Cheap Car Rental in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is located on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth. Home to Scotland’s Government, supreme courts and the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh is a city which is filled with history and culture. It also has the honor of being the next largest financial center after London in the UK.

Edinburgh is also home to several historical sites, which are often visited by tourists from all over the world. It is also the second most populated city in Scotland with 464,990 people in the Locality of Edinburgh, 513,210 in the City of Edinburgh, and around 1,339,380 people in the city region.

Cheap Car Rental Services in Edinburgh

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A Wide Range Of Vehicles in Edinburgh

With a wide range of vehicles from compact cars to spacious SUVs, TravelCar has got it all. The Mini is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a small and comfortable ride. If you are looking to save a bit of money, the economy class car is a great option for you. In case you have a lot of luggage to lug around, the Compact model is a perfect choice. If you are traveling with family or friends, the intermediate, mid-sized and the full-sized cars will come in handy as it offers plenty of leg-room as well as trunk space. If you are planning on traveling in style in Edinburg, the Luxury vehicles offered by TravelCar are just the right choice! If you are on an outing with a large group of people, you might want to consider renting a minivan or an SUV - they let you travel in comfort and style, around Edinburgh.

Driving In Edinburg City


This quaint little village is hidden just behind Arthur’s Seat. It offers you a great view of the wildlife reserves and its loch. The drive to this beautiful village offers plenty of scenic views that you never get enough of. If you like visiting old pubs, there is a surprise for you here. The Sheep Heid Inn is one of the oldest pubs in Scotland. Set up in 1360, it has plenty of comfy armchairs and knick-knacks to keep you interested. This homey little inn also has a pretty courtyard for relaxing and a vintage skittle alley that you can try your hand at. A car hire in Edinburgh city center will help you reach Duddingston with no trouble at all.

The loch in Duddingston is often used for curling and ice skating. In fact, Duddingston loch also boasts of its very own curling house. You can quickly pick out a car from TravelCar and turn the whole day into a picnic by driving up to Duddingston for the day.

Water of Leith Walkway

This is a public pathway that was opened up in the year 1981. It has turned into a popular walking and cycling route since then. With plenty of trees and colorful boats along the walkway, it gives you an insight into the local vibe in Edinburgh. The Water of Leith Walkway has been designed to take you through some of the prettiest areas like Dean Village and Stockbridge in Edinburgh. You can also visit any one of the local pubs or restaurants that are also on the walkway for an in-depth look at the local life.

The Meadows

This beautiful park is located on the south side of the city center. You will encounter wafts of barbeque smoke and plenty of people relaxing and taking in the fresh air at the Meadows. It is also a favorite spot for the students of the Edinburgh University to chill out and enjoy the sun. It is the perfect place to relax with family and friends as you take in the beauty of the park. You can also meet a couple of the locals in Edinburgh and make new acquaintances in the city. In fact, you can even ask the staff at TravelCar to drop off a vehicle of your choosing at the Meadow at the end of the day, after you have had your fill of fresh air.


Cramond is a small village located in the northwestern part of Edinburgh. It is easily reachable by road. Cramond village has its history and has been buzzing with activity since the Bronze Age. If you are not particularly interested in history, you might want to check out the Cramond Beach. It promises to offer you a lovely time regardless of the weather.

During low tide, you will be able to see a path that stretches to an island. Be careful to note the timings of the tide for the day before setting out for the island. Many tourists have gotten themselves stranded on the island after an impromptu walk. The drive down to Cramond is spectacular and offers you plenty of scenic views to capture and store away for eternity. Do not forget to rent a car from TravelCar to make your visit to this quaint little village near Edinburgh.

With Edinburgh located on the southern shore of Firth of Forth, it comes as no surprise that it offers easy access to plenty of places to visit nearby. By renting a car from a budget car rental in Edinburgh like TravelCar, you will be able to make the most of your visit and drink in all that Edinburgh has to offer. After all, it is not every day that you get to escape the normal routine and lose yourself in the beauty of Edinburgh.

Driving In Edinburgh Area

The Edinburgh Castle

A visit to the iconic Edinburgh Castle is a must for every visitor to the city. This historic fortress is believed to have been built before the 12th century. It was initially a royal residence and then, later on, was used for military purposes. The Edinburgh Castle is one of most visited tourist attraction in the city. It is located at the head of the Old Town. Once you drive to Princess Street, you will be able to get a lovely view of this iconic castle. The Castles is positioned just above the beautiful city gardens adding to its beauty.

Calton Hill

The Calton Hill is located in central Edinburgh at the east end of Princess Street. Once you are done visiting the Edinburgh Castle, you can easily drive to Calton Hill and visit the National Monument and the Nelson Monument. This is a favorite spot for many tourists, as it lets them take in the whole city in one glance and also get a lot of fabulous photographs.

The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh is a famous collection of streets that stretch all the way from the Edinburgh Castle to the Scottish parliament. The Castlehill Street, the High Street, the Lawnmarket Street, the Abbey Strand, and the Canongate Street together make up the Royal Mile. The St Giles Cathedral is the main attraction at the Royal Mile. It is a gothic church which has an impressive crown spire that is fascinating to visiting tourists. In fact, you can visit the Edinburgh Castle and make your way to the Royal Mile and take a walk along these cobbled stones and immerse yourself in the history of this ancient city.

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Every visitor to Edinburgh needs to make their way straight for the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art to get their daily dose of art and culture. You will be able to see fantastic exhibitions first-hand and maybe even get a chance to speak to an artist or two. Apart from the fantastic art, it displays, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art is encased in a wonderful neoclassical building that will surely take your breath away at first sight.

Music & Theatre

Edinburgh supports several production companies and theatres. You can catch a production at The Royal Lyceum Theatre or the King's Theatre. In fact, the city plays host to several touring shows that have a huge fan following. The music scene in Edinburgh is also pretty popular with plenty of huge concerts staged at Meadowbank and Murrayfield within the city. If you are a music and theater fan, you can plan out your visit to Edinburgh according to the shows you wish to attend. A private car rental in Edinburgh will help you get around the city easily.

The National War Museum

The National War Museum is located in Edinburgh and is a part of the National Museums Scotland. It is situated inside the Edinburgh Castle, and the entry fee to the Museum is included in the entry charge to the castle. With artifacts covering the four hundred years that Scotland was at war, it is an excellent place to visit for history buffs.

Shopping In Edinburgh

No vacation is complete without a bit of souvenir shopping. The Princess Street located in the city center is filled with plenty of souvenir shops. If you are looking for upmarket shops, a quick drive to George Street is all you need to take. In fact, you will even be able to find shops like Mulberry, Louis Vuitton, and Calvin Klein and so on at Multrees Walk that is right next to St. James Centre.

Driving In the United Kingdom

If you are not used to driving on the left side of the road, driving in the UK can turn out to be a bit of a challenge. There are several rules that you need to be aware of before driving in the UK if you are not too keen on racking up fines. If you plan on driving on a weekday between 7 am and 6 pm, you will have to pay the congestion charge.

Speed Limits for cars in the UK:

Vehicles weighing less than 3.05t

Vehicles weighing more than 3.05t

Built-up areas

30 mph

30 mph

Single carriageways

60 mph

50 mph

Dual Carriageways

70 mph

60 mph

Areas near schools

20 mph

20 mph

If you have a non-UK license, you need to remember that the permit is valid for a single year only. Another critical factor to remember while driving in the UK is getting insurance.