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DFW Parking


Dallas Fort Worth Airport Parking : DFW is the 4th busiest airport in the world, was the product of years of negotiation, and grew quickly from a regional airport into one of the busiest in the United States. DFW is about halfway between both Dallas and Fort Worth. With almost 70 million passengers going through the airport each year, parking can be stressful, and TravelCar can help make it easier. DFW offers fantastic food and shopping options, and travelers will find plenty of ways to stay entertained during layovers. DFW parking can run higher than $30 per day, but TravelCar is only about $8 per day while also offering valet. TravelCar has locations everywhere, not just at airports. You can get to major sporting locations, train stations, and more with TravelCar, and you’ll save money doing it. TravelCar lots are safe, clean, and secure. Driving to DFW varies depending on whether you’re coming from Dallas or Fort Worth. Public transportation is also a viable option for getting to DFW. Always be sure to arrive early and to prepare for delays. TravelCar can help mitigate stress, get you to the airport on time, and put your mind at ease while you travel by offering excellent service and fantastic parking.

What You Need to Know about Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport began its history as two separate airports, following the Fort Worth Municipal Government turning down a proposal from Dallas for the creation of a joint airport in 1927. Until the 1940s, each city maintained their own airfield. In the early 40s, another joint airfield project began, but the two cities again clashed over the details. Finally, in 1969 Dallas and Fort Worth began the construction of a joint regional airport which would, over the course of the coming years, evolve from a regional airport to one of the world’s foremost travel hubs.

Ranking in as the world’s fourth busiest airport by aircraft traffic and the twelfth busiest in terms of raw passenger traffic, it is only slightly smaller by traffic than Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.  Interestingly, DFW is the second largest hub for major airlines, almost catching up to ATL thanks to the presence of American Airlines’ headquarters and nationwide hub. DFW is also the second largest airport by land area, measuring in at almost 30 square miles of space containing seven full runways.

Dallas Fort Worth is located just about halfway between the two cities of its name, resting about 20 miles away from the Dallas Downtown and about 23 miles from Downtown Fort Worth. The Dallas Fort Worth Metropolitan Area stretches out on all sides of the airport, which is so large that it has been assigned its own zip code.

As of 2017, almost 70 million passengers travel through DFW each year, many of which fly on American Airlines.  The bustling airport dispatches flights all across the world, with over 200 destinations around the world.  It also boasts a unique design that distinguishes it from many other airports of similar size; instead of having straight terminals as offshoots of the main runways, DFW’s terminals are circular, residing in-between two arrays of parallel runways.

If you’ll be flying out of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, you’ll no doubt encounter the crowds and bustle that befits the world’s fourth busiest airport. This guide will help prepare you for your trip and will also explore the best option for parking at DFW: TravelCar partner parking lots. Unlike on-site parking, which is subject to availability and high day-of prices, taking advantage of TravelCar can ensure you get low cost parking that lowers your stress, instead of increasing it.

Dallas Fort Worth Airport Address and Map Information

Address IATA Code Airport Type Phone Number Airport Traffic Coordinates
DFW International Airport, 2400 Aviation Drive, DFW Airport, TX 75261 DFW Public International Airport 1-972-973-3112 Nearly 70 Million Passengers per year 32.897,-97.040443

Dallas Fort Worth offers an incredible span of food and entertainment options for travelers who have layovers or simply want to eat and rest up before their flight. With restaurants as quick and easy as Auntie Anne’s Pretzels to the top-tier Grand Met restaurant and lounge just outside of the security checkpoint, Dallas Fort Worth offers an incredible sampling of pan-American cuisine.

Shopping in the airport is equally diverse, featuring everything from genuine Texan goods to language learning software and luxury jewelry. If you find yourself with a few hours between flights, explore the terminals, and you might be amazed what you can find without even having to leave the airport.

Getting Affordable, Low Cost Parking at DFW

Parking at DFW is no small matter. The fourth busiest airport in the world doesn’t get that way without a lot of vehicle and foot traffic. According to estimates on DFW’s official website, parking on-site costs between $10 and $30 per day. Economy lots on the lower end of the price spectrum are uncovered and have shuttle times of up to 10 minutes even at non-peak hours. With TravelCar, however, you can get parking for less than $8 per day that includes valet right to the curb of the airport.

TravelCar partnered lots have regular, quick shuttles and frequently offer both valet service and carwash service, meaning that you can have low cost parking nearby the airport that will bring you to the curb before your trip and deliver your car, clean and sparkly, after your trip. What’s more is that TravelCar has also launched a free parking program through their rideshare network. Using the free parking program, your car can be rented short term by other members of the free parking program. TravelCar will insure your vehicle and manage the logistics, and you can enjoy peace of mind while you travel. With the free parking program, you’ll get free parking just for having your car available, and you’ll also earn money any time someone rents your vehicle.

TravelCar partnered lots are located all over the world, and they’re not just at airports either. You can get access to cheap parking at major ports, train stations, popular entertainment destinations, and more. If you’re flying to New York City and want a slice of the world’s best pizza, you’ll find dozens of parking options through TravelCar in Manhattan alone. Not only will you beat the rates of non-partnered lots, but you’ll also be able to get an idea of what to expect before you arrive.

