Car Rental in Coventry

Coventry is a metropolitan city located in the West Midlands in England. It is considered to be the ninth largest city in England and the 2nd largest in the West Midlands. The present Coventry Cathedral was built after a major fire in 1940. In the 14th century, Coventry was considered to be a significant trading center. By the 18th and 19th centuries, Coventry had turned into one of the three main centers for watch and clock manufacture in England. In fact, Coventry motor companies are also credited with having contributed to the British motor industry significantly. With a population of around 360,100 people, Coventry is growing into a significant metropolitan city by the day.

Car Rental in Coventry

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Different Kinds of Vehicles

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A Wide Range Of Vehicles in Coventry

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Driving In Coventry City

Coventry Cathedral

The original Coventry Cathedral was destroyed during World War II in 1940. The present structure was designed by Sir Basil Spence. He kept the ruins of the older structure as a memorial of the Blitz during the war. This resulted in a breathtaking feature which attracts thousands of visitors to Coventry every year. The Cathedral boasts of several artifacts as well. Several events like concerts and exhibitions are held at the Coventry Cathedral throughout the year. You can easily reach the Cathedral by taking the M6 road towards the Cathedral quarter from the center of Coventry City. It also makes for a lovely drive through the beautiful city.

St. Mary's Guildhall

The 600 years of stories of St. Mary’s Guildhall is filled with intrigue, death, scandal and even split custard. Located within the Cathedral quarter of the city, it manages to survive the Blitz during World War II. It is home to a fantastic collection of armor, artwork, historic furniture, tapestries and so on. The St. Mary’s Guildhall has played a role as Mary, Queen of Scots’ prison, a Shakespeare theatre, George Eliot’s inspiration and so on.

Caludon Castle Park

The Caludon Castle Park is located around 3 miles to the east of the center of Coventry city. Although it is a bit smaller than the other parks in Coventry, it makes up for it in the amount of green space it offers to its visitors. The Caludon Castle Park is also home to two ancient monuments that include the Caludon Castle. You can rent a car from TravelCar and have a safe drive Through the Farrer Road right up to the dragon-themed entrance gates of the castle park. The Caludon Castle Park has won the Green Flag three years in a row. This is awarded to parks based on their maintenance, recent improvements, cleanliness, etc.

Holy Trinity Church

The Holy Trinity Church has its roots tied to the Holy Trinity since 1113. It is also connected to the history of St Mary’s Benedictine Priory. The church is home to many rare artifacts including the medieval painting of the Last Judgement. The Holy Trinity is open to visitors free of charge, all days of the week. It is located behind the main Cathedral within the city center. You can easily find your way by following the Broadgate square and the Lady Godiva Statue.

Fargo Village

If you prefer to go for a walk, the Fargo Village near the city center is a great place to find small indie shops, hidden restaurants and plenty more. It offers visitors a chance to try their hand at vintage items, tea, crafts, sweets, scooters, books, and even a brewery! It is a great place to unwind from the stress of your daily life as you play the role of a tourist and explore Fargo Village. Children also love to visit Fargo village, as it gives them a chance to run around and explore. The Phil Silvers Archival Museum in Fargo Village is also a great place to visit. With cheap car hire in Coventry, you can easily visit all the places in the city.

St Michael's Tower Climb

If you are looking for the best view of Coventry, make your way to the St Michael's Tower Climb. It is open on all days of the week, except when bell ringing sessions are going on. Children above 8 are allowed on the climb. However, do remember that it is a steep climb that comprises many steps which kids might find difficult. Once you manage to make it to the top of the tower, you will be able to see the whole of Coventry in all its glory. It is an excellent experience if you are visiting Coventry for the first time.

Driving In Coventry Area

Bagot’s Castle

The Bagot’s Castle is located in a quaint little village named Baginton that is just on the outskirts of Coventry. It makes a perfect excuse to drive through the city through scenic locations. The Castle was originally built in the eleventh century during the time of the King Henry I. Although it was rebuilt in the 14th century, only the ruins of the castle remain today. Once you drive out to the Bagot’s Castle, you can sign up for one of the guided tours that will take you through the history of the castle. They even have a special Children’s Trail for the younger kids.

Charlecote Mill

The Charlecote Mill is one of the last surviving watermills in the United Kingdom. It still works with the charm of the Victorian times. A visit to the Charlecote Mill gives you an insight of the working of mills over 200 years ago. It is a great way to expose children to how grains were taken to the mills for the next bout of the process in the olden days. The Charlecote Mill is only a short drive from Coventry City. In fact, you turn it into a picnic days you learn about the olden days and enjoy the fresh air.

Coughton Court

If you are a history buff, a visit to Coventry is incomplete without exploring Coughton Court. This historic house has been witness to priest holes, Gunpowder plots, Catholic intrigues and plenty more. The Coughton Court has been home to the famous Throckmorton family since the late 1400s. The house is set in the middle of 25 acres of ground. The beautiful gardens set in traditional and informal styles along the lovely Warwickshire countryside is worth exploring. The Coughton Court promises to take you back through history as a walk through the different corridors and rooms that have seen a lot of action and mystery take place. In fact, get a long-term car hire Coventry and take your time to explore this beautiful part of the country.

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

If you enjoy art and history, the Herbert Art Gallery is the place to visit in Coventry. It gives you an insight into the history of Coventry all the way from the manufacturing boom till the present era. The museum has an extensive collection of historical artifacts, paintings, and even natural history specimens. It is a great way to learn more about the history of Coventry and all that it has been through to become the metropolitan city of today.

Arbury Hall

The Arbury Hall is also within driving distance from Coventry City. This lovely Elizabethan house is home to the present Viscount & Viscountess Daventry. The Arbury Gardens is made up of over 20 acres of beautiful gardens. Although, only some of the gardens are accessible in a wheelchair as the terrain is uneven with plenty of steep slopes. The ground floor and the Gallery on the first floor of the Arbury Hall are worth a visit if you love history.

Kenilworth Castle & Elizabethan Garden

If you are driving out to Warwickshire from Coventry city, do not forget to pay a visit to the Kenilworth Castle and the Elizabethan Garden. These historical ruins are fun to explore and learn a bit about history at the same time. The palace was first built by Robert Dudley to impress Queen Elizabeth I in 1575. The Elizabethan Garden has been created to offer visitors a chance to see an authentic garden from the older era with their own eyes. It is filled with carved wonders, bejeweled aviary and even a marble fountain. A luxury car hire the UK will help you get around quickly to visit the Castle and other beautiful locations in and around Coventry.

Driving In the United Kingdom

When you are driving in the UK, you need to remember that you need to drive on the left side of the road. This can be a bit of a challenge for some visitors. The UK also has several rules that need to be followed while driving. It is in your best interest to read up on them, to avoid racking up on fines on your visit to the UK. For example, you will need to pay the congestion charge if you are driving between 7 am to 6 pm.

Speed Limits for cars in the UK:

Built-up areas

Single carriageways

Dual carriageways

Areas near schools

Vehicles weighing less than 3.05t

30 mph

60 mph

70 mph

20 mph

Vehicles weighing more than 3.05t

30 mph

50 mph

60 mph

20 mph

In case you have a non-UK driving license, remember that it is valid only for one year, starting from the date of your first visit to the country.