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Inexpensive parking deals at Brighton

Parking can be an inconvenience to a lot of people, especially when it is about parking at the prime locations, such as that of Brighton railway station. It might cost a lot to park even if you are able to find a good parking spot. However, with advent of TravelCar, this parking issue can be well addressed. It lets you save your time and energy by allowing you to book your parking space online only.

Parking spaces at Brighton

Brighton is the leading station functioning in the city of Brighton and Hove, East Sussex and a southern terminus of the Brighton Main Line in England. It came into being in 1840. The station is situated 81.45 km from London Victoria and Preston Park station comes before Brighton does. Mainly, Southern manages the station and operates many of the trains through Brighton. Along with it, Thameslink, Gatwick Express and Great Western Railway also run few of their trains through the platforms at Brighton. In the year 2011-12, almost 16.1 million passengers exited and entered the station – making it the seventh busiest station in that year, of course except London.

Get feasible parking offers at the Brighton railway station

When a station is function as a primary station anywhere, it entertains a massive wave of people daily. Likewise is the case with Brighton station. Therefore, if you wish to go there by car, you are likely to face parking issues as there are already so many people who would have arrived before you. To keep away from such issues, make use of TravelCar and book your parking space before you have actually have to park! You can choose the date from which you will begin to avail their service till the date you will pick up your vehicle again. That is how easy it is to reserve a parking space for you using TravelCar!

They have various facilities for you at their parking spaces, making it convenient and secure for you to trust their services. Even though most of the parking lots are covered, there are a few which are not – it should not be a problem though. Most of the parking spaces are automated and are equipped with high-tech security systems for surveillance. There are CCTV cameras installed and there are guards behind those lenses, actively checking the parking spaces for any suspicious activity. Furthermore, there are strict measures on the entry and exit points to ensure someone else does not take your car claiming as theirs. Hence, you should not be worried about security parameters at any of the TravelCar parking spaces. There are also adequate facilities for handicapped drivers – making it convenient for everyone to park using TravelCar.

There is one major benefit of using TravelCar – you get paid! Well, yes you read that right. When you are away, travelling, TravelCar rents out your car and earns some cash. You as well are liable to get a set percentage from this earning – cool, no? Moreover, for the same reason, if you are away for more than three months and have parked your car through TravelCar, the services will become free – you will not have to pay anything for using our parking services! As for any other time period lesser than this, charges will depend on the number of days for which you are using their services. They will be very nominal though.

Now, since TravelCar's focus is to provide ease to the passengers, in case you have an issue, you can always get in touch with the friendly customer support. They are available at your service 24/7.

Move to and from the Brighton station with ease

If the parking spot is farther from the Brighton station, you might get worried about incurring extra costs of covering the distance. Well, it has already been taken care of through the TravelCar shuttle service. Shuttles move to and from the Brighton station at regular intervals and you are likely to catch one when you wish to transfer. The duration of this journey does not take long and within a couple of minutes, you will either reach the station or the parking spot, depending which way you wanted to go. Therefore, TravelCar provides a complete parking package at very affordable prices.

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