James Armstrong Richardson de Winnipeg (YWG)
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Winnipeg Richardson International Airport Parking

The Winnipeg Richardson International Airport is strategically placed in the largest city of the Manitoba Province, Winnipeg, and is the sole major international aerodrome between the Canadian cities of Toronto and Calgary. The airport came into existence in the year 1928 and thereafter the operation and management were shifted to Winnipeg Airport Authority in 1997.

By the year 2017, it came on the seventh position among the busiest airports of Canada, handling more than 4 million passengers in a year. The airport hosts flights across 23 destinations on a daily basis and additional 15 during the summers through its 16 airlines. The airport is also accredited to handle 150,000t of air cargo yearly. The Canadian major holds three runways, out of which only two are operative. The airport can be reached using the Winnipeg transit which runs two bus routes for reaching the airport or through private cars and taxis.

However, parking along the airport is a costly affair, which can be counteracted with TravelCar which guarantees low cost parking spaces at the airport premises through its customer care unit.

Winnipeg Richardson International Airport Address and Map

Airport's legal address 2000 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3H 1C2, Canada
Airport type Public
Phone number +1 204-987-9400
Airport's traffic In 2017 it hosted 4,305,744 passengers
GPS Coordinates 49°54′36″N, 097°14′24″W

The Winnipeg Richardson International Airport is among the top passenger and cargo airports of Canada, which is placed 7km away from the city. The place was earlier named as Stevenson Aerodrome to honor aviator and pilot Manitoba. The city of Toronto and Calgary are solely connected through the airport and is strategically marketed as a full day unrestricted airport.

The Winnipeg Airport holds the seventh position among the busiest airport of Canada and eleventh among aircraft movements. The place although is co-located with Canadian Forces Base, but yet it is meant for passenger and cargo usage. In the year 2017, it successfully handled more than 4 million passengers along with 150,000t of air cargo. The airport includes various international carriers, jet freight carriers, charter operators along with commuter airlines for the smooth functioning of its passenger and cargo services.

Winnipeg Airport has a large and open gateway which accommodates three runways among which two are functional and the third one is closed. The length of the runways is 8,700ft, 11,000ft (3,353m) and 4,600ft which actively controls the biggest of airlines with ease. Moreover, with long runways in place, it can handle both passenger and cargo planes with comfort.

Cheap parking in Winnipeg Airport

The Canadian Airport offers various parking options to add convenience to the passenger. There are both short and long-term parking options available catering to various budgets. However, if you are looking to have a quick pick-up and drop facility, then choosing the short-term parking stalls near the elevators and terminal walkway prove the best. But, finding a space for parking is pretty difficult considering the number of people traveling on a daily basis.

The peer to peer auto rental venture, TravelCar can come to the rescue for parking as it has a strong foothold across various airports including Winnipeg. The organization deals with providing cheap parking slots so that customers can remain stress-free for their parking requirements. Their excellent team of service personnel even conducts their work in a diligent manner, so that the passenger receives true satisfaction. However, what makes the business remarkable is that TravelCar's parking spaces are located near the airport and passengers can reach the terminal within 5 minutes. Additionally, the organization offers free shuttle services to commute from the parking lot to the terminal, so that passengers don't miss their flights. The fact that TravelCar provides excellent service has been widely acknowledged by its passengers and termed as "almost an Airbnb for the car hire world". The business is a convenient alternative to popular car hire organizations, for it provides low cost parking along with exceptional customer assistance across the world.

TravelCar not only offers its customers free parking but also an option to earn some extra dollars. If you plan to travel for more than three months, TravelCar gives you the option to rent your car in your absence to its verified customers. This will give you an opportunity to earn while you are away and also keep your vehicle well maintained throughout your vacation. The organization cares for its users and always promises to provide ultimate parking experience. Additionally, they provide parking lots to a variety of customers based on their needs.

If you wish to choose valet services, your burden is further lowered. TravelCar takes the effort to get the car washed, oiled and cleaned before it is reclaimed back post trip. Moreover, with security being a major concern for most car owners, TravelCar ensures that the automobile stays under surveillance, 24 hours a day till the time it reaches back to its original owner. Although the service timings lie between 6 am to 12 am, but regardless of the timing, TravelCar agents assure customers any service within their scope.

TravelCar parking locations

Airports- TravelCar has low cost parking solutions at many major airports including LAX, SFO, Atlanta, JFX, Miami, Orlando and more. The extensive outreach of the business across local and regional airports showcases its exceptional occupancy in the automobile parking and sharing industry.

Train Stations-Union Station in Manitoba, River Station in Rivers, Brockville station in Ontario, and Pacific Central Station in Vancouver are a few of the most highly used railway lines for commutation.

TravelCar provides low cost parking spaces at these destinations so that customers receive excellent parking zones which can be easily reached and are safe too.

