Anchorage Airport Parking
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Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Parking : The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC), built in 1951, is located in the state of Alaska and is regarded as a major airport in the U.S. It extends over an area of 4,608 acres, has three runways and also an asphalt helipad. The airport is named after Ted Stevens, a U.S. senator from Alaska. Many non-stop and direct flights operate from ANC and passenger traffic is about 5 million annually. The airport is close to downtown Anchorage and is a global hub not only for cargo carriers but also for commercial flights. It has two terminals and 35 gates in all. ANC can be easily accessed using various modes of transport. Airport parking is available, though charges tend to be on the higher side.

TravelCar, the global innovator in car sharing and a parking provider is a good alternative as it offers low cost parking and excellent customer service.

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Address and Map

Airport’s legal address 5000 W International Airport Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502, USA
Airport type Public
Phone number +1 907-266-2526
Airport’s traffic Passenger traffic is about 5 million annually
GPS coordinates 61°10′27″N  149°59′54″W

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) is often known as the “gateway to Alaska” as it connects that state to other parts of the world. ANC is said to be “the crown jewel of Alaska’s aviation world”. It’s situated just 5 miles from southwest of Downtown Anchorage. Named after Ted Stevens (a US senator from Alaska), ANC is stated to be North America’s fifth busiest airport. As the “fourth busiest by total annual cargo traffic,” it’s recognized as a global hub for cargo carriers. In addition, it acts as a transpacific crossroad not only for cargo carriers but also for commercial flights. It also houses the largest seaplane base in the world. ANC and Fairbanks International airport are major hub airports in the state of Alaska and are a part of the Alaska International Airport System. Passenger traffic exceeds 5 million annually. It has three runways- two have an asphalt surface and one has an asphalt/concrete surface. ANC also houses an asphalt helipad.

Cheap parking in ANC

Parking and pricing

The Ted Anchorage airport has on-site and off-site parking facilities. In addition to a cell phone parking lot, it provides for short-term and long-term parking too. However, in view of the high demand for parking spaces, you’ll be lucky to get a vacant spot. And, even if you do, it’s sure to pinch your pocket. This is why TravelCar’s parking lots are invaluable- they are they close to the airport (within 5 minutes) and parking charges are extremely affordable. In fact, TravelCar has a great reputation for low cost parking- much lower than that of its competitors. The free shuttle services that operate to and from the airport ensure that travelers are not left in the lurch when they want to reach the airport terminal to catch their flight. The services are frequent, accessible and very comfortable- the distance from the parking spot to the terminal barely takes 5-6 minutes.

Valet services

It’s a well-known fact that TravelCar’s cheap parking service prices are amongst the lowest around the airport. Well, its valet services are equally low when compared to those of other operators. Valet services are a boon to the traveler who’s always in a hurry to catch a flight. The best part of the services is that you can just jump out of your car, hand over the keys to the valet and take off to catch your flight without bothering about parking. The valet assumes the responsibility of your car and ensures that it is parked safely and securely. When you return from your trip, the valet ensures that your car is all cleaned, washed and oiled and drops it off near the terminal. Once you intimated them in advance about your arrival, they have the car ready and waiting for you. They hand over the car keys and you can just drive off.

TravelCar’s different parking locations

  • Airports

    : Seattle Tacoma, Juneau, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Manhattan, San José, Chicago, Orlando, and Baltimore are some of the major airports in the country. The fact that TravelCar parking facilities are available at these places are a boon


  • Train stations

    : Grand Central and Penn Station in New York, South and North Station in Boston, Union Station in Chicago and Washington D.C are some of the major stations that have heavy traffic. Alaska Railroad train station in Anchorage is in close proximity to ANC. Parking facilities at train stations are an absolute must and demand is always in excess of availability. TravelCar has attempted to bridge this gap by offering low cost parking facilities and highly affordable valet services.

  • Cruise ports:

    The Port of Juneau, Port of Anchorage, and Port of Seward are some of the main cruise ports in the state of Alaska. The more renowned a seaport is, the greater the passenger traffic and greater the need for parking spots and parking lots. Many passengers avail of TravelCar’s low cost parking. Moreover, TravelCar’s free shuttle service ensures that customers are transported from the parking spot to the port.

TravelCar’s parking facilities are safe and secure- they are gated and monitored around the clock to the ensure safety of the cars. The parking lots are under constant video surveillance 24/7.

