Fredericton Airport
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Convenient parking near Fredericton Airport

As a passenger travelling through the Fredericton airport, the paramount task you have to accomplish is to park your car safely at the airport. Unfortunately, the parking area at the airport can cause a lot of inconvenience to you. Instead, you should park near the Fredericton airport using TravelCar.

What makes the Fredericton Airport a success?

Fredericton International Airport is situated in Lincoln, New Brunswick, Canada, 13 km southeast of Fredericton. This airport is classified as an airport of entry by Nav Canada. In addition, it’s staffed by the Canada Border Service Agency. Approximately 378,000 passengers travelled through the Frederiction Airport during 2016.

Parking is plenty near the Fredericton Airport

Passengers traveling through the Fredericton Airport are in abundance, and that’s why it’s one of the busiest airports in Canada. To locate an accessible parking spot at the stopping zone of the air terminal can be an extreme test of your patience and majority of the general population fail at finding a spot. You can keep away from this disappointment by utilizing the administrations of TravelCar and park your automobile near the Fredericton Airport. You should book your parking spot close to the airplane terminal utilizing the TravelCar service as they give heaps of parking areas around the Fredericton area for you to choose amongst. Among these choices, some parking areas will be near the air terminal and a few areas will be close to the lodging you're staying at so pick a parking area which is most appropriate for you. In case you woke up late and now, you're getting late for your flight and don't have sufficient time to park the car yourself, you can utilize TravelCar's valet parking service and hand over the keys to one of the valets and they'll make sure that your automobile is stopped at your assigned parking spot. You can even park the car yourself as there is the alternative of automated parking available for you. With cameras installed all over the parking locations supplied by TravelCar, your automobile will be under video observation 24/7 and the security guards won’t take their eye off the live footage for even one second. This will ensure that the chances of your car being tampered with are exactly zero.

Alongside the video observation that is available any time to look at, TravelCar additionally offers you the parking spot free of cost. You read that right! You don't need to pay any measure of cash to book your parking spot. TravelCar offers this as your auto is leased while the owner is away. In case you're wanting to go on your trek for a drawn out stretch of time, it is insightful to turn in your keys with the TravelCar staff once your car has been parked. With you taking your automobile keys along with you on your adventure, there is a colossal danger of your keys being lost and that would make you restless. You don’t need to have that burden on you while you are enjoying your time away, so just hand in the keys and TravelCar will make sure they don’t get lost.

24/7 Shuttle Service available

TravelCar has made voyaging exceptionally easy by opening a shuttle service. The van takes you to the Fredericton airplane terminal in a fast measure of time. The best thing about this shuttle is that it's free for you to utilize. You can go in a shuttle at any minute you need to as it takes just around 6 minutes, for the shuttle to drop you off at the departure terminal of Fredericton International Airport. If you feel exhausted while you are on your way to the airport, there are a couple of entertainment options available for you to take advantage off. There are insightful comic books and wonderful fashion magazines available for you to read.