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Eppley Airfield Parking

Eppley Airfield Airport Parking : Three miles northeast of downtown Omaha in Douglas County, lies the main airport in Nebraska, United States- Eppley Airfield (OMA). Extending over 2,650 acres of land, it has one passenger terminal (split into three) that stretches over 368,000 square feet with two concourses and 20 gates. The airfield aka Omaha airport is named after Eugene C. Eppley, who provided the funds to convert what was originally the Omaha Municipal Airport into a modern jetport. This subsequently became the Eppley Airfield, which is owned and managed by Omaha Airport Authority. The year 2017 is stated to have been the busiest year with 4.6 million passengers boarding various flights. Eppley Airfield is very easy to access through various modes of transportation. It also provides for airport parking and offers many parking options.

TravelCar, the peer to peer car sharing provider has entrenched itself firmly at all major airports, train stations and even cruise ports. It provides the best and most cost-effective car parking options.

Eppley Airfield Address and Map

Airport’s legal address 4501 Abbott Drive, Suite 2300, Eppley Airfield, NE 68110-2689, United States of America
Airport type Public
Phone number +1 402 661-8000
Airport’s traffic 4.6 million passengers in 2017
GPS coordinates 41°18'26.61"N  95°54'26.51"W

Eppley Airfield aka as the Omaha Airport serves the city of Omaha in the state of Nebraska, United States. This airport is very close to downtown Omaha and is just 4 miles from it. With more than 130 daily flights to 34 nonstop destinations, Eppley Airfield is considered to be the busiest and biggest airport in the state. The fact that it caters to ten times the passengers than all the other airports put together only serves to reinforce that status. Eugene C. Eppley, the Hotel magnate of Omaha, made financial contributions to convert the airport into a jetport and hence the airfield is named after him. The airfield has three runways, one passenger terminal (divided into three) with two concourses and 20 gates. Access is very easy with so many ground transportation options to and from the airfield. The first commercial international flight happened on May 1, 2018, when Air Canada began a daily flight to Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Cheap parking

Eppley Airfield offers many parking options- Garage, surface parking, long-term and short-term parking but TravelCar beats those hands down- both in terms of proximity and pricing. With so many passengers boarding flights, finding a parking space to your liking and at the right price is next to impossible in an overcrowded airport parking lot. TravelCar’s trump card is its ability to give you parking areas that suit you most. It has partnered with local parking providers and is thus able to offer cheap parking (less than that offered by competitors) that are very close to the airport (less than 5 minutes). Its free shuttle service transports passengers to the terminal well in time for their flight. The shuttles are easy to access, are frequent and comfortable and can cover the distance within 5-6 minutes. These services are also available when you return from your trip.

Valet services

Opting for valet services while booking takes a weight off your shoulders. Although it does cost a little more than ordinary parking, valet services are worth it. When you drive into the airport, the valet is waiting to relieve you of your responsibility. You just need to hand over the car keys and can afford to forget about your car till you return from your trip. The valet will park the car safely and in a secure place. Since the parking lots are gated, monitored and kept under video surveillance 24/7, the threat of theft is greatly minimized. What’s more, if you want, your car is washed, oiled, serviced and detailed so that it looks as good as new.

TravelCar’s different parking locations

  • Airports:

    TravelCar has a presence at all major airports such as JFK, SFO, Kansas City, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, San Jose and more. As passenger traffic is very heavy at these airports, parking spaces are very expensive. However, TravelCar offers low cost parking solutions and parking areas that are close to the airport.

  • Train


    Grand Central and Penn Station in New York, South and North Station in Boston, Union Station in Chicago and Washington DC are some of the major stations that are always buzzing with activity. Airport-parking is available but at a premium. TravelCar offers a viable alternative in the form of low cost parking.

  • Cruise Ports:

    Port of Charleston, Port of Galveston, Port Mobile, Port Baltimore, and Port of New Orleans are some of the ports that are close to Omaha. These are very busy with high passenger activity- hence parking is always a problem. TravelCar’s customer-centric approach takes away the pain of parking and high costs thereof. Its parking lots are close to the ports and prices are very competitive.

TravelCar’s parking lots are easy to access, cheap and it provides top-notch services. Coupled with the fact that the parking areas are gated, indoor and under video surveillance 24/7, TravelCar’s offers are irresistible.

Eppley Airfield Gates Presentation

    3 Terminals
Central Terminal This is the core of the Terminal complex building
South Terminal Concourse A                                   10 Gates A1- A10

North Terminal

Concourse B                                   10 Gates B11- B20

The passenger terminal complex consists of the Central Terminal, the South Terminal to its right and the North Terminal to its left. Concourse A is on the South side with 10 gates. Concourse B is on the North side with 10 gates. The North and South side both lead to the parking lot via a skywalk.