TravelCar has parking partners in Port of San Diego, Los Angeles International, TD Gardens of Boston, and more, so no matter where you’re going, you’ll be able to plan your parking in advance and avoid paying the financially painful day-of parking rates. Imagine getting cheap parking without any hassle before you get to enjoy a Red Sox game from atop the Green Monster at Fenway; TravelCar has a location less than 7 miles away with shuttle service for a fraction of the regular parking prices.

TravelCar partnered parking lots are not just low cost parking, though. Before booking, you can see reviews of the lot, security features, and more. TravelCar prides themselves on safe, clean, and secure parking lots, many of which have patrols, locking gates, and closed-circuit security surveillance. You won’t be stuck with whatever lots are available day-of; instead, you’ll know exactly what sort of security and safety your chosen lot will have.

Gates of DFW and Nearby Parking

At Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, on-site parking is located around the inner “ring” of each terminal for premium, covered parking and down the road from the terminals for economy parking. Premium parking is very close to the main terminals but still will require about five minutes of walking for most travelers.

Terminal Nearest Lot Direction to Parking Parking Hours Shuttle Information
A Park for U - DFW South, 4.2 Miles 24/7 This location offers valet to all customers, 24/7.  Valet can be scheduled ahead of time or can be called immediately after landing.  Phone number for valet: 1-844-675-7171
B Park for U - DFW South, 4.2 Miles 24/7 This location offers valet to all customers, 24/7. Valet can be scheduled ahead of time or can be called immediately after landing. Phone number for valet: 1-844-675-7171
C Park for U - DFW South, 4.2 Miles 24/7 This location offers valet to all customers, 24/7. Valet can be scheduled ahead of time or can be called immediately after landing. Phone number for valet: 1-844-675-7171
D Park for U - DFW South, 4.2 Miles 24/7 This location offers valet to all customers, 24/7. Valet can be scheduled ahead of time or can be called immediately after landing. Phone number for valet: 1-844-675-7171
E Park for U - DFW South, 4.2 Miles 24/7 This location offers valet to all customers, 24/7. Valet can be scheduled ahead of time or can be called immediately after landing. Phone number for valet: 1-844-675-7171

Why Is TravelCar Your Best Bet for Low Cost Parking at DFW

The most straightforward answer as to why TravelCar is a logical option for most travelers is cost; convenient parking at DFW is incredibly expensive as it stands. For valet service, travelers can expect to pay at least $30 per day, which is almost triple what TravelCar’s network is able to offer. Economy lots at DFW take just as long to shuttle to as TravelCar’s nearest lot, but they do not include valet; you would have to wait for shuttle van availability.

TravelCar is also able to offer legitimate customer service. Changes to your plans can be facilitated quickly, and if you need assistance, TravelCar service agents are only a call, email, or chat away. TravelCar has received fantastic reviews of their customer service, and, most impressively, they’ve received and maintained a TrustPilot score of over 9.

Finally, with TravelCar, you can find out what you’ll be getting before you arrive – no surprises. TravelCar partner parking lot profiles online are detailed and complete, ensuring that you have all the information you need when you need it.

Getting to DFW

The Dallas Fort Worth Metropolitan Area is a thriving and densely populated area. With that in mind, understanding how to get to and from the airport in advance is important. At peak hours, traffic can affect commuters of all types. While driving is often the most simple and comfortable option for getting to the airport, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport can be reached through other public and private services. Here’s a basic guide to how you can get to DFW in time for your plane:

  1. Driving from Downtown Dallas

Getting to DFW from Downtown Dallas is relatively straightforward. Travelers will take I-35E heading North, transferring to TX-183 towards the airport. From there, drivers should follow signage to International Parkway, which leads directly to the airport. This route will take most drivers about 30 minutes, though travel time can increase significantly with peak hour traffic.

  1. Driving from Downtown Fort Worth

Getting to DFW from Fort Worth takes a bit longer than traveling from Dallas; drivers from Fort Worth can expect a ride of about 45 minutes during moderate traffic.  Most drivers coming from Downtown Fort Worth will take TX-347 to TX-121, then take TX-121 to TX-183 heading East.  From here, drivers will follow signage to International Parkway, which leads directly to the airport.

  1. Public Transportation

From Fort Worth, travelers heading to the airport will generally ride on the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) trains, which depart every 30 minutes from Downtown.  From the Union Station,  travelers should take the TRE E line to Centreport Station, at which point they can transfer to the DART bus system.

From Dallas, travelers going to DFW have more flexibility.  The quickest route for most travelers is to take the Orange Line from Akard station, which departs every 15 minutes and stops at the DFW station within walking distance of the airport.  Alternately, travelers can choose to take the TRE from Union Station and then transfer to the DART bus system.

  1. Taxis

Taxis are available between 8 A.M. and Midnight, though special requests can be made by calling 972-973-4061 (the airport guest assistance line) for travelers needing transport after Midnight.  At DFW, only authorized taxis are allowed to offer fare on airport grounds, and a full list of authorized taxi services can be found on the airport’s homepage.

Preparations Before Your Flight

DFW is a fantastic airport, but even the best airports can get congested during times of heavy travel.  Always make sure you arrive early, check in ahead of time, and give yourself plenty of time to get to your terminal.  If you’re traveling with a lot of luggage or simply want to make things easier on yourself, consider choosing valet service with TravelCar’s nearest lot.  At DFW, you’ll not only beat the prices of airport parking, but you’ll also save yourself some of the stress involved with getting to and from your car.