Southampton Airport Parking

Best deals for cheap parking near the Southampton Airport

Southampton Airport Parking : A lot of people find it difficult to discover a free parking lot at Southampton Airport. But, if you use the TravelCar service, you can find a convenient and cheap parking lot near the Southampton Airport.

Parking lots at the Southampton Airport

If you can find a parking lot at the Southampton Airport, you need to consider yourself lucky. Many people find it a nuisance to discover a convenient parking space there, due to the airport being one of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom. The airport is owned and operated by AGS Airports, which also owns and operates Aberdeen and Glasgow Airports. It is located 6.5 km north-east of Southampton and within Hampshire. Due to it its ties with other airports and it being so close to the major cities in the United Kingdom, the airport has seen an 8.8% increase in the passengers traveled from 2015 to 2016.

Get a cheap parking lot at Southampton

As is evident from the facts above, you need to be quite lucky to find a parking space at the Southampton Airport with ease. And if you do find one, it’s quite expensive. So, people have found that the best alternative is to park near the airport as more parking lots are available and they aren’t very pricey either. The cheapest way you can get a parking lot near the Southampton Airport is through the TravelCar service. This service will help you to find the best and cheapest parking lot according to your necessities. And you don’t have to bother walking from the parking lot to the airport as you can travel for free with the shuttle service that the TravelCar offers. You can find cheap and convenient parking lots in the nearby hotels you may be staying at as well. You may choose to have automated parking or not but it’s always beneficial to get automated parking as the parking lots have video surveillance 24/7.

The thing that makes TravelCar the best choice for parking options near the Southampton Airport is that its service is always available to the customer. Whatever needs the customer has, we manage accordingly and provide the customer what they need. This is why most of the people using our service trust us with the keys of the car and we keep the keys safe for them until they come back from their journey so they can access their car from the cheap parking lot that we provided.

Remember that the duration of your trip results in the best possible parking offers for you. If you have a trip spanning out more than three months, your parking space will be free of charge. Trips shorter than three months vary in charges according to the number of days your trip will be. In addition to providing a cheap parking lot, TravelCar guarantees revenues while you are gone.

Travel to and from Southampton Airport with ease

People may be troubled by the thought of walking from your parking lot to the Southampton Airport, but with TravelCar’s new and free shuttle service, you need not walk. In reality, the parking lots near Southampton Airport are not very far from the airport and the shuttle will take you there as fast as possible. It takes about 6 minutes on average to get to the Southampton Airport from your cheap allocated parking lot. The schedule for the shuttle can be improvised according to your needs as TravelCar is highly flexible with its customer services.

To ensure the shortest and safest way for our customers, the shuttle will drop you right in front of the departure terminal and pick you up from the arrival terminal. In addition, the shuttle will also drop you to your parking lot, so you need not travel much on foot. TravelCar’s shuttle service has been regarded as one of the best in the world.


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