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The Park Mark is awarded to car parks within the UK that meet the national safety standards as mentioned in the Safer Parking Scheme. Some of these standards include crime rate and safety of vehicles and people within the parking establishment. This award reassures car owners that during their trip they are parking their vehicles in a safe environment. 

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How is the Park Mark awarded?

The Park Mark is not easily earned, in fact only one fourth of the car parks located in the United Kingdom are awarded the Park Mark, this  means that within the estimated 20,000 car parks in the UK, only 5,000 car parks are granted the award. Being awarded this distinctive Park Mark signage, requires the car park to meet challenging standards, thus you park your vehicle, you can be sure that you are parking in one of safest car parks in the UK. 

You can leave your car there stress-free! Every car park that gets this award has been carefully and meticulously inspected by trained police assessors from the Safer Parking Scheme team. Inspections include both the car park itself and its management. 

The car parks that meet all the requirements are given the Park Mark as a sign of value and trust, it shows the customers that they can safely park in their car park. 

It is important to know that the award is given to car parks and not organisations, meaning that each car park undergoes the thorough process. 

Car parks bearing the Park Mark award can be found in various locations across the United Kingdom such as Airports, town centres, train stations, cruise ports and so on. 

Car parks with different sizes can be awarded the Park Mark, the smallest car park awarded with the Park Mark has a capacity of 10 parking spaces whilst the largest one can accommodate 13,000 vehicles in its facility at the same time, so size definitely does not matter here! 

Security with Park Mark:

By requiring car parks to implement rigorous security rules, the Safer Parking Scheme helps reducing crime in car parks. 

According to data collected from reported crimes, most vehicle crimes and crimes involving vehicles take place in the streets. 

One factor that reduces vehicle related crimes is the fear of being caught, so adding security systems such as formal surveillance, lighting and visibility reduces crime rates.   

It has been reported that car parks that follow the Safer Parking Scheme standards have a higher satisfaction rate from their customers. 

TravelCar cares about your and your car’s safety and security, so we offer a wide selection of Park Mark certified car parks found in most of our destinations across the UK. This means that you can go on your trip with peace of mind because your car will be in the hands of professionals and in a safe environment.