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Norwich, located in the Norfolk county of England is on the River Wensum. It was initially only a small Anglo-Saxon settlement but later became one of the largest towns in England. As the capital of Norfolk, Norwich has an important place in the history of Britain. For more than 700 years, it was not only England’s second biggest city but also the most flourishing county.

It acquired city status in 1194 and is one of England’s famous tourist destinations. It’s the most medieval city in Britain and has the “longest run of medieval defenses” in England. It is a great place for shopping and history and modern sophistication blend together in a delightful way. The network of winding streets and medieval lanes, timber-framed houses and historic cathedral and castle contrast with today’s galleries, museums, concerts, and cinema. It affords entertainment galore with its numerous festivals, music, and celebration of literature and is always buzzing with activity.

It was assigned the status of being England’s first UNESCO’s city of Literature. Norwich is not only the main business and cultural center of the county of Norfolk but is also home to the University of East Anglia and Norwich University of arts. With a population of 141,300, Norwich is a vibrant and dynamic city that is considered one of the Best places to live.

Brief History of Norwich

As the most populated county in England, Norwich has a fascinating history that dates back to the 11th century. A flourishing wool trade saw it become an important and bustling city. The Norwich Market, which is one of the oldest open-air markets in the country remains attractive even today. In the 16th century, Norwich suffered a slight economic decline from which it recovered rapidly.

Norwich was the scene of riots and rebellions and suffered a lot of damage during World War II. Despite that, many of the historic buildings remained intact. During the middle ages, Norwich became bigger and richer and it continued to remain one of the most important textile manufacturing centers. Wool and silk weaving later declined but leatherworking, brewing and shoemaking industries flourished along with the mustard making industry. In the 20th century, printing, electronics, engineering, and finance came to the forefront and tourism gained importance. Today, Norwich is a thriving and flourishing city.

TravelCar’s Downtown Parking Service

Cheap Parking

Finding a parking space in a busy downtown is like finding a needle in a haystack. Even if parking spots are available, they are very prohibitive. You can’t circle around forever in search of a place to park and you can’t just park anywhere as that may attract a fine or penalty. TravelCar takes away the pain points of parking by offering cheap parking rates, regardless of the location of the parking spots. You can save a few dollars, save your energy and save precious time by entrusting your car to TravelCar’s care. Travelers are pleasantly surprised at the charges that are so much lower than that offered by other parking providers. A comparison will show that TravelCar’s rates are easily the best around. The parking provider has entered into partnerships with local agencies in order to provide a variety of parking options to travelers and visitors that need to park their cars. Well-positioned as it is, TravelCar has succeeded where many other parking providers have not and its low-cost parking rates are irresistible.

Long-term Parking

Holidays are fun and should be so but the thought of having to park your car long-term does throw up problems. Parking providers do offer solutions but long-term parking comes with its own set of caveats and some of them can be pretty irksome. You’ll never face that problem with TravelCar though. Its parking rates are some of the best and its parking options, including short and long-term parking, are some of the easiest. This provider has different parking options to suit different needs- it ranges from weekender options to weekly and monthly ones. The best part is that the parking rates for long-term are much lower than those for short term and are also much lower than that offered by TravelCar’s rivals. When you give yourself a break, you want to be totally alienated from the stress and strain of everyday routine and that includes worrying about your car. Trust your car to TravelCar’s care and forget about till you return.

Secure Parking

Parking spaces are important as it gives you a place to park your car during your absence. However, all parking lots are not the same- some give more and some give less priority to security. TravelCar never takes chances as it’s a responsible service provider- that’s why security is top notch at its parking lots. Apart from security patrols that supervise the lots, it has video cameras that constantly monitor and ensure the safety of cars. Secure parking is a priority for TravelCar as it will never misplace the trust that car owners have vested in it. This means so much to the owners as they can take their holiday and rest assured that their cars are in safe hands.

Parking in Norwich

Norwich is a delightful place with tourist attractions and shopping centers that are some of the very best. With TravelCar parking spaces in downtown Norwich, your holiday can only get better.

Be Bewitched with the Norwich Castle

This was built by the Normans almost 900 years ago as a Royal Palace. It was founded after the Norman Conquest of England. It primarily served as a fortified palace in Norwich. It is believed that 98 Saxon homes were destroyed in order to build the palace.

Norwich Castle is said to be haunted by ghosts- so do look out for them.

