Car Rental in Sheffield

Sheffield, the fourth--largest city in England and a metropolitan borough in South Yorkshire, was once an industrial giant that was famous for its steel production. With a population of a little over 550 thousand, the city is said to be the “greenest in Europe”. It got its name from the River Sheaf that runs through the city.

There is much to see and do in and around Sheffield and the public transport options make it easy to visit the city’s many attractions. Of course, many visitors that want to explore the city at their leisure avail of TravelCar’s self-drive car rental in Sheffield.

Car Rental in Sheffield

Pricing & availability

TravelCar’s car rental the UK is so affordable that visitors to any city don’t think twice about hiring one to get around in style and comfort. That the provider has so many convenient pick-up and drop-off locations across the city and so many varied vehicle options works highly in its favor. In addition, it also offers all types of rentals ranging from hourly, daily, and weekly to short-term and long-term durations too. Imagine being able to drive across the city at will, see what you want when you want, linger at the places that attract you and fly over those that don’t- all without it pinching your pocket! There’s no gainsaying the fact that you will enjoy the best car rental in Sheffield and have a safe and hassle-free ride in the city.

Ease of Service

What would you look for when you hire a rental car? That booking should be easy and seamless, the car should suit your needs, be safe and comfortable- in short, you should have a good booking and driving experience! Well, TravelCar gives you all that on a platter. It provides good quality cars that give top-notch services, its booking process is light and simple and most importantly it gives visitors and travelers their money’s worth. It even allows you to compare car rental prices, provides add-ons and additional features that you need, and gives you the best rates and premium service. Needless to say that all this happens regardless of whether you opt for the budget car rental Sheffield or Luxury car hire in Sheffield. TravelCar also offers under 25 car hire discount to young drivers, so that they too can enjoy the city just like others do.

Great customer service

TravelCar understands that nothing should mar your trip- it should be eventless from beginning to end. That’s why it takes extra care to ensure that its staff and customer support team work in conjunction during the car selection process. Being locals well attuned to the roads and sights of the city, they are well positioned to help you choose the correct rental car. Of course, while doing so, they try to keep the rentals as low as possible so that you can have a few extra dollars to spend during your trip. Their discounts are genuine and there is ‘no fine print’ attached to them’. Booking, modification and even cancellations don’t attract charges- that’s what makes TravelCar special and popular. It handles all customer requests, answers all queries and keeps visitors happy. TravelCar makes the journeys along with visitors and that’s why it’s able to provide them with whatever they want.

A Wide Range of Vehicles in Sheffield

When you are in Sheffield and are looking for car rentals to steer you across the city, look up TravelCar. It offers a large variety of car types and various rentals to choose from. Go in for the Mini if you just want an economical car that’s fast and fuel-efficient but settle for the Economy or Compact Car if you’re looking for a small car for small families and a low price point. Intermediate or Full-size cars are great on utility, style, and spaciousness. Of course, those special or luxury cars are the ones you always dream about but TravelCar gives you that perfect choice of car rentals that are cheap for Luxury cars. Enjoy your drive, enjoy your trip and enjoy TravelCar’s largesse.

Driving in Sheffield City

In Sheffield, there are so many things to see and do, you want to begin right away. If you don’t have your own car and are skeptical of public transport, hiring a rental car is the best way to explore the sights and sounds of the city. Let’s see what Sheffield has to offer-

Tropical Butterfly House

Home to not just butterfly but to farm animals, reptiles, lemurs, parrots, and other charismatic animals, it’s a place that animal lovers would love to spend a lot of time. Located just outside Sheffield, it’s a popular tourist attraction as it allows visitors to get close to animals, spend time feeding them and also take photographs as you walk through an indoor rainforest. The vividly colored butterflies are a treat to watch as are the many animals. And, if you want to fortify yourself, there are cafes and cake-shops where you can do justice.

The Winter Gardens

Perhaps one of the largest greenhouses in the United Kingdom, the Winter Gardens is said to be housed in the largest urban glasshouse in Europe. It was designed by the Pringle Richards Sharratt firm and the design is so innovative that it has received many awards. Located in the heart of the city, the garden is home to more than 2,500 species of plants from across the world. Whether it’s raining outside or warm and sunny, the glasshouse is a great place to be in. Experience it to feel what this indoor garden looks like in different weather.

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

Close to Sheffield’s city center, lies this 18th-century Victorian village, which takes you back in history when the city was an industrial giant. You can get to see the Shepherd Wheel, the water-powered grinding workshops, the cottages, tilt hammers, and water wheels. The recently introduced Learning Center is home to many educational programs and if you’re feeling heavy with all that information thrust on you, head to the cafe that’s nearby. This industrial museum’s scythe-making plant and water-powered works is an eye-opener in many ways.

