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Owned by Transport Canada and managed by the Vancouver Airport Authority, Vancouver International Airport (YVR), located on Sea Island in Richmond, is often referred to as the Pacific Gateway.

The airport opened in 1931- it began with a single runway and just 1,072 passengers and today it is Canada's second busiest airport that operates flights to over 118 non-stop destinations. Passenger traffic exceeded 24 million in 2017.

Vancouver International is one of the eight airports in Canada that have "US Border Preclearance Facilities". YVR has three terminals, three runways and also a floatplane facility. The airport is easy to access via public transportation and it offers a variety of parking options.

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Vancouver Airport Address and Map

Airport's legal address 3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, BC V7B 0A4, Canada
Airport type Public
Phone number +1 604-207-7077
Airport's traffic > 24 million passengers in 2017
GPS coordinates 49°11'24.60" N -123°11'1.20" W

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is about 7.5 miles from Downtown Vancouver and is in close proximity to the Richmond City Center. It is located in Richmond on Sea Island in the province of British Columbia.

This airport is considered the second busiest airport in Canada in terms of passenger traffic and also aircraft movements. It not only has the distinction of being the Best Canadian airport (regionally) but has also been awarded the Best North American Airport Award for 9 years in a row.

YVR operates non-stop flights to many airports within Canada and also to Europe, Asia, Mexico and the United States, and is regarded as the major gateway between Canada and Asia. Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is the first to launch a program to help autistic travelers get through airports faster.

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TravelCar parking locations

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Airports:- Vancouver coal Harbor airport, Boundary Bay airport, Meadows airport, Maple Bay airport, Toronto Pearson International, Calgary International, Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International, Billy Bishop Toronto City are major airports in Canada. Being busy locations, passengers find it hard to secure parking spaces. TravelCar comes to their help by providing cheap parking solutions that are very convenient.

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Vancouver Airport Gates Presentation

Domestic Terminal

Concourse A

Concourse B

Concourse C

Gates A6 to A12 (7 Gates)

Gates B13 to B23, B26 to B28 (14 Gates)

Gates C29 to C52 (24 Gates)

International Terminal

Concourse D

Concourse E

Gates D50-55 (6 Gates)

Gates D58, D59. & D62 (3 Gates)

Gates D64 to D67 (4 Gates)

Gates D70, D73, & D75 (3 Gates)

Gates E76 to E88 (13 Gates)

Gates E90 to E96 (7 Gates)

With three runways and three terminals, YVR is considered as Canada's 2nd busiest airport. The main terminal is divided into two sections- the Domestic and the International Terminal. The South Terminal is known as Airport south.

Domestic Terminal

The Domestic Terminal was constructed in 1968 and consists of three concourses- A, B and C.

International Terminal

The United States Border preclearance facilities are located here. There are 2 concourses D and E. D50 to D52 are swing gates that are used by domestic flights (C50-52)

Airport South

Consists of the South Terminal, the Floatplane Facility, and deals with other operations. Serves regional airlines and also chartered flights.

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Access to Vancouver Airport

There are many ways in which Vancouver International Airport (YVR) can be reached from downtown Vancouver and its surrounding areas. The City of Vancouver in combination with TransLink operates and plans public transit services.

Public Transit

Rapid transit - automated trains that run above and below ground. The Expo Line and the Millennium Line are part of SkyTrain. The Canada Line operates between the airport and downtown Vancouver and links Richmond and downtown Vancouver to YVR. Though there are 16 stops on this line, the journey time to the airport is less than half an hour. YVR-airport is the airport's own station on the SkyTrain network.


When the Canada line service is unavailable, N10 night bus connects Richmond and downtown Vancouver to the international and domestic terminals.

The C92 bus serves the South Terminal- at Bridgeport Station, it connects to the Canada Line.

YVR Whistler SkyLynx- connects Whistler and Squamish to YVR

Shuttle services

Ace Charters Vancouver- connects areas such as Richmond, Surrey, North and West Vancouver, Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Burnaby, Delta to the airport.

By car

Driving between downtown and the airport is very simple as you just have to follow the signs. From downtown, go on Granville Street till you reach West 72nd Avenue. When you're onto SW Marine Drive, take the road to the left and cross the Arthur Laing Bridge. You will reach Grant McConachie Way- this takes you directly to the airport terminal.


Taxis operate from the airport and licensed taxis can drop off travelers at the airport terminal itself. You also have the option to use the airport's official licensed limousine company to drop you off at the airport.


YVR's Sea Island is a great place for biking enthusiasts and they can reach the airport through many bike paths and lanes carved out specifically for that purpose.

Other information

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