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Chicago O'Hare International Airport Parking : As the 2nd busiest airport in the world, Chicago can be very crowded and bustling.  It is a notably large airport in the heart of a metropolitan area.  It was once known as Orchard Field and was used for military manufacturing.  When traveling to O’Hare preparation is key, and TravelCar can ensure you are prepared so that you receive the best parking prices and lots.  O’Hare features great restaurants with local faire.  Parking can be hard to get at O’Hare, and on-site parking is often expensive and far from the terminal.  TravelCar has better rates than on-site parking.  TravelCar also offers valet and carwash service, making their service unlike any other.  TravelCar is located at all kinds of transport hubs, entertainment destinations, and more.  You’ll get more convenient booking, better customer service, faster shuttle times, and cheaper parking.  TravelCar’s service is fantastic, and they have a greater than 9 rating on TrustPilot.  Their partnered lots are secure, safe, and clean.  There are many options to get to and from the airport, including public transportation on trains and busses.  Taxis are also available but can be very expensive.  Driving to the airport is simple and convenient, especially if you have parking set up in advance.  Be sure to arrive early, especially if you have extra luggage.

Best Parking near Chicago Airport

Chicago Airport is an international Airport and is considered to be one of the busiest airports in the world. Due to its location and prime airport, million of passengers use this airport every year. This has led to great parking problem near the airport, and you can’t find a good parking spot. TravelCar helps you by finding you the perfect parking spot online, and providing you with free services!

An Introduction to Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Chicago O’Hare International Airport is one of the world’s most vital transportation hubs.  As the 2ndbusiest airport in the world by takeoffs and landings and the busiest airport in the mid-west of the United States, O’Hare was once so busy that the FAA had to order the redirection of flights to other airports to reduce delays experienced by passengers.  These days, Chicago O’Hare International Airport serves flights to 157 U.S. destinations and 60 international destinations and is a hub for both United Airlines and American Airlines.

Chicago O’Hare is a remarkably large airport considering how integrated it is into the sprawling city of Chicago, IL.  Measuring in at 7,627 acres of land, O’Hare makes up a formidable block of the area to the Northwest of Chicago’s commercial and tourist hubs.  Seven active runways stretch across O’Hare’s land, the longest of which is 13,000 feet in length.

With nearly 80 Million passengers served in 2017, O’Hare is only outpaced in terms of flight traffic by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia.  It has received recognition by multiple travelers’ groups and is one of the most well-recognized international airports in the world.

O’Hare’s history is fascinating; While Midway Airport was Chicago’s first airport, early military manufacturing in Chicago led to the establishment of a Douglas Company airfield separate from Midway, which, in 1945 was sold by Douglas to become the Orchard Field Airport.  Interestingly, Orchard Field is where O’Hare earns its unique IATA code “ORD.”

The United States Air Force continued its use of Orchard Field Airport despite the fact that commercial use began in 1946.  It was in 1949 that Orchard Field was officially renamed to Chicago O’Hare, named after the ace pilot Butch O’Hare.  O’Hare has continually grown since then, flourishing into the incredible world hub that travelers everywhere now recognize.

If you’re planning a flight into or out of O’Hare, preparation is key.  You don’t get through the world’s 2ndbusiest airport without running into some traffic, crowds, and lines.  With that in mind, this guide will explore how you can get to, get through, and park at Chicago ORD.  While on-site parking can become very pricey at peak travel times, other options do exist.  TravelCar, which this guide will explore in full, is able to beat on-site prices and get you to your flight faster than ever before.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport Contact, Address, and Coordinates

Address IATA Code Airport Type Phone Number Airport Traffic Coordinates
10000 W Ohare Avenue, Chicago, IL 60666 ORD (Stands for Orchard Field Airport, the previous name of O’Hare) Public International Airport 1-800-832-6352   Heavy local traffic, nearly 900,000 flights and transfers per year 41.9742, 87.9073  


O’Hare is one of the world’s premier airports, featuring incredible restaurants, fantastic vistas, and some of the best airline lounges in the world.  Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or a way to pass the time before your flight, you’ll find everything you need inside O’Hare.  If you’ve got a flight in Concourse B, stop in at Galileo Bar & Grill, where you can enjoy a cold beer and a genuine, loaded Chicago Dog without ever having to leave the airport.  If you’re looking for a quick snack or a fantastic gift to take back home, consider Garrett Popcorn Shops, with locations across the airport where you can get delicious popcorn creations of all types.

