 or Highway 427, which is just north of Highway 401. Both lead directly to the airport.
Vans and minibus shuttle services are available from the towns, villages, and cities to the airport. Some services connect to other airports in Ontario.

Other information 

When you're going on a trip, it's essential that you plan your schedule accordingly so that you have enough time to get through the rigid security controls and also free yourself of excess baggage. You want to be as cool as possible, enjoy your ride to the airport and look forward to your trip. That may all happen- but when you enter the airport and look for parking space- that's the end of all your dreams. If you want to lessen your stress and enjoy your upcoming trip, trust TravelCar to give you the best service. It helps avoid the hassles of parking- a nightmare for anyone who is desperately searching for a spot- and offers low cost parking, making your onward journey a lot more pleasant!