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Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Parking

At the foot of Bathurst Street, very conveniently located, just a few minutes away from downtown Toronto, is the Billy Bishop Airport (YTZ).

YTZ is often considered as a "business airport" because of its proximity to downtown Toronto and the financial markets. It is a key international gateway to Toronto and plays an important role in its economy. The airport was open to commercial flights in 1939. Passenger traffic in 2017 was 2,700,000.

A pedestrian tunnel and a short ferry ride ensure that the mainland connects easily and conveniently to the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Its urban accessibility makes it a central hub for weekend escapes and quick businesses.

The airport has one short runway, one main east-west runway and also a seaplane base. There is a single passenger terminal which has 10 gates. The airport is stated to have limited parking facilities.

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Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Address and Map

Airport's legal address2 Eireann Quay, Toronto, ON M5V 1A1, Canada
Airport typePublic
Phone number+1 416-203-6942
Airport's trafficPassenger traffic in 2017 was 2,700,000
GPS coordinates43°37′42″N 079°23′46″W

Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ) is located in Lake Ontario on the Toronto Islands and is often referred to as the Toronto Island airport. It was named after Billy Bishop (a Canadian 1st World War flying ace) and acquired its current nomenclature on November 10, 2009. It operates flights to more than 20 cities in the U.S. and Canada and serves downtown Toronto and also the metropolitan area.

YTZ is regarded as one of the best airports in the world (in the under 5 million category), regarded as a top regional airport in North America. In 2017, it was rated the 9th busiest in Canada, the 6th busiest in terms of passengers to the United States and figures among the Top Ten airports in the world, having the most "Beautiful Airport Approaches". It is owned and operated by PortsToronto.

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Cheap parking

The Billy Bishop City airport is smaller than Toronto Pearson international and although it does have parking facilities, it's hardly sufficient to cater to the demands of this immensely busy airport.

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Train Stations:

Toronto Union Station, Pacific Central Station, Waterfront, Gare Lucien-Allier Station, Central Station/Gare Centrale, Montréal, Québec are important rail stations in Canada. As such car-parking does pose problems as the number of spots available are less than the demand. With TravelCar's options of free and low cost parking, these problems have eased considerably.

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Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Gates Presentation

Single Passenger Terminal10 Gates

1 Central Waiting Area serves all the gates

The airport has two runways and a seaplane base. The terminal at Billy Bishop City Airport is a little unique in the sense that there are no separate waiting areas for each gate. As the airport is small, a single waiting area caters to all the 10 gates. Though this appears to be a little disconcerting at first sight, the waiting area is rather comfortable.

Arrivals - housed on the ground floor

Departures- housed on the second floor

Long-term parking and short-term and is available on the island and at the dock.

The pedestrian tunnel links the mainland to the airport- this underwater tunnel is about 100 feet below the surface. Till its construction in 2015, the airport and mainland were connected by means of a ferry service. Now, four automated walkways in the tunnel transport people to the airport in a very short time.

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Access to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

This small airport situated on an island is very close to downtown and is easily accessible.

This small airport situated on an island is very close to downtown and is easily accessible.

Ferry services

These operate between a fixed location (foot of Bathurst) and the airport from early morning to midnight. The distance is just 121 meters and the service is frequent and regular. Though it's free for pedestrians, vehicles have to pay $11 for a round trip.

Shuttle services

Free bus services- between the airport and the intersection of York Street and Front Street. Pick up points are on the south side of Front Street and south-west corner of York Street.

Complimentary shuttle services- between Toronto Union Station and YTZ

Pedestrian tunnel

The tunnel, which opened on July 30, 2015, is about 853 feet and connects the mainland to the airport. The journey time is just 6 minutes to the check-in area at the airport. Anyone can access the tunnel, which has 4 moving walkways and a very long escalator.

Bus and Streetcar

  • Bus 506, Streetcar 511- operate between Goodlife Fitness center and Billy Bishop Airport Ferry Terminal, from where the airport can be accessed
  • Bus 145, Streetcar 501- operates between Humber college-Lakeshore Campus and Billy Bishop Airport Ferry Terminal- journey time 62 minutes
  • Streetcar-509 and using Subway-1- Public transit connects Starbucks, Toronto with the Billy Bishop Airport Ferry Terminal


At the top of Eireann Quay is the Bike Share Toronto stations from where you can bike your way to the airport and then lock it up in the Bike Lock-up that is adjacent to the ferry terminal.


These are located on the mainland outside the ferry terminal at the taxi stands. You can easily access the airport using a taxi.

Other information

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