The network of winding streets and medieval lanes, timber-framed houses and historic cathedral and castle contrast with today’s galleries, museums, concerts, and cinema. It affords entertainment galore with its numerous festivals, music, and celebration of literature and is always buzzing with activity.

Today, Norwich Castle, which is a heritage site, has been converted to a museum and art gallery. It’s packed with history and is home to archeological artifacts, amazing collections of fine art, and natural history treasures that are as fascinating as they are intriguing. Be sure to get a glimpse of the Snapdragon at the Norwich castle and visit the dungeons too. Climb the battlements and get amazing views of the city.

Re-discover the Museum of Norwich

This museum is the story of Norwich from the medieval times to the modern day. It talks of the people who worked and lived there and details the stories of the industries in the city. You can get a glimpse of textile trade, which was flourishing at that time and you can journey down the other industries as the city’s fortunes fluctuated. Two floors and ten galleries tell the tales. Audio diaries, archived films and an opportunity to play board games in a 1950 living room are some of the other attractions.

Maids Head Hotel in Norwich

This is the oldest hotel in the United Kingdom and goes back to over 800 years. It is located in Tombland right in the middle of Tudor Norwich opposite the Norman Cathedral and very close to the Norwich castle and within walking distance of the city center. Contemporary elegance combines with tradition and history. Home to a couple of ghosts, the hotel is intriguing and charming at the same time. It is also very close to shopping centers and the train station and its cobbled streets and beautiful boutiques are as charming as the hotel itself. An added incentive is that Elizabeth I slept at the hotel in 1587 and the rooms have now been named as the Queen Elizabeth Suite. This hotel is perfect in its location as you can explore Norwich city from here on foot.

Be bewildered at BeWILDerwood

A family outing? This adventure park is just ideal for families looking for a spot of fun and adventure. Located in the county of Norfolk in the parish of Horning, the attraction is full of treehouses, zip wires, slippery slopes, sky mazes that will have everyone laughing, jumping and swinging in no time. To soothe and calm your excited spirits, take the calming boat trips and dip into some wonderful food. This wooded land is more than just a park- it’s a huge playground that has all that children want. Nestled as it is amidst the restful woodland setting and canopy of trees, it’s easy to forget that there is a noisier world out there.

Advantages of TravelCar

Low Pricing

Are you looking for a parking provider that’s affordable and meets the needs of harassed travelers? Enter TravelCar, who believes that its success pivots around the satisfaction of its customers. Its booking and reservation process is simple and seamless, online payment is secure and safe, while the parking rates are the best that you can get anywhere around. In fact, TravelCar is known for its cheap parking rates and its ability to procure parking spaces that are easily accessible. Those who have attempted to park their cars at busy places will appreciate how easy TravelCar makes this job and how efficient it is while allocating parking spaces.


TravelCar does offer highly affordable parking rates but its success goes beyond that- it depends on how professional the provider is while doing its job. Whether it’s the booking or reserving of a spot or helping customers with queries, TravelCar tops the list. Strict implementation of regulations and adopting an impartial attitude has made customers believe that TravelCar is transparent in its dealings and can be relied upon to do a good job in whatever it undertakes. Its conduct is irreproachable and its willingness to lend a helping hand whenever required makes it the best provider around.

Best Prices

With an unfailing tendency to outrun and outdo its competitors, TravelCar heads the list when it comes to prices too. Its low-cost parking charges and the benefits it confers on travelers have to be seen to be believed. Regardless of whether it’s’ short-term or long-term parking, TravelCar offers the best prices and the best deals. See it, experience it and rate TravelCar for yourself.

Proximity of Parking Spots

If your parking space is far away from where you want it to be, then it’s a pain in the neck- that’s why TravelCar ensures that all its parking spots are in the vicinity of where customers want them. As they are spread across the busy spaces, travelers can opt for spots close to where they want them. TravelCar leaves nothing to chance- it understands the people’s mindset and acts in a way that is appreciated.

Best After Sales Service

How important is after sales service? Well, as far as TravelCar is concerned, it’s as important as the sale itself. After all, customers are not just content with getting something, they want help with it if something goes wrong, and TravelCar believes that too. Customer satisfaction goes beyond the mere purchasing of a product or service, it ends when the customer cries halt. TravelCar thinks so too for customers are its assets and a single satisfied customer can translate into many more. Improving upon services and keeping up with their requirements keeps customers happy and that’s what TravelCar aims to do each time, every time. Every person in the company works towards that single end of creating value-add in the eyes of customers and improving services to better meet their needs. Customer service is available 24/7 to answer all questions and render assistance at any time of the day

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