Guide to Low Cost Parking at Chicago O’Hare and Hundreds of Major Destinations

With the sheer volume of travelers going through ORD, finding parking that is close, affordable, convenient, and safe is not always easy.  Thankfully, low cost parking options do exist.  The best example of this can be found in TravelCar’s O’Hare offerings.  TravelCar partner lots allow you to save money while getting to the airport often faster than even on-site parking.

Parking on-site at O’Hare can be expensive and is often subject to availability; parking that is adjacent to the main terminal costs $40 dollars per day, and uncovered, remote economy lots at $17 per day are very far from the airport, requiring long walks or crowded shuttle rides.  Using TravelCar, however, you can get covered parking with on-demand valet that is only 6 minutes from the airport for less than $12 per day.  If that example doesn’t illustrate the on-site parking situation around the world’s 2nd busiest airport, there’s more to understand.

While on-site parking at O’Hare (and many other airports, for that matter,) is closer when looking on a map, the wait times for shuttles, walking distances (including elevators and checkout booths,) and luggage complications make solutions like TravelCar faster and easier.

What’s even more convenient is the fact that TravelCar has parking partners all across the globe, meaning you can get cheap parking just about anywhere.  If you’re headed to the Big Apple for a business meeting or a critically-acclaimed Broadway show, TravelCar has locations at Newark, LaGuardia, JFK, and even major subway hubs in the area.  If you’re planning on picking up a car in Atlanta, you can know that you’ll have a parking spot that will get you to and from the airport without getting stuck in heavy Atlanta traffic.

TravelCar isn’t only at airports, though.  TravelCar lots can be found at major ports, like Port Authority of New York and Port of Miami, entertainment destinations, like TD Garden in Boston, and train stations, like Grand Central of New York, mentioned above.

The best part of reserving parking through TravelCar is that they offer services that no other lot does. If you have a meeting right after your flight, have TravelCar wash your car and bring it right to the curb.  No need for shuttles or additional stress.  Valet and car wash service is often still significantly cheaper than even low cost parking options that aren’t partnered with TravelCar.

What’s even better about TravelCar is that they actually offer the best low cost parking option on the market: Free parking with their rideshare program.  Here’s how it works: you enroll your car in the rideshare program and leave your keys with the lot manager.  While you’re traveling, your car is available for short term rental, completely insured by TravelCar.  You’ll earn free parking just for having your car available, and if it’s rented while you’re gone, you’ll earn money, too.  Low risk and high rewards, with free parking to boot!

We all know how draining travel can be.  Parking before and after your travel shouldn’t add to that.  TravelCar partnered lots are safe, secure, and clean, often employing security guards, automated gates, and live security feeds.  Most travelers have experienced the fear of your car being left unsafe while you travel, but there’s no need to stress when you know and can trust the lot you’re working with.  On TravelCar’s website, you can preview your lot, getting an idea of what type of security they have and what type of location they are.  No surprises are involved in the TravelCar process.

Finding ORD Parking

O’Hare International Airport is surrounded on all sides by one of America’s most bustling megacities.  With that in mind, you should always expect traffic.  On-site parking is located along O’Hare Avenue, with more expensive parking being nearest the terminals, and economy parking being located down the avenue from the airport.  Economy parking is not within reasonable walking distance, and airport shuttles must be boarded if you’re bringing luggage with you.

Note: O’Hare has four active terminals, though there is no “Terminal 4” anymore.

