Regina Airport Parking

Regina International Airport Parking

Regina International Airport (YQR) was built in the year 1911 and is situated in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Located close to the city center it is about 4 miles west of downtown. Owned by Transport Canada, the airport is run by the Regina Airport Authority.

More than 13 airlines operate from YQR and passenger traffic at the airport is 1.3 million annually. It provides for direct and non-stop flights to more than 15 destinations in the United States, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean.

The airport has a single passenger terminal and two intersecting runways. As ground transportation options are plenty, it is easy to access YQR. The terminal has facilities for short-stay parking and long-stay parking and there are many other suitable options for car parking.

TravelCar, with its large network of parking facilities, offers low-cost parking and a host of allied facilities at airports, city centers, and train stations.

Regina International Airport Address and Map

Airport legal address 1-5201 Regina Ave, Regina, SK S4W 1B3, Canada
Airport type Public
Phone number +1 306 761 7555
Airport's traffic Passenger traffic in 2017 was 1,219,311
GPS coordinates 50°25′56″N 104°39′58″W

Regina International Airport (YQR) is regarded as an airport of entry and is one of 26 airports in Canada's National Airport System. It is located in Regina, 4.3 miles from the city center, south of the province of Saskatchewan, which includes the municipality of Sherwood and Moose Jaw.

The airport is operated by Regina Airport Authority and owned by Transport Canada and is considered one among the busiest of airports in Saskatchewan. It figures among Canada's top 20 busiest airports (air traffic movements).

YQR connects Regina to the rest of World and also connects to regions within Canada. It plays a great role in the growth of Saskatchewan and also contributes to its international status.

A growing YQR has to cater to thousands of passengers every day and that's why parking is always a problem. However, TravelCar, with its ubiquitous presence has eased the situation by providing low-cost parking.

Cheap parking at YQR

Regina International Airport has facilities for long-term and short-term parking and parking rates vary depending on the duration. However, TravelCar's parking fees are way below that charged by other providers.

TravelCar's parking solutions are available either at the airport, near the hotel or close to the airport- this makes it easy for people to pick and choose the parking spaces that suit them best. The act of parking is transformed into an effortless process that's not only inexpensive but also less stressful. That's why TravelCar has forged ahead in the 'parking lot space'.

Pricing and duration of parking are necessarily linked together- a longer duration generally attracts greater amounts towards parking fees, but TravelCar is different- if you park your car for a period of over three months, then your parking fees are waived. The others who do pay fees have to pay considerably less than is normally charged by parking providers. TravelCar definitely has an edge over its competitors.

Though its parking lots are just within walking distance from the airport, TravelCar offers free shuttle services to the terminal. The shuttle services are easy to access and services are frequent. Its low-cost valet services and automated parking makes the provider appear even more attractive.

TravelCar ensures that all cars in its custody are safe and secure- its parking lots are kept under constant video surveillance, which minimizes the threat of theft. Parking your car with TravelCar is the best choice for you when you need to be away.

TravelCar parking locations

TravelCar has a strong network across many European countries and its parking solutions are prevalent at places where passenger-density is high.


Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker and Regina International Airport in Saskatchewan, Canada, Toronto Pearson International, Winnipeg International Airport, Calgary International, and Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International are major airports where parking is at a premium. TravelCar provides low-cost parking solutions that help travelers.

Train Stations:

Saskatoon station in Saskatchewan, Toronto Union Station, Waterfront Station, Gare Lucien-L'Allier Station, Union Station (Winnipeg), Pacific Central Station, are major train stations in Canada where finding parking spots is very difficult. TravelCar offers low- cost parking spots that are convenient to access.

Cruise Ports:

Port of Saskatoon, CentrePort Canada, Port of Montreal in Quebec, Port Winnipeg, Port Metro Vancouver in British Columbia, Port of Halifax in Nova Scotia are important ports that are always buzzing with activity. TravelCar offers easy and cost-effective parking solutions that are well received by travelers.

If finding parking spaces is TravelCar's forte then providing security is another. Its parking lots are gated and secured to guard against theft.

Regina International Airport Gates Presentation

1 Passenger Terminal Level 1

Level 2- Gates 1-9

There are two intersecting runways at the Regina International Airport and the longest runway is the primary one. A full-length parallel taxiway with five exits serves it.

The airport has a single passenger terminal with two levels:

The first floor---houses the Arrivals area for both international and domestic passengers. In addition, it has a security screening area and an airside viewing area.

The upper floor-- houses pre-board screening, post-security holding room, and 9 departure gates.

