Charlottetown Airport Parking
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Best parking option near Charlottetown Airport

Without a doubt, Charlottetown Airport is regarded as an important airport in Canada. There’s a lot of passenger flow and that can cause a hiccup in the parking spaces available for the passengers. To solve this problem, all you need to do is park your car near the airport using TravelCar’s services.

Details about the Charlottetown Airport

Charlottetown Airport is situated about 5.6 km north of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Charlottetown Airport Authority runs this airport, at the present time. It is owned by Transport Canada and forms part of the National Airports System. The airport is classified as an airport entry by NAV Canada.

What makes TravelCar the best parking service?

The Charlottetown Airport witnesses massive passenger traffic on an everyday basis, which makes it troublesome for many of the passengers to secure an available parking space at the airport’s parking lot. The best and cheapest alternative to that is parking near the Charlottetown Airport through the TravelCar service. The TravelCar offers you the most convenient and cheapest parking locations that fit your criteria. You can then book an available parking space in one of these parking locations. You may be living at a hotel that is close to the airport and you may want to book a parking space there and you can do that with ease using TravelCar service. On the off chance that you are not satisfied with your booking, you can change the booking as well. People don’t realize how expensive it is to park at the airport than to park near the airport. With TravelCar, you get the option of valet parking as well, if you’re in a hurry. If you don’t want valet parking, you can use automated parking. The cost of normal parking and valet parking is relatively cheap and affordable for the common man. In addition to the cheap cost, your car will be under 24/7 video surveillance as well.

TravelCar service has received a lot of praise because of the way it treats the customers. If you are discontent with what you booked, you may contact the customer support of TravelCar and they will try their absolute best to resolve your problem. TravelCar has built a very trustworthy relationship with its clients and those clients who park their car leave their car keys behind with the TravelCar, for safekeeping. They then go on to enjoy their amazing venture. If you take your keys along with you, there is a major risk of them being lost or stolen and that would just make you upset on your trip.

It would benefit you to learn that TravelCar service requires no parking charges. This is allowed since your car is rented while the owner’s away. In comparison to the Charlottetown’s expensive parking fee, this is an excellent advantage.  

Shuttle gets you to the airport rapdily

All the clients who have utilized TravelCar’s service had absolutely no complaints, except for one. They were dissatisfied with the way they had to walk from their parking spot to the airport. TravelCar have found a solution to this problem and have launched a shuttle service. This shuttle service will transport you to the airport from your parking spot, in a quick fashion. After announcing this news on our webpage, the clients were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to try you this new shuttle service. On your way to the airport, you can read the various comic books and magazines on offer. This is just to help keep you occupied.

If you are concerned with the procedure of the shuttle service, don’t worry. The procedure is simple and is as follows; the shuttle picks you up from your parking spot to drop you off at the airport’s departing area. On your way back from your trek, it will pick you up from the arriving terminal and safely transport you to the location of your parked car.