Car Rental in Aberdeen

A vibrant, beautiful and cosmopolitan city in Scotland, Aberdeen is steeped in history. Known as the Energy Capital of Europe, the city has a little bit of everything for everyone. With a verdant countryside and picturesque coastlines, there’s plenty to see and do in the city of Aberdeen.

Situated at Scotland’s North-eastern coast at the mouth of the rivers Dee and Don, Aberdeen or the Granite City, has a dynamic population of around 2.5 lakh which makes it not only one of the friendliest places to visit in the UK but also one of the most culturally versatile one. A sunny, active city bustling with energy, Aberdeen is one of the most visited cities in the UK.

Car Rental Services in Aberdeen

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Driving In Aberdeen City

Duthie Park and David Welch Winter Gardens

One of Europe’s biggest indoor gardens, the David Welch Winter Gardens at Duthie Park is a floral treat which can be enjoyed year-long. It houses exotic and rare plants from around the world. The gardens have a Tropical House, a Temperate House, an Arid House, a Japanese Garden, Corridor of Perfumes, Victorian Corridor and the Fern House. You can also find a large variety of succulent plants and cactus. Sprawled across 44-acres, Duthie Park features a verdant green environment with trees, seasonal flowers, and cascading ponds. Try and catch a musical rendition in the Park when you are there.

St. Machar's Cathedral

Rumored to be built at the site of a Celtic chapel made by St. Machar in the year 581 AD, St. Machar's Cathedral should be on your list of places to visit in Old Aberdeen. Founded in the year 1136, the iconic cathedral has striking towers with their sandstone spires at the Cathedral’s West front dating from 1518 to 1530. Enjoy the historic site and its quaint ambiance. Visit the cathedral and try and find out whether the arm of the brave William Wallace still resides in one of its walls or join the debate over whether the building is truly a cathedral or not!

Aberdeen Art Gallery

The Aberdeen Art Gallery was built in 1884 and has a wide-ranging collection of paintings from the 17th till the 20th century. On display are works of many Scottish artists like William Dyce, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, John Philip, Thomas Faed and other Glasgow School representatives. Do not miss the work of George Jameson (1589-1644) who was Scotland's foremost portrait painter. Some of the most famous works by William Turner, David Hockney and Raeburn are also a part of the exhibit. Works of the Impressionist painters like Monet, Renoir, Pissarro Sisley, and Bonnard can be found at the gallery too.

The bright entrance hall has sculptures by Jacob Epstein and Barbara Hepworth.


Dracula fan? Then you should not miss this pub. Located in an erstwhile Gothic church, Slains Castle still retains the original wood paneling that gives this pub an eerie and brooding atmosphere. The pub, inspired by the story of Dracula, boasts of a scrumptious menu and drool-worthy drinks. Enjoy dinner in the spooky ambiance of Slains Castle. Who knows who you might bump into?

The Lemon Tree

For a night of good music and hearty laughter, head to The Lemon situated on North Street. If you are in Scotland, then make sure you join in the songs! Move around and mingle with music aficionados with a pint of the local ale, Brewdog. Your shenanigans on a night out in Aberdeen will not be complete without a visit to this site of live music and comedy shows.


The place where Scotland’s third oldest university is located, Old Aberdeen has a quaint old world charm. Walk down the weaving, cobbled streets and soak in the atmosphere of a place which has witnessed a lot of ups and downs. A site of education, culture and eye-popping architecture, Old Aberdeen is full of eateries, pubs and medieval buildings.


You cannot have missed this legendary crossing of the medieval times. One of the most photographed bridges, Brig O’Balgownie dates back to the 13th century! It straddles a pool called Black Neuk immortalized in the poem Don Juan by Lord Byron. Do not forget to take your DSLR for this Instagram-worthy place fighting for the title of Scotland’s oldest bridge.

Driving In Aberdeen Area


The locals call this town Fittie! If that is cute we don’t know what is. Visit this charming little village known for its seafood. The cobbled streets of this erstwhile fishing village will give you the 19th-century feel. Beautiful cottages line up its streets and exude warmth and gaiety.

Crathes Castle

The National Trust for Scotland run Crathes Castle is the quintessential Scottish baronial castle. With its oriel windows, other windows of different sizes, corner towers, Crathes is a must visit. The construction work of the tower house began in 1553. The Room of the Nine Nobles houses the figures of ancient heroes like Julius Caesar, Hector and Alexander the Great; three renowned rulers including King Arthur and Charlemagne and three Old Testament characters. The Castle boasts of a ghost which haunts the Green Lady's Room. Set amidst lovely gardens, Crathes has a cafeteria, gift shop, and treetop trekking. Hire the car of your choice from TravelCar and drive to Carthes Castle which is only 25 minutes away from downtown Aberdeen.

Loch Ness

Take the main A96 road in your car for the day from TravelCar and head to Loch Ness. This deep, freshwater lake is famous for the monster that has caught the imagination of many. Visit the lake known to be the residence of Nessie, an animal straight out of magical stories, who knows a boat ride down one of the largest lakes in Scotland can help you take a selfie with the people-shy “monster.”

Bullers of Buchan

These cliffs are a geological formation of a collapsed sea cave. The almost pot-like chasm is a scenic beauty with water rushing into it from all sides. Enjoy seal and bird watching or just talk a walk around the cliff tops. Bullers of Buchan is a spectacular display of the sheer power of the sea. This large pit-like formation is ringed by many arches making up for a mind-boggling view.

Linn O’ Dee

A beautiful and typical Highland feature, Linn O’ Dee cliffs and caves are all that remain of Cairngorm plateau, the ancient pine forest of Caledonia and heather moorland. Filled with many caves and other subterranean geological formation, Linn O’ Dee is a must visit for adrenalin junkies. For those of you who like to take things slow and easy, take a walk down the gorge with stunning sights under the Linn O’ Dee Bridge.

Stonehaven and Dunnottar Castle

Stonehaven is only 15 miles from Aberdeen. And just two miles from this village you will see the famous Dunnottar Castle perched on a cliff. Once a hiding place of the crown jewels of Scotland or Honors of Scotland as they are called, Dunnottar ruins are spectacular. The tiny village of Stonehaven has excellent eateries, a photogenic harbor, and a beach. Ever heard of deep fried Mars Bars? It is possible that Stonehaven just might be the birthplace of the delicacy.

Royal Deeside

Royal Deeside is west of Aberdeen on the coast of river Dee. It is Royal because it is the summer home of the British Royal family; it is Deeside because, well, it is situated on the river Dee! Take forests walks, mountain hikes, and bikes, or just stroll around the pretty little villages in the area.


Donside is to the north of Deeside. More rugged and raw than Dee side, Donside has a unique and different character. It is full of archeological and geological sites to explore.


Driving In the United Kingdom

When in the UK, do as the people of UK do. Drive on the left side of the road, a bit of a challenge if you are used to the right-side driving. Speed limits are often found on the signposts, if not then the national speed limits apply. Make sure you do check the signs along the roads.

Speed Limits for cars in the UK:

Vehicles weighing less than 3.05t

Vehicles weighing more than 3.05t

Built-up areas

30 mph

30 mph

Single carriageways

70 mph

60 mph

Dual Carriageways

70 mph

60 mph

Areas near schools

20 mph

20 mph

If you have a European license, then you can drive any vehicle. But non-EU license holders can drive any small vehicle or two-wheeler for a year. You should have at least a third-party insurance.