Cheap Car Rentals in LaGuardia Airport

Cheap Car Rentals in LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport is situated in Queens’s district in the north of New York City. La Guardia Airport was formerly known as New York City Municipal Airport. In 1947, it was renamed as LaGuardia Airport to honor the then Mayor of New York city, (Late) Fiorello H. LaGuardia.

LaGuardia Airport is a 280 acres wide domestic airport. Millions of passengers pass through its four terminals A, B, C, D each day. Amongst the four Terminal B is the largest with four concourses.

LaGuardia is the busiest airport in the USA although it does not have any direct flight to the European nations. The first half of 2018 saw 15 million passengers arriving and departing to and from international destinations.

Cheap Car Rentals in LaGuardia Airport

New York has five districts and a lot of the world’s best sights to see. There are many locations outside of New York too which are a couple of hours’ drives. If you have a well-thought-of plan and an itinerary for your New York Tour, TravelCar has the right car rentals for your need.

Stuck in the airport during ‘layovers’!  It is annoying with kids getting bored. Whether it is a long drive out of the city or a short ride within the city, even during the few hours of ‘layover’, you can avail of TravelCar Car rentals. Simply rent a car from TravelCar and spin-off for a 45-minute drive to Manhattan or New York. There are a few parks and museums to visit. You can drive out to nearby places like Jackson Heights, Astoria, with your family and kids in the family car SUV and Van models of TravelCar car rentals.

TravelCar has the best car rental rates. TravelCar has it all simple and clear. They are reliable and have cost-effective options. The Customer support team is vouched for their round the clock assistance.

Wide Range of Vehicles

Opting for the right type of car depends on your travel plan and vice versa. All the vehicles of TravelCar are well-maintained and can go on long winding road trips. Nevertheless, the vehicles include a 24hr assistance with tire change and jump-start of the vehicles and other mechanical failures, if any.

The size of the car could be a Van if you have a group with a lot of luggage and children. Or a Compact or Economy car is perfect if it is just a couple traveling in New York. Whether it is leisure travel or for business, TravelCar Car rental has a variety of cars to choose from including SUV, Economy, Vans, Compact cars. Avail TravelCar’s car rental service and drive safe!

Driving in New York

New York has a diverse culture, various religions, and ethnic backgrounds. Although New York is synonymous with congested roads, TravelCar car rentals have car models suitable for New York traffic.

New York City has the world’s tallest skyscrapers. New York brings the image of the Statue of Liberty to our minds. There are many raved-about sights to see in New York. Here are a few of the famous and best sights of New York to visit.

One World Trade Centre

Post-attack of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in 2001, there was an all-new One World Trade Center designed and built by 2014 as an attribute to the twin towers. It is a marvel by itself than the previous WTC towers. It has a glossy mirror finish and an isosceles triangular front which gives an illusion of a twisted peak.

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a National monument of the USA. History states that the statue is a gesture of gratitude from the French to the Americans. While TravelCar car rentals can reach you to the Ferry point for this spectacular monument, the ticketing for the monument has to be done in advance.

While the ferry ticket reaches the visitors to Liberty Island, there are three types of ticketing for the Statue of Liberty: Ground, Pedestal, Crown. With a Ground ticket, visitors are allowed only the island and not into the monument. With a pedal ticket visitor are allowed only atop the pedestal which includes an entry into a museum. A Crown ticket permits visitors entry to the crown, pedestal, and the museum. It is wise to reserve the tickets in advance during the holiday seasons.

The Bronx Zoo

Drive towards the Bronx, one of the districts of New York to experience a spectacular time at The Bronx Zoo. The name is thus because of River Bronx that flows across the zoo. Bronx zoo was built in the 19th century. It is 265 acres wide and the largest zoo in the USA. Today it is an accredited and an award-winning zoo for its wildlife species in spacious enclosures and aquarium and aquatic species, birds and reptiles. It has a Butterfly garden with 1000 varieties fluttering around. There are other entertainment parks like the 3-D movie on Earth Ice age, slide shows and the like.

The United Nations

Despite having it in your itinerary, it would be worth visiting the UN headquarters in New York. The fact that it is a host to many global delegates, leaders and international meets and Summits makes the UN even more visit-worthy.

Radio City Music Hall

As the name suggests Radio City Hall is an indoor theatre hosting musical shows, movies, concerts and award ceremonies. Check out the various Radio City Hall Tours offered by this theatre. This 19th-century theatre on the Fifth Avenue, Radio City Hall can accommodate an audience of about 5000. Rightly called the Showplace of the World Radio City Hall is a must-be in your things to see in New York.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

Amongst the skyscrapers of Manhattan stands this 330-odd foot iconic structure on Fifth Avenue- St Patrick’s Cathedral. It was built in the 18th century in the honor of St, Patrick, a Saint from Ireland. The architecture is of Neo-Gothic era. The church has two pipe organs, one of 5,918 tubes and other of 3,920 tubes and Pietà’s sculpture which is triple in size than its counterpart in the Vatican. A must see for the architecture!