Cruise Ports- Port of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Port of Toronto, Port Metro Vancouver, Port of Montreal, and Port of Quebec are the five major ports in Canada. Similar to airport terminals and railway stations, the cruise ports also experience huge traffic which naturally triggers costly parking charges.

However, with TravelCar's presence across these destinations, you can rest assured of enjoying low cost parking with excellent customer service. The parking zones across these cruise ports are easy to reach and the automobiles also remain protected at all times.

TravelCar's parking units are equipped with CCTV cameras which remain operative 24 hours a day across all TravelCar parking zones. Additionally, guards are deployed to ensure due care and protection of the vehicles so that customers are able to trust the organization. The business even takes responsibility for the safety of vehicles given as per car-sharing facility.

Winnipeg International Airport Gates Presentation

The Landside Terminal Entry for people flying from YWG
The Airside Terminal Ground level for Arrivals- gates 15 to 22

The second level for Departures- gates 2 to 12

The third level includes an observation lounge

The ground level which is the arrival zone offers a connection with various transport including taxi, bus and a walkway along the east end. There are parking pay stations, information counters, check-in-desks, parking pay stations, donut shop, and more to assist passengers.

The second level which is the departure zone offers various retail and food joints, information counters, currency exchange facility, valet service, coat check, and lost and found, along with departure lounges for gates D through U.

TravelCar's advantages

TravelCar is a unique parking space provider, which kick-started with a resolution to help people pay out less for parking zones. The organization has been successful in delivering its promise of providing low cost parking zones without any effect on quality and customer service. The scheme, where it offers customers free parking when traveling for long durations, has been a major attraction for passengers and is very successful. The policy in which cars are offered at discounted rentals (with the owner's prior permission) to customers provides a win-win situation to all involved.

The fact that parking is difficult to find at cruise ports, airports and railway stations, TravelCar eases out the process by offering booking facility through the internet. Here, the customers can make a prior booking for low cost parking and without any hassles.

Additionally, the organization offers parking space near to the airport which makes reaching the terminal a simple affair. Furthermore, TravelCar also provides free shuttle service to the airport terminal from their designated parking space. So, reaching the airport hardly takes more than 5 minutes. The service is immensely popular among customers as it is available at short intervals and is also very comfortable.

With TravelCar gaining popularity, the rating agencies started taking notice and trusting the business. In fact, the rating agency Trustpilot gave TravelCar a score of 9 to highlight their excellent service.

It is important to note that customers parking their vehicles for a duration shorter than 3 months will not be offered free parking. However, the parking rates on offer will surely be lesser than the general parking amount at airports.

Valet Services

The TravelCar service offering includes both automated and valet parking at affordable rates, which can be easily availed when you are getting late for your flight or to ensure better comfort. You just require giving the keys to the valets and your car will be parked. The organization offers both covered and uncovered parking spaces. Moreover, the valet service personnel are highly trained and so they are capable enough to park efficiently at any spot. The valet services can be booked online.

Additionally, TravelCar is a brand that provides utmost security to your car at cheap parking rates and ensures the car stays in excellent condition throughout the period of its stay in its premises. The service timings are from 6 am to 12 am with flexibility on several occasions.

Friendly Customer service

The TravelCar customer care is active 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to serve its customers. The service personnel is highly trained to answer all your queries as per booking. Additionally, at the airport, it also gives an opportunity to compare TravelCar's cheap parking rates, with that of others. They resolve all issues as per booking and parking and treat their customers as kings.

Access to Airport

The Winnipeg airport offers rapid transit

Mass Transit

The Winnipeg transit service runs bus services from the airport from 5.50 am to 12:49 pm. The terminal of the bus is placed on the sound end side of the airport. The route 15 Sargent/Mountain and the 20 Academy/Watt services the place which covers Inkster Park via Church, Mountain & Fife, Downtown, Watt & Leighton, and Fort & Portage.

Taxi Service

The Winnipeg airport is serviced by Unicity Taxi which can be availed from Exit 3 of the Terminal building. There are even sedan services available at the airport which includes limousines and full-size sedans. The luxurious cars offer large luggage space and online payment option inside the car.


There are plenty of organizations and hotels including Brandon Air Shuttle and Kivalliq Inuit Centre that offer shuttle services along the airport route to downtown and other places.

Other Information

The airport clearance to board a flight requires undertaking numerous activities including security checks, check-in baggage, boarding the flight and more. All these activities need time, so reaching the airport late can be very stressful considering the number of airlines and flights functioning on a regular basis. So, it is always good to leave your premises early so that you make it to the airport well before time.

This is also important because if reaching the airport is tough, parking can be equally taxing during rush hours. Taking help from TravelCar and availing their valet services can prove to be the best solution, for they ensure complete safety of your cars and can park your cars in any type of parking zone with comfort. Moreover, the service giant TravelCar provides cheap parking facility along with pocket-friendly valet services.

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