Kelham Island Museum

Like the Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, this museum dates back to Sheffield’s industrial past, especially in relation to steel and silverware. You can see craftsmen at work in the Little Mesters Workshop and watch the huge steam engine used in the then steel mills. Get to look at the vehicles and tools that were in vogue then and after that industrial fest, feast on what the cafes have to offer. Shop and dine to your heart’s content.

Don’t forget to visit the Weston Park Museum too as it houses art collections relating to the Bronze Age, natural and social history and even the city’s archaeology.

Botanical Gardens

With over 61 percent of Sheffield being green, it’s just right that there is a botanical garden around. Opened in 1836 and extending over 19 acres of land, the gardens with its beautiful glass pavilions date back to the 1800s. The gardens house more than 5000 different kinds of plants and if you want to get a glimpse of some exotic flora, then you’ve come to the right place. The spectacular main gateways, the amazing glass pavilions and the splendid green and color all around you is fascinating to behold. Home to many events such as Art in the Garden and Music in the Gardens, the Botanical Gardens are worth more than just one visit.

Visit the Sheffield Theatres, the Cathedral, and the coal mining town of Worksop and savor Sheffield in all its glory with TravelCar’s car rentals.

Driving In Sheffield Area

Sheffield has much to offer but there are places close to the city that offer so much more. Get a glimpse of where to go in your rental car-

Matlock Bath

The distance between Sheffield and Matlock Bath is 18 miles and this a popular tourist spot ever since the spa waters were discovered. In fact, Lord Byron used to call it “little Switzerland” during the Victorian ages. The Matlock Bath, set in the gorge of the Derwent River is home to some of the most attractive riverside gardens, rocky limestone crags, and wooded hillsides. It’s great for a day trip and has lots to offer. Don’t miss out on the Matlock Bath Illuminations when the cliffs and riversides are lit in a riot of color. During weekends, there is entertainment galore with parades of decorated boats, fireworks and hours of fun and enjoyment.

CrossCountry operates train services between Sheffield and Matlock Bath and the journey times is a little more than 2 hours. Trains depart from Sheffield station.

Direct bus services operate from the Sheffield center and Interchange to Matlock Green. There are buses every half an hour and the journey time is under one and a half hours.


A wonderful seaside resort, Cleethorpes is perhaps the closest beach to Sheffield. As the train station is situated on the seafront itself, it’s a very easy and convenient commute. You can enjoy the miles of golden beaches, build sandcastles or just enjoy playing beach games. Travel on the Cleethorpes coast light railway and enjoy the seafront. Drop off halfway and enjoy the smallest pub in the world. For kids, the Lollipop Express goes down the Jungle Zoo and with a free lolly, affords hours of fun and enjoyment. Visit the country park and also experience the Cleethorpes Boating Lake.

The TransPennine Express operates between Sheffield and Cleethorpes- so enjoy the ride and watch the landscape change as you pass by. Journey time is around 1 hour and 38 minutes and the distance between the two places is about 97 km. Train services are frequent and depart from Sheffield station. If you have your rental car, then you can drive.

Peak District National Park

This is one unique park that has limestone valleys and stepping stones in the southern part (known as White Peak) and the Dark Peak in the North has gritstone ridges and moorland plateaus. Stanage, “a gritstone escarpment in the Peak District”, is great for rock climbing and the highest point above sea level is High Neb-459 meters above sea level.

The distance between Sheffield and Peak District National Park is 15 miles and Northern Rail leaves from Sheffield station. Of course, you can drive if you so want to.


Want a bit of adventure? Visit Castleton in the Peak District National Park- it has four amazing caverns- Speedwell Cavern, Blue John Cavern, Treak Cliff Cavern and Peak Cavern that you can explore to your heart’s content. The awesome rock formations and the rare stones are not something that you will see every day. If you want a glimpse of stalactites and stalagmites, then Treak Cliff Cavern is the place for you. The Blue John cavern houses the Blue John Stone, Britain’s rarest mineral. There are guided tours too that you can avail of.

So whether you’re visiting the limestone caverns or strolling through Peak District’s woodland trails, you cannot but have an amazing time.

Driving in the United Kingdom

Speed limits in the UK


70 mph

Dual carriageways (roads divided by grassy areas or barriers)

70 mph

Single carriageways (undivided roads)

60 mph

Built up urban roads

30 mph

Built up area near schools

20 mph

Road with sharp bends

50 mph

The speed limit for Sheffield city center is being reduced to 20mph

If you have an EU country license, it will be treated on par with a UK one. However, those with an international driving license can use it only for 12 months from their entry into the United Kingdom.