High Line Elevated Park

High Line Elevated Park, is built on a railway line! Yes. It is an abandoned Central rail line on the west side of Manhattan.  It is about 2 and a quarter km rail line turned into a green belt. High Line was modified after 23 years into a park and opened to the public in 2014. A lot of activities are volunteered in this park; such as Pilates, Astronomy classes. Benches are installed for people who want to just sun soak. High Line is opened right from 7 am to 7 pm.


During a layover at the airport and a few hours to invest in, driving to Macy’s on Herald Square is a great idea. Macy’s is the world’s iconic department store which sells just about everything that exists under the sky. If you are in New York during the seasonal holiday, you can join in the cookery classes and demonstrations, make-up classes, wine tasting classes in Macy’s. More impressively Macy’s hosts the Thanksgiving parade and the Macy’s Fireworks Show on 4th July.

Driving around New York

As they say, New York is a ‘concrete’ city with a lot of hustle and bustle. The surrounding places to see are about 2 hrs or more away from New York. A good planned one-day trip will prove memorable. Add to it the comfort in a TravelCar car rental. Here are few of the many recommendations for a day trip.

Washington DC Day Tour 

It takes more than 4 hrs to reach Washington DC from New York City. Enjoy exploring Washington DC on a full day road trip. Visit the National Air and Space Museum, White House and President John F. Kennedy’s gravesite at Arlington National Cemetery. Also, worth stopping by is the National Mall, Capitol Hill, the Pentagon building, a symbol of American military power and the Lincoln Memorial. The Memorial is built in memory of over 400,000 American citizens who died in the war. A must see is the famous FBI and the Federal Reserve, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, including the Washington Monument, U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial.

New Jersey

Take a 4 hr drive from New York to experience the delights of New Jersey, the Garden State. On the way to New Jersey, you can see the skyline of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Stop by to see Hoboken city’s wall paintings to pay homage to the state’s fallen heroes at the War Memorial.  

Pray for the departed at the September 11th Memorial and War Memorial. Once you are in New Jersey hop into the bakery of T.V. star Buddy of ‘Cake Boss’, for some sweet treats by the ‘Boss’ himself.

Ski Trip to Catskills Hunter Mountain

If you enjoy snowboarding or skiing, then Hunter Mountain in the Catskills is the place to reach. It is a 12-hr drive from New York City. Hunter Mountain has slopes for all levels of skiing and snowboarding. Skis and snowboards are available for rent. Hunter Mountain is a pioneer in snow-technology. So, pick up a TravelCar car rental and drive towards Catskills Hunter Mountain. After you have done with all the rolling in the snow, settled down with a hot beverage at the Ski resort up there.

The Hamptons and Sag Harbor 

About 90 miles East of New York City take a road trip to the home of the rich and famous. Explore the charming coastal town of Southampton. Have a stroll on the streets. You may bump into Paris Hilton or David Letterman or Jerry Seinfeld and few others! Sag Harbor is an old-fashioned town. Walk on the beach and soak the view of a yacht-filled harbor.

Driving in the USA

Driving in New York City is challenging. Nevertheless, if the rules are followed to the ‘T’ navigating your vehicle would be a child’s play!

Traffic signals: Unlike nearly every other place in the U.S., in New York, you cannot take a right turn on a Red sign. There are no Left turns at certain avenues and intersections.

TollAs mentioned above, road parking is not the only payment you do, in New York, you pay for the Tunnels and bridges which have a Toll.

Pedestrians: Not all people follow the Jay-walk rule. Watch out!

Parking: Make sure you note down the parking option. It's cheaper to pay and park than to get your car towed away. It is 24x7 for Parking tickets. Note down the location of your Parking. If your car does get towed away Call 311. With the details of your license plate, the operator can track and check where your car has been towed to.

The USA has big maintained roads with clear road signs. It is a pleasure to go on road trips. New York city abides by the State's Vehicle and Traffic Law. Cars can be towed away if they are parked illegally, with no license plates or proper inspection stickers on them. Take care to look for the ‘P’ sign when choosing a parking space for your car from TravelCar car rental. The age limit to obtain a Driving License is above 21 years and it is best to adhere to speed limit signs on different roads and locations you are driving in. 


Maximum Speed limit on Highways

65 mph

Maximum Speed near Schools

25 mph

Maximum Speed at Blind Intersections

15 mph

Maximum Speed near Railroad tracks and Alleys

15 mph

Maximum Speed in Residential or Business Districts

25 mph


The Speed Limit specifications vary from state to state or territory to territory. Ensure you follow all the local traffic rules if you do not want to be hauled in and asked to pay a hefty fine!