Advantages of booking with TravelCar

Pricing and trust:

There is no dearth of parking providers offering their services at airports and train stations but the quality of service and pricing differs. TravelCar's offerings are inexpensive and its customer services are excellent- that's why it has so many takers. The booking process is easy, navigation is simple and parking prices are much lower than that normally in vogue. TravelCar is transparent in its dealings and there is no 'fine print' for travelers to read. This way, travelers get genuine deals and can save a little money that they can spend on other things.

No one can question the professionalism and credibility of TravelCar. Its systematic approach to problems, the way it tackles issues and the way it deals with customers and placates them is highly appreciated by rating agencies. It's no wonder that Trustpilot assigned it a high score of 9+. TravelCar presents an umbrella of services that are very conducive to travelers, who feel that they have the best deals.

TravelCar's parking lots are close to the airport and that is very significant for travelers always in a hurry to catch their flights. Its free shuttle services ensure that there is no discomfort to passengers while reaching the terminal and that too well in time.

Prompt Valet Services:

Those who have availed of TravelCar's valet services know how handy it is, especially when you don't want to waste time finding a parking space at the airport. With a flight to catch, you want to focus on your upcoming trip and not on how or where to park your car and how secure it will be. Entrusting it to TravelCar's care will ensure that all goes well with you and your car. Valet parking is a convenience that you definitely want to avail of.

For those who are in a hurry to board a flight (most of us usually are), TravelCar's valet services can come in pretty handy at such moments. Valet parking is offered as a convenience to passengers who don't want the bother of parking their cars and then go through the ordeal of having to locate it from among hundreds of similar looking cars.

A valet is one to whom you can entrust your car without having to worry about it during your trip. The valet drives off with your car and the car keys and you can just proceed towards the terminal without giving it another thought. Their quiet efficiency, their speed, and dexterity with which they handle your car and find a parking space for it leaves you in an assured state. You're no longer weighted with worry and you begin to enjoy your upcoming trip. It's always nice if a little of responsibility is moved off your shoulders-that way, the focus is on what actually matters at that time.

Courteous and Efficient Customer Service

TravelCar places a great onus on customer service and customer satisfaction too. In fact, customers are always made to feel important and special and customer care service teams go out of the way to cater to their needs. TravelCar takes it upon itself to see that no customer goes away unhappy or dissatisfied. Happy customers are loyal customers and that's what TravelCar always aims at.

Customer care is open 24/7 and customers never feel left out or helpless. They have someone whom they can approach, someone who will reply to their queries and someone who will attend to them regardless of anything else. TravelCar lives up to its reputation of being a 'people's parking provider' always.

Access to Regina International Airport

The airport is near Regina city and all locations in downtown are just five minutes away from the airport.

GO Airport Shuttle offers shared ride vans, private vans, luxury rides and lower cost vans and picks you up from wherever you want. This is great if many are headed towards the airport- you can save on the cost by sharing the ride with other people. Private vans and airport limousine services are also there for the asking.

Hobo Express Inc. offers shuttle service between Regina, Moose Jaw, and other Saskatchewan locations to YQR


  • Bus - 9, Bus - 8- runs between Best buy and Regina International Airport. Journey time is 78 minutes
  • Bus - 30, Bus - 8- from A.C.T. Ball Park, Regina to YQR. Journey time is about 54 minutes
  • Bus - 1, Bus - 8- from Christ Lutheran Church, Regina to Regina International Airport. Journey time is 56 minutes
  • Bus - 12, Bus - 9, Bus - 8- runs from Arbor Grove Park to Regina International Airport. Journey time is 106 minutes
  • Bus - 8- runs between Cameron Park, Regina to Regina International Airport. Journey time is 33 minutes

As the airport is so close to downtown, you can either walk if you're in the mood or cycle if you feel up to it.

Other information

Getting to the airport by itself, more so if you were to drive, could be a 'dreadful nightmare' with traffic jams and unforeseen automobile breakdowns. Although you're excited about your upcoming trip, the drive could prove to be a dampener, especially when you think about having to find a parking space at the airport. More often than not, none are available and if they are, you have to pay a premium. So you do need to tolerate all that and more because your dilemmas don't end there! Checking in your luggage, clearing security and tying up various other odd ends can elevate your stress levels immensely

That's why it's better to choose a parking provider like TravelCar for your parking needs.

TravelCar's low-cost parking spaces will free you from your 'parking space tension' and allow you to enjoy your trip the way you want to.