Car Rental in Portsmouth

With many historic landmarks and monuments, most of which are related to its naval history, Portsmouth and its surrounding areas are a must-see for visitors. The best way to do that is to hire a car from the popular car rental UK provider- TravelCar.

Car Rental in Portsmouth

Portsmouth offers a galore of transport options, however, car rentals appear to be the most popular choice.

Pricing & availability

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A Wide Range of Vehicles in Portsmouth city

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Driving in Portsmouth City

Portsmouth’s naval history is visible everywhere-

Emirates Spinnaker Tower

This 170-meter iconic tower high above the Solent is located at the waterfront. This attraction at Gunwharf Quays affords an amazing view of the city and its harbor. In fact, it allows you to even view the south coast and the Isle of Wight. The tower has three observations and a cafe right up in the clouds. If you walk across the glass skywalk, you can use the interactive touchscreen to learn some secrets of the landscape and sea. Use the rib boat simulator and navigate around the harbor and if you’re brave enough experience freefall by jumping off a platform that’s 25 feet above sea level. Don’t worry- you will be in a harness and have a crash mat too! If you’re up to a virtual reality experience check out the Altitude- you can feel what it’s like to walk outside this amazing tower with a 90 meter drop down to the harbor that’s below you.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

This historic full of ships, museums and boat trips- You can see the Victorian majestic HMS Warrior 1860 as the ship floats on water- in case you don’t know, this ship was the largest battleship during that period. Get aboard HMS Victory and watch the battle of Trafalgar unfold or if you’re in a mood to experience the extreme living conditions of the ship’s officers, get aboard the HMS M.33 and test your skills at the Action Stations. Fly in a simulated helicopter and climb the 28-foot wall, test your balance on Sky Tykes, board a waterbus and see the GoSport Explosion Museum and the submarine museum.

Mary Rose

Mary Rose, built in 1509, is a ship of tremendous historical interest that sank in the Solent in 1545 during a battle. It was lifted from the seabed in 1982 and the remains are on display at the Museum. You can get a look at the thousands of artifacts that were recovered from the wreck- tools, musical instruments, personal items such as bowls and combs, Tudor objects recovered from the guns and so much more. You can actually recreate life on board at that time in a very authentic manner.

D-Day Museum

This museum tells the story of the Allied Invasion in 1944 and it’s full of personal stories of sacrifice, tactics, and courage. Galleries are full of exhibits pertaining to the second world war and all exhibits, interactive displays, film shows are directed towards re-living that period. The Overlord Embroidery sits at the center of the museum and pays rich tributes to those that participated in Operation Overlord. The embroidery is the largest of its kind in the world and is 272 feet in length. Maps, uniforms memorabilia of the world war find a place in the museum’s shop.

Southsea Castle

Southsea Castle was built in 1544 by Henry Viii and is also known as the Portsea Castle or the Chaderton Castle. It was a fort that was meant to protect the coasts of England and Portsmouth from intruders and invaders. For over 400 years it was an active military base. Much of the castle was destroyed in an explosion and it was renovated in the 1800s. It served as a military prison for some time and the lighthouse that was built then is still used by ships today. In 1960 the Castle was sold to the Portsmouth city council. A waterfront gifts shop, a microbrewery, and a courtyard restaurant and cafe add spice to the Castle.

Driving In Portsmouth Area

Blue Reef Aquarium

Do you want to go on an undersea safari? Head towards the Blue Reef Aquarium near Portsmouth. You get to experience the colorful coral reefs and their inhabitants, the amazing underwater tunnel and the rainforests that contain some amazing amphibians. Sharks and jellyfish combine with other exotic creatures of the aquatic world and form a wonderful display in the undersea. Right at the heart of the aquarium is a huge, gigantic tropical reef tank that houses brightly-colored reef fish, stingrays, and tropical sharks too. The awesome part is being able to get close to these creatures and view them from the seabed. Play areas, splash pools, educational events, animal feeding add to the experience.

  • Regular train services operate from across the UK and the closest station to the aquarium is Portsmouth Harbor Station. Blue Reef is a 30-minute walk from there
  • Any bus going towards the Southsea center will do for you. The aquarium is just 10 minutes away. You can also access Portsmouth harbor bus station by bus and walk it to the Blue Reef
  • If you hire a rental car, join the M27/A27 and follow the signs along Southsea Clarence Esplanade. You can park your car at seafront parking operated by the City Council along the Esplanade
  • You can take a flight from Southampton airport at Eastleigh and regular trains will take you to Southsea Station and to Portsmouth Harbor Station. The aquarium is in the vicinity.

The Isle of Wight

This is situated on the English Channel and is about two miles from the coast of Hampshire in the village of Fishbourne. Amongst other things, you must visit the Shanklin chine- a leafy gorge- a rich haven of exotic and rare plants, waterfalls, winding woodlands and lots of wildlife. The cliffs and quarries are filled with dinosaur fossils. When the Chine is illuminated during the summer months, the sight is spellbinding.

  • The Isle of Wight is about 13.1 miles from Portsmouth
  • Hoverbus services connect to the Portsmouth Harbor Portsmouth & Southsea Train Stations. Journey time is about 45 minutes

Take time off to visit the beaches and promenades, the chalk downs and the sandstone ravines.

The National Motor Museum

For motor enthusiasts, this is a must see as it traces the history of motoring from the beginning till the current period. Cars of all types are on display here- historic sporting motors, F1 racers, classic cars and of course the modern race cars. You can explore the Montagu Palace House and also the Beaulieu Abbey, which is ruins today. There is an exhibition on Monastic Life in the ancient Abbey building.

  • The distance between Portsmouth and Beaulieu, National Motor Museum is 16 miles. The road distance is 35.5 miles
  • Hire a car to get to the museum- the journey time is under 45 minutes
  • By train- get to Southampton Central and then taxi to the National Motor Museum. Train journey time is 41 minutes.

Waltzing Waters at Ryde

A spectacular water show that creates amazing patterns of moving water that is synchronized to musical scores. It is known to be one of the “world’s most elaborate water, light and music production“. A fabulous gift shop that houses the most intricate of jigsaws and a coffee lounge add to the atmosphere.

  • The distance between Portsmouth and Ryde, which is on the Isle of Wight, is about 6 miles
  • Ferry services between Portsmouth Harbor and Isle of Wight in the village of Fishbourne are frequent. From here you can access the town of Ryde, home to the Waltzing Waters.

Driving in the United Kingdom

Speed Limits for cars in the UK


70 mph

Dual carriageways (roads divided by grassy areas or barriers)

70 mph

Single carriageways (undivided roads)

60 mph

Built up urban roads

30 mph

Built up area near schools

20 mph

Road with sharp bends

50 mph

The national speed limits apply in Portsmouth as well and you would have to drive on the Left side of the road. Some roads where a 30 mph speed limit was in force now have 20 mph signs.

Those entering Portsmouth from a European Union Country- existing license is valid

From outside the EU- license is valid for 12 months from the date of entry in the UK and you can drive any small vehicle

Insurance is a must--at least third-party insurance