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The Halifax-Stanfield International airport (YHZ) was opened in 1960 and extends over an area of 2,372 acres of land. It was formerly known as the Halifax International airport and acquired its current name in February 2007. Halifax, mainland Nova Scotia and areas in the Maritime Provinces benefit from its presence.

It is regarded as the eighth-busiest airport in the country when passenger traffic is considered. Passenger traffic crossed the 4 million mark in 2017

The airport is equipped with two paved runways and a single passenger terminal with three levels. The airport can be accessed easily by Halifax transit and other means of transport. YHZ offers a variety of parking choices- on-site and off-site parking, daily parking and exterior parking.

TravelCar, equipped with a large network of cheap parking facilities, offers passengers parking spots at airports, train stations, city centers.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport Address and Map

Airport's Legal address 1 Bell Blvd, Enfield, NS B2T 1K2, Canada
Airport type Public
Phone number 1 902-873-4422
Airport's traffic Breached the 4 million mark in 2017
GPS coordinates 44°52′47″N 063°30′37″W

Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia and the Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ) is located in Enfield, Nova Scotia. This Canadian airport serves mainland Nova Scotia and three provinces in Eastern Canada consisting of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

The airport is named after Robert Stanfield, who was the 17th premier of Nova Scotia. It is operated by Halifax International Airport Authority but is owned by Transport Canada.

YHZ is the busiest in Nova Scotia and the 8th busiest airport in Canada and is very compact in size. In spite of that, passenger traffic exceeded 4 million in 2017.

More than a dozen airlines operate from the Halifax airport and there are non-stop flights to cities in Canada, locations in the United States and Europe. It is considered as a transit hub that connects Atlantic Canada with the rest of the world.

Given the fact that thousands of passengers use the airport daily, parking can be quite a problem. However, TravelCar's low-cost parking solutions can surely off-set that.

Cheap parking

No matter in what part of the world you are, parking woes seem to tag you wherever you go, and that can be really frustrating and annoying too. Competing for parking spaces, not finding any or finding one that costs the earth are just some of the problems that you have to contend with at airports. The entry of TravelCar into the 'parking space' has generally eased things considerably.

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TravelCar parking locations

TravelCar, headquartered in Paris, has over 200 agencies in more than 10 European countries. Its parking solutions are available at-


Port Hawkesbury Airport and Yarmouth Airport in Nova Scotia, Calgary International, Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International, and Billy Bishop Toronto City, Quebec airport are important airports where there is always intense passenger activity. The demand for parking places soars but TravelCar provides cheap parking solutions.

Train Stations:

Halifax Railway station, Gare Lucien-L'Allier Station, Toronto Union Station. Pacific Central Station and Waterfront Station are major train stations in Canada. Parking is always a cumbersome affair. TravelCar eases the situation by offering low cost parking spots that are convenient to access.

Cruise Ports:

Port of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Port of Montreal in Quebec, Port of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Port of Mississauga, and Port of Toronto in Toronto are places to and from passenger movements are constant. Parking is always a question mark, but with TravelCar around, parking close to the port ceases to be a problem

The safety and security of TravelCar parking lots is a responsibility that the provider takes seriously. Constant monitoring with video surveillance and mounting of security guards ensures the safety of the parked vehicles.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport Gates Presentation

1 Terminal Main Level - to the left: Gates 34 to 46

to the right: Gates 5 to 9

Gates 4, 3

Gates 2A to 2E

Departure Level - Gates 10 to 28

The airport, which opened in the year 1960, houses a single-passenger terminal with three levels

  • Main level- reserved for domestic and international arrivals, pre-boarding security and check-in. In addition, there are the ticket, check-in, and information counters and also many restaurants and retail shopping places. To the left of the main lobby are gates 34-46, to the right are two gateways- one with gates 5-9 and the other with gates 4, 3 and 2A-2E
  • Lower level- houses transportation options, car rental companies and it also connects to parking and to the main level via escalators, stairs, and elevators.
  • Departure levels- reserved for international and domestic departures, pre-board security counters and check-ins. This level has gates 10-28.

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Pricing and trust:

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Prompt Valet Services:

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What do customers look for when they opt for a service? Speed, capability, and efficiency. TravelCar too believes that they are crucial factors and delivers fast responses and quick resolution. It never makes customers wait for time is valuable and shouldn't be wasted. All its personnel are armed to the teeth with information and they are never found wanting when customers have queries. They are professional to the core and are willing to lend a hand whenever customers need their help.

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Access to Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Accessing the Halifax Stanfield International airport from downtown Halifax is not very difficult, especially with the Metro Transit in operation. Halifax MetroX service- operates between downtown to Halifax Stanfield International airport.

Route 320- every 30 minutes between 6 am- 9 am in the morning and 3 pm- 6 pm in the afternoon. In addition regular schedule services are also available.

Maritime Bus- operates across the Maritimes to over 40 locations.

- Also operates to and from YHZ as it passes through the airport


  • Bus 2, Bus 1, Bus 320- operates from Halifax Shopping Centre to Halifax Stanfield International Airport - journey time is about 70 minutes
  • Bus 41, Bus 320- operates from Dalhousie University to Halifax Stanfield International Airport. Journey time is about 80 minutes
  • Bus 320- operates from Scotia Square to Halifax Stanfield International Airport - journey time is about 65 minutes
  • Bus 4, Bus 41, Bus 320- operates from Oxford Street, Halifax Chebucto to Halifax Stanfield International Airport- journey time is about 82 minutes
  • Bus 17, Bus 2, Bus 1, Bus 320- operates from Inglis Street, Halifax Citadel-Sable Island to Halifax Stanfield International Airport- journey time is about 82 minutes

Seasonal shuttle bus

This offers seasonal services from May 1 to October 31

Operates between Halifax city Centre - Halifax Airport

From Nov 1 to Nov 30

Operates between Westin Nova Scotian Hotel - Halifax airport

Other shuttles

From various destinations such as Yarmouth, Prince Edward Island and Sydney- airport

Airporter- independent shuttle service- operates between downtown area hotels - Halifax airport

Taxi, sedans, limos

These can be had for the asking. You just need to book in advance and specify your pickup point. They will then transport you to the airport and if they are airport-licensed vehicles, they will drop you off at the terminal itself.

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Quality Inn Halifax Airport Long Term Parking CA$10.00 CA$30.00 CA$50.00 CA$70.00 CA$100.00 CA$150.00

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