The ground level houses the baggage claim area and an entry that leads to the three terminals. The surface parking lot can be accessed from here as well as ground transportation options.

The first level is the check-in level- the North and South Terminals can be accessed from here. It also leads to the parking lot and Concourses A and B.

Advantages of booking through TravelCar :

Pricing & Booking

Perhaps the most difficult part of reserving a parking space or opting for services is the booking process. In many cases, the whole thing is tedious and complicated and oftentimes people leave half-way through. However, TravelCar’s booking process is simple, easy and straightforward. Even if there is a glitch, there’s always someone around to help you out. The customer is always important- that’s TravelCar’s motto. The parking provider’s professional approach has come in for a lot of praise- so much so that Trustpilot (a rating service) has assigned a score of 9+. Other rating agencies have been equally impressed by its performance. In order to give customers the best deal available, TravelCar provides the cheapest prices and the best of services. In addition, TravelCar’s parking lots are close to the airport with free shuttle services provided to and from the parking lot and terminal.

Getting parking close to the airport is always a question mark- and that’s where TravelCar’s valet services can come in handy. By opting for valet parking, you give yourself a breather by having to worry about one thing less. The fact that your car is monitored 24/7 through video surveillance and parking lots are gated adds to your sense of comfort. You can go on your trip and focus only on your work. While opting for valet services you just need to specify your requirements and everything is taken care of. In case you need to have your car spruced up- washed, painted - that too is done. In short, during your absence, your car doesn’t suffer from ‘idle pains.’ With TravelCar’s plans of car sharing, everyone stands to gain- Customers can rent a car for a short period of time at lower rentals, TravelCar gets revenue in the form of rental charges- owners of the cars get a portion of that revenue plus free parking(if the period is over three months). Official work timings are from 6 am to 12 am but TravelCar never really sleeps. Staff and personnel are always ready to lend a helping hand at any hour.

Customer service par excellence

TravelCar believes that a ‘satisfied customer’ is a loyal customer- that’s why it takes such great pains to ensure that every customer is treated right. The parking provider sees to it that niggly problems don’t become huge issues by taking appropriate action at the right time. Whether it’s rendering help during the booking process or whether it’s solving an issue regarding the allocated parking space- TravelCar’s only aim is to see that the customer is happy and satisfied. No issue is too big or too small to come to its notice- staff and personnel work collectively to ensure this. The fact that TravelCar is available 24/7 to attend to customers speaks volumes for itself.

Access to the airport

Omaha is located in the heart of the United States and is easily accessible from other states- the same thing holds well when it comes to local accessibility. Eppley Airfield is very close to downtown Omaha and with so many modes of transportation available, getting to the airport is a breeze.


The city’s Mass transit system enables travelers from different areas to reach the airport easily.

Mad Hatter Muffler & Brake-- Eppley Airfield- Bus-15 & 16; 61 minutes

Physicians Clinic - Eppley Airfield- Bus 2 & 16; 45 minutes

Bellevue East High School - Eppley Airfield- Bus 95, 3, 16; 104 minutes

Chick-Fil-A, Bellevue to Eppley Airfield- Bus 95, 3, 16; 125 minutes

Professional Research Consultant- Eppley Airfield- Bus 55, 18, 16; 70 minutes

Omaha Airport Shuttle Service

Transportation at OMA airport is simple with shared rides, private vans or airport limousines. Rental cars and shuttle bus service are available at the airport and downtown areas.

Shared Ride Van

SuperShuttle offers discount rates for shared rides and drops you off at the airport terminal. They ensure that you are picked up leaving you with enough time to get your flight. SuperShuttle has become an integral part of airport transportation and it’s a great mode to travel by for the budget-conscious traveler. There are even vans that accommodate groups- this can be really handy when families with a lot of luggage need to travel to the airport.

GO shuttles

Private vans or sedans offer airport transfer and door-to-door service. Customers have been very satisfied after using this. You just need to book your service beforehand. The shuttles will pick you up from the dedicated pickup point and transport you to the airport.

Uber and other private taxis

You can always book an Uber cab to go the airport- pickup and journey is fast. Luxury airport car service is also available - register online and decide your pickup point.

As it is very easy to get around in Omaha, biking to the airport is also an option. Enthusiasts need to chalk out their routes before they begin their ride and start early to compensate for any misrouting that might happen. It’s also said that since Omaha is a small place, hardy walkers can reach the Eppley airfield in no time.

Other information

Getting to the airport requires a lot of planning- deciding on the mode of transport and time of departure. Always give yourself a lot of leeway as the most unexpected can happen thus thwarting your leisurely ride to the airport. Parking your car, standing in queues to check in baggage, going through security does take up a lot of time. Finding suitable parking at the airport can be a frustrating affair- that’s why opting for TravelCar’s parking services can be a real boon. Its services are excellent and its parking rates are low in comparison to other providers.