Terminal Nearest Lot Direction to Parking Parking Hours Shuttle Information
1 WallyPark Chicago O’Hare East, 1.5 Miles 24/7 Shuttle service is 24/7, with a shuttle departing every 5 minutes.  Ride length is approximately 6 mins.
2 WallyPark Chicago O’Hare East, 1.5 Miles 24/7 Shuttle service is 24/7, with a shuttle departing every 5 minutes.  Ride length is approximately 6 mins.
3 WallyPark Chicago O’Hare East, 1.5 Miles 24/7 Shuttle service is 24/7, with a shuttle departing every 5 minutes.  Ride length is approximately 6 mins.
5 WallyPark Chicago O’Hare East, 1.5 Miles 24/7 Shuttle service is 24/7, with a shuttle departing every 5 minutes.  Ride length is approximately 6 mins.


Why Is TravelCar Parking Advantageous at ORD?

Parking at Chicago O’Hare is particularly expensive if you decide to go with on-site parking.  Even with a reservation, you could pay hundreds of dollars in parking fees to even get close, covered parking.  TravelCar, on the other hand, has nearby parking that is low cost and secure, not only saving you time but also offering services that are almost unheard of at other lots.  Plan your trip in advance, enjoy a clean car brought right to the curb, and get the peace of mind that should be the norm in modern travel.

Another reason to choose TravelCar is that you get real customer service.  In addition to vetting their partnered lots, TravelCar maintains their own customer service team who can help you 24/7 with bookings, cancellations, changes, and issues you encounter while parking.  They’ve received and maintained a score greater than 9 on TrustPilot, and their lots also receive independent reviews which you can view online before you make a reservation.

TravelCar prides themselves on their service, and, in truth, it’s service that most distinguishes them from non-partnered parking companies.  With TravelCar, you’re only a phone call away from assistance, and you can ensure that you’re getting high-quality valet service and more.

To and From Chicago O’Hare

While traffic in the Greater Chicago area can be heavy at peak hours, driving to O’Hare from Downtown Chicago is quite straightforward.  However, driving isn’t the only way to get to and from O’Hare.  A number of public and private transportation methods exist that are worth exploration:

  1. Public Transportation

The most popular type of transportation in the City of Chicago is the “L,” or the local trains.  Run by the Chicago Transport Authority, the L trains on the Blue Line travel directly to and from the airport.  From most Blue Line L stations, travelers can transfer to buses that go throughout the rest of the city.  Fare on the L to and from O’Hare is $5, and regular fare to other stops is $2.50.

In addition to the L trains, Metra transportation also offers trains going to and from O’Hare.  The North Central Service Line will bring travelers from Downtown to O’Hare via the O’Hare transfer station.  Fare to O’Hare on Metra’s North Central Service Line ranges from $4 to $10, depending on the distance traveled.  Weekend passes are $10, which may serve travelers looking to go to multiple destinations better than single fare.

  1. Taxis and Ridesharing

At O’Hare, taxis queue up in designated taxi stands designed to control the flow of traffic and to ensure that only genuine taxi services have access to travelers.  O’Hare’s official website lists that average fare tends to range between $30 and $40 into Downtown Chicago.

For cheaper rates, many travelers choose to use rideshare services, including TravelCar’s rideshare service.  Rates vary depending on the length of use and peak hours.

  1. Driving

Travelers who will be driving their own cars to the airport from Chicago should take I-90 going west.  The airport exit off I-90 will bring drivers to O’Hare Avenue, from which you can simply follow the listed signage to departures, arrivals, or on-site parking.

Final Considerations Before Your Flight

With such a high volume of flights as Chicago O’Hare International Airport has, you should always be cautious to arrive considerably earlier than you would at other regional or even international airports.  Luggage, ticketing, and security can cause delays, especially if traveling during peak hours.  If you’re traveling during peak hours, consider making things less stressful and more peaceful by selecting a TravelCar valet lot, which will ensure you have no additional delays tied to parking or carrying luggage across long distances.