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Newcastle upon Tyne is backed by 2000 years of history during which it was controlled by the Norsemen, Angles, and Romans. Previously known by its Roman name Pons Aelius, Newcastle upon Tyne was renamed as Newcastle when Norman Conquest began to rule England. It is a city in North-east England on the northern bank of the River Tyne and is located 277 miles North of London and 103 miles south of Edinburgh. Formerly a manufacturing and industrial hub, it is now regarded as a University City and also as a center for arts, sciences, and business.

Home to the Geordie culture, Newcastle has a rich heritage of music, sports, arts, dance and the city is one of the trendiest. Visitors flock to the city and its surrounding areas- that’s why public transport and car rentals are always in demand. TravelCar’s attractive car rental UK is very popular.

Car Rental in Newcastle upon Tyne

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A Wide Range of Vehicles in Newcastle upon Tyne

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Driving in Newcastle upon Tyne

Car rentals make it easy to take a look at the city attractions-

The Tyne Bridges

Though there are 7 bridges over the River Tyne, the Tyne Bridge, opened by King George V in 1928, is the most famous and the most iconic. It is said to be the “largest single-span steel arch bridge on the British Isle”, the 10th tallest structure in the city and connects Newcastle and the town of Gateshead. It was built by Dorman Long and Co. of Middlesbrough but designed by the firm Mott, Hay and Anderson. The towers of the Tyne Bridge are made of Cornish granite and these are open to the public on Heritage Open days. The annual Great North Run takes place here when 52,000 runners pass over the bridge.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

This is a small cathedral that dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries and was only a parish church initially. It acquired its cathedral status in 1882 and its crowning glory is the Lantern Tower that stands tall at 197 ft. The tower was built in 1448 and served as a navigational aid to ships on the River Tyne. As visitors go around the Cathedral, they can enjoy the medieval treasures, fine statues and the stained glass windows that are housed within. One of the greatest treasures is the Hexham Bible, a 19th-century manuscript that is written on Vellum.

The view from the top of the cathedral tower is amazing and though you do have to climb more than 300 steps to reach the top, its well worth it - you get to see long miles of awesome landscape.


Found on both sides of the River Tyne, the Quayside was formerly the hub of industry and served as a commercial dockside. Coal was then ferried across the now famous Victoria Tunnel. This is a popular tourist attraction and is a 25-mile tunnel that runs beneath the ground between Tyne and the Town Moor Down and was used to transport coal. Today, the Quayside has undergone a transformation and is a hub for arts and culture in North-east England. It houses numerous shops, restaurants that flourish alongside historic buildings that have been restored... The life Science center with its planetarium, hands-on-displays and live theatre is just a stone’s throw away.

The Old City Chares

One of the oldest parts of Newcastle, the Chares refers to a bunch of narrow medieval streets and lanes with stepped pathways- all of which have been well preserved. The word Chares is a Geordie word that is used to describe the narrow alleyways that were prevalent in Newcastle. Although a number of them were destroyed in the Great Fire, there are many Chares remaining even today. They are great fun to explore, especially the Castle Stairs that lead to the Black Gate and Castle Keep. As you move through the Chares, you will come across some newer architectural delights.

Art Galleries

The Laing Art Gallery, built in 1901 and the Hatton Gallery at the Newcastle University house some of the best landscapes by John Martin, Gauguin and fine sculptures by Henry Moore. Hatton houses paintings by modern English artists and works of European painters of the 14th- 18th centuries. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Biscuit Factory, a fine gallery where art, craft, fine art, and sculpture blend together marvelously.

Driving In Newcastle upon Tyne Area

With so many attractions in and around Newcastle upon Tyne, car rentals and public transport gain significance. Take a look at the day trips that you can make keeping Newcastle as your base.

Bamburgh Castle

This amazing village destination in Northumberland is a good one day trip. After many battles with the Vikings, Normans, and Anglo-Saxons and a revolt in 1905, this castle was bought by an industrialist named William Armstrong and was restored to its former glory. Behind the castle are sandy beaches and sand dunes covered with grass. These spots are great picnic places and with nearby cafes and local pubs, you can have the time of your life. Of course, if you so choose you can stroll along the village high street and find some great options awaiting you.

Hiring a car is perhaps the best way to reach the castle although there are public transport bus options available.

Hadrian’s Wall

A visit to Newcastle will be incomplete without a look at this 73-mile long wall and 6 m high that took almost 6 years to complete. The wall signified the extent of the northern limit of Britain under Rome and was named after the Emperor who ordered it to be built. Hadrian Wall is a great engineering project and after almost every mile, a gateway guarded by a small fort was built. Some of the wall sections are in close proximity to the Newcastle city center. To get the full effect of the wall, you would need to go to Housesteads- a Heritage site that offers fabulous views of the Hadrian Wall. The wall is less than an hour’s drive from the city, so you should be able to visit it and return to base.

Take the train from Newcastle to Hexham and from their get on to the hop-on-hop-off country bus AD122. That way you get to see at least some of the forts or ruins on the way. Getting off at the fort of Housesteads will give you the best views of the Hadrian Wall.


An hour away from Newcastle, it’s well worth a visit- you can see York Minster- a magnificent cathedral- one of the world’s very best-, Clifford’s tower, the York Art Gallery and then pamper yourself with sweet delights from the York Chocolate Story attraction. If you opt for a boat tour, you will be in for an amazing lesson in art and architecture and will find a stark contrast in the York Dungeon with its dark past. It’s a great day trip to take as you get to witness the mix of medieval and Viking architecture and art and also get to enjoy the sugary dessert treats and delicious sandwiches of the York tea houses.

There are direct trains from Newcastle Central Station to the city of York and also frequent bus services between the two cities.


The cobbled streets of Durham beckon you and it’s just about 19 miles south of Newcastle. The cathedral and castle- once the seats of power- are heritage sites and the castle is a part of the Durham University- the third best in England. Hop aboard the Prince Bishop River Cruiser or borrow a boat from the boathouse and soak in the dazzling views from the River.

There are direct trains from Newcastle to Durham and the journey time is just about 15 minutes on an average. Frequent buses also ply between the two places and journey time is about 40 minutes.

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