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Gates Presentation

Two Terminals North Terminal- N Gates, N1-N8 Gates, 3 levels- Level 1, 2 and 3
South Terminal- L, A, B & C Gates 4 levels-  Level 0, 1, 2 & 3
Concourse A   (level 1), L1-L2  & A10-A16 Gates
Concourse B   (level 2), B1-B9 Gates
Concourse C   (level 2), C1-C9 Gates

The passenger terminal at ANC has two terminals- North and South

North Terminal has three levels:-

Level 1- check-in counters, baggage claim area, information counter, ATM, screening, and baggage area

Level 2- Gates N1-N8, ATM, and duty-free shop

Level 3- VIP lounges

South Terminal has 4 levels:-

Level 0- Parking garage and connector to rental car center

Level 1- Baggage claim and baggage offices, information counter, ATM, transportation lobby and Arrivals

  • Concourse A       Gates A10-16 & L1-L2

Level 2- Departures level, check-in counters for different airlines

  • Concourse B        Gates B1- B9

  • Concourse C        Gates C1-C9

Level 3- Mezzanine level

The South Terminal is generally used for domestic flights and the North Terminal is mostly used for International flights, though occasionally both are used for international flights.

Cell phone parking lot is very close to the North and South terminals. Long-term parking and parking garage is available at the South Terminal at the Long-term lot

TravelCar’s advantages

Booking & pricing

TravelCar scores over its competitors on many fronts- the booking process is no exception. When travelers want to book parking spaces online, they expect the booking to be easy and simple. TravelCar ensures that this is always so. Its professional approach is evident in all its dealings- starting from booking to reserving the parking space and final allotment. That’s why rating agencies like Trustpilot have chosen to assign a superior score of 9+ to TravelCar. Most of its parking lots are near airports and train stations- accessing them is easy and reaching the terminal is equally hassle-free. TravelCar believes that its customers always deserve the best and attempts to live up to that on all fronts. Its low cost parking prices are much lower than those offered by other operators. TravelCar’s success lies in the fact that it caters to customer demand and goes beyond their expectations.

Valet Services

Finding cheap parking at airports is a frustrating task but with TravelCar around, low cost parking has become a reality. It has partnered with many parking companies to be able to offer parking spaces that are close to the airport. In addition, TravelCar also offers optional and highly affordable valet services. When your focus is on catching your flight, you don’t want to be worried about parking and safety. When you reach the airport, all you have to do is to entrust your car and car keys to the valet and then forget all about it till your return after your trip. Valets park the car, keep your car keys safe and ensure that the car is cleaned, oiled and washed when they hand it over to you. They have the car at the curb waiting for you. You just have to hop in and drive off. TravelCar’s valet services, like its parking services, are unique and special to the car sharing provider.

Superb Customer Service

Good customer service translates into customer satisfaction and the end result is loyal customers. TravelCar’s friendly approach and interactive abilities augur a good customer experience. The customer service team’s primary aim is to help travelers get a good deal and ensure that they are not dissatisfied in any way. They listen to the voice of the customer and take corrective action whenever needed. They continue to perfect their skills and are highly responsive to queries and customer requests. Staff and personnel work hard to ensure that complaints are attended to and issues resolved as quickly as possible. TravelCar’s underlying belief is that ‘every customer is equally important and deserves to be treated that way, all the time, every time.’

Access to the airport

The Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport is rather close to downtown Anchorage- just 15 minutes away; probably that’s why it’s well served by local bus routes, shuttles, and taxis that can transport you to the airport very quickly.


The good old city bus- (route no. 7) is always around incessantly transporting people from downtown transit center to the domestic terminal. It operates through the week- Mon-Fri (6:45 am - 10 pm) and on weekends the service starts a little later and ends earlier. A single trip costs just $2.

Bus no.7 also operates between:-

Alaska Department of Fish And Game, Anchorage –ANC, 53 minutes

United States Post Office, Anchorage – ANC, 75 minutes

University Of Alaska Anchorage- ANC, 52 minutes

Mall at Sears, Anchorage – ANC, 43 minutes

Route 40 of the Anchorage People Mover bus system not only serves the airport’s terminals but it also connects with the downtown transit center and transports people needing to reach the airport. This service is pretty frequent.


Apart from shuttles operating between North and South terminal-

SuperShuttle provides shared-ride vans, private vans, and cars between various downtown areas and ANC.

GO Airport Shuttle provides door to door service in the form of private cars, shared ride airport shuttles, taxi service, and airport limousine service. Once you reserve a spot and tell them your pickup point, you can reach the airport in no time.

Anchorage Airport Shuttle Service

Shuttleman and Shuttle services of Alaska provide top class service for individuals and groups that want to get a ride to ANC.


These are always available and passengers needing to travel to the airport can always book cabs and taxis from wherever they want.

Although there is a rail station for the Alaska Railroad, this is reserved only for cruise ship service and that too only during summer.

Other information

Getting to the airport early paves the way for a smoother, less stressful journey. When you reach the airport, you have to pass through security and also check in your luggage. Remember, everywhere you have queues to contend with, so you need to give yourself a lot of time. Airport parking though is always a challenge and eats up into your time. TravelCar’s low cost parking and valet services are very attractive. Leaving your car in its custody will save you lot of ‘mental wear and tear’ and augur an easier trip for you.