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Edmonton International Airport Parking

The Edmonton International Airport (YEG) serves Edmonton and the surrounding towns in Alberta, Canada. The airport began operating on Nov 15, 1960, and is built on approximately 7,600 acres of land. It's considered the 5th busiest airport in Canada, handling more than 8 million passengers annually. It is about 19 miles away from the Edmonton City Center airport, which is close to the Edmonton railway station. The Edmonton Via railway station is about 50 km away from YEG.

YEG consists of two runways and a single passenger terminal and is easily accessible via Airport Road at Exit 522 on Highway 2. Bus services connect to the LRT network and also to the city's bus network.

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Edmonton International Airport Address and Map

Airport's legal address 1000 Airport Rd, Edmonton, AB T9E 0V3, Canada
Airport type Public
Phone Number +1 780-890-8900
Airport traffic About 8 million passengers in 2017
GPS coordinates 53°18′36″N 113°34′46″W

The capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta is Edmonton. The Edmonton airport
is situated on Alberta's provincial Highway No. 2 just opposite the city of Leduc in the Leduc County. It is just about 17 miles south of Downtown Edmonton.

Apart from being a primary air cargo facility, YEG is also the largest major airport (in land area), 9th busiest in aircraft movements and 5th busiest airport (passenger traffic) in Canada. Passenger traffic in 2017 was almost 8 million.

The Edmonton airplane company was established in 1920 and the airport began to officially operate on Nov.15, 1960. The airport provides non-stop flights to over 55 destinations- including major cities such as Canada, US, Central America and Europe.

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Cheap parking

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TravelCar parking locations

TravelCar is spread across more than 10 European countries and other parts of the globe. Its success has been phenomenal as its presence in heavy passenger traffic areas like-

Airports: Edmonton International Airport, Calgary International, Trudeau / Mirabel. Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport, Toronto Pearson Airport. Vancouver International Airport hum and buzz with activity and passengers find it hard to secure parking spaces. TravelCar comes to the rescue with its cheap parking solutions.

Train Stations: Edmonton station, Montréal, Pacific Central Station, Québec, Gare Lucien-L'Allier Station, Toronto Union Station, and Waterfront Station are major train stations in Canada that are always alive with passengers getting on and off. Parking is normally a problem but with TravelCar and its low cost parking spaces in the forefront, it ceases to be one.

Cruise Ports: Port Alberta, Port Metro Vancouver in British Columbia, Port of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Port of Montreal in Quebec, Port of Mississauga, and Port of Toronto in Toronto are important ports that see a lot of passenger traffic. TravelCar ensures that passengers have easy access to low-cost parking spaces.

Edmonton International Airport

Gates Presentation

Central Hall Right of the central hall: Gates 1 to 48 and 49A - J

Left of the central hall: Gates 50 to 74

Extreme left: U.S. Gates 74 to 88

The airport has a single passenger terminal with an Arrivals and Departures Level

Arrivals- houses baggage claim areas, information centers and also connects to outside transportation and parking facilities.

Departures level- North and south check-in areas with U.S. Pre-clearance adjacent to it.

The central area divides into Domestic and international gates- the gates are on either side of the central hall.

Advantages of booking through TravelCar

Pricing and trust:

TravelCar is a must choose over other providers for the simple reason that it's booking process is seamless and smooth and its parking charges are extremely affordable. It is rare to find a provider where both these factors go hand in hand. That's the reason why many people choose to trust TravelCar over other rental services.

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The goodies never seem to end- apart from TravelCar's parking lots being close to the airport, the provider is keen that none of its customers must feel stressed or let down. That's why it offers free shuttle services from the parking lots to the terminal. Passengers feel that TravelCar always cares about them.

Prompt Valet Services:

TravelCar never stops its schemes to make people feel comfortable and completely at ease. That's why it offers automated parking, valet services and the like to take the 'drudgery' away. The immense sense of relief with which such services are greeted makes it clear that TravelCar is traveling the right path.

The object of valet services is to take away the burden of parking from customers. A TravelCar valet takes charge of your car as soon as you enter the airport and from then on- you can cease to worry about it. The valet parks the car keeps the car keys safe and maintains the car in 'good running condition' till you come back from your trip. During this period, Travelcar ensures that your car is safe and secure and well-tended to. Opting for valet and allied services removes a big headache and when you return, your car is already waiting for you, rearing to be driven. Valet services are an affordable convenience with a tinge of luxury associated with it.

Courteous and Efficient Customer Service

The bottom line for TravelCar is that customers should be treated right and be happy with the services. The moment you register with the parking provider, you become a 'valuable customer' and you're treated uniquely. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for TravelCar and it strives hard to understand and fulfill customer expectations by giving them excellent service. It conducts customer surveys and acts on feedback to ensure that all customer needs are met. TravelCar keeps improving and improvising all the time based on the 'customer barometer' and all its personnel and teams work towards the single goal of keeping customers content. A happy customer is a loyal one.

The customer service teams are open to queries about booking and reservation 24/7 and professionalism and approachability exist side by side. Because TravelCar prioritizes 'customer needs,' and is actively engaged in pursuing ways to satisfy customers, its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds.

Access to Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton Airport and the railway network are not directly connected and the nearest train station is Edmonton via Rail Station, which is about 31 miles from the airport.

Edmonton Transit System (ETS)

Route 747- express bus service between Edmonton International airport (EIA) and Century Park and LRT station. Buses start at 4:34 am from EIA and at 4:10 am from Century Park.

Other Bus routes

  • The Sky Shuttle- Three shuttle routes serve the south side, downtown, the west end and are available from major hotels and also from Greyhound bus depots. It is a cost-effective way to travel between various locations in Edmonton and EIA.
  • Some hotels offer free shuttle bus service to their guests to and from Edmonton International Airport.
  • SunDog Transportation and Tours Ltd. - door to door shuttle service between Jasper National Park and EIA.
  • Leduc's Transit Route 3- operates between the city of Leduc and the Edmonton Airport
  • Ebus- offers stress-free and economical services between 60 destinations and the Edmonton Airport
  • Red Arrow- offers services (4 times a week) starting in Cold Lake with stops at Smokey Lake, Bonnyville, Edmonton and the Edmonton Airport
  • GO Airport Shuttle- offers door to door shared ride airport shuttles, airport taxi service and airport limousine service, private vans, and private cars,

Taxis and Limos

Taxis and Limousines are available for the asking- you just have to book in advance, indicate your pick up point and you'll be transported to the airport in style.

By Car

If you're driving, then you just need to get on to Queen Elizabeth 11 Highway, south of Edmonton and access the airport from there.

Other information

It's airport time and the struggle to reach it commences hours before the actual trip. You have to allow for traffic congestion and avoid those peak hours. You have to give yourself enough time at the airport too- to get through security and check-in your excess baggage. And what about that parking space- the one you never seem to be able to get at all while you go round and round in circles. Some things will never change but there are things that you can do to save time, effort and energy. Avail of TravelCar's services and rid yourself of parking worries at least. That way, you leave yourself with enough time to finish whatever else needs to be done.

TravelCar is a parking provider that you can trust- you can rest assured that you will get the best of attention and the best of service. It offers low cost parking and lots of other services- all of which is directed towards making your onward journey a lot more pleasant!