San Antonio Airport Parking
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San Antonio Airport Parking

San Antonio Airport Parking : San Antonio International Airport (SAT) is a major international airport located in San Antonio, Texas and is about 15 minutes from the downtown area. It’s owned by the City of San Antonio and the San Antonio Aviation department is responsible for operations.

The airport has 3 runways, 2 terminals and 25 gates for arrival and departure. More than 10 airlines operate from the airport catering to more than 33 destinations around the world. Passengers can access the airport using shuttle services, taxis, private cars or bus services

The San Antonio airport and other providers offer competitive parking options that are close to the terminal, but the parking fees are pretty high. The airport is easily accessible from San Antonio and other city centers through various modes of transport.

Many passengers find a good alternative in TravelCar, stated to be the world’s largest airport parking and car sharing provider. It has a large network of cheap parking facilities and also offers conditional free parking at major airports, train stations, city centers.

San Antonio Airport Address and Map

Airport’s legal address 9800 Airport Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78216, USA
Airport type Public
Phone number +1 210-207-3433
Airport’s traffic 44th busiest in the USA in 2014
GPS Coordinates 29° 31′ 36″ N,  98° 28′ 19″W

The San Antonio International Airport (SAT) in Texas serves the greater metropolitan area of San Antonio. The airport is a Class C airport and is approximately 8 miles north of downtown San Antonio. It is at an elevation of 246 m above sea level.

Owned by the City of San Antonio and operated by San Antonio Aviation Department, the airport has two terminals- A and B; and 25 gates for arrival and departure. It has 3 runways- two concrete and one asphalt. The airport operates around 260 daily flights by 10 airlines to more than 33 destinations across the world

Short-term, long-term and economy parking are available. However, with millions of travelers and visitors using the airport every day, ideal parking spots are hard to obtain at ideal prices. TravelCar, a global trendsetter in airport parking and automobile-sharing, gives passengers viable options by providing low cost parking.

San Antonio Airport Cheap parking

San Antonio Airport offers off-airport parking rates through parking lot operators. In addition to disabled parking, it also offers a Cell Phone Lot. Finding a good parking spot near the airport is difficult and passengers have to drive a long way to find one. The parking fees near the airport are also exorbitant. SAT’s on-site parking fees begin at $10 a day for Long Term and $24 a day for Hourly parking.

Budget parking and Global Airport Parking also offers parking options with accompanied shuttle services to and from the airport terminal.

However, the San Antonio airport is used by millions of passengers every year, and hence parking near the airport is always a problem. TravelCar helps frustrated passengers get a good and cheap parking spot close to the airport and also offers free parking. As all parking spots are monitored by TravelCar 24/7, you can rest assured that your belonging and your car are safe in your absence.

TravelCar offers covered and uncovered parking close to the airport and allows passengers to choose their parking spot for very low prices. In addition to itslow cost parking options, TravelCar offers valet services too. This helps harried passengers to avoid the hassles of parking and enables them to be in time for their flights. Free shuttle services are available to and from the airport and passengers can opt for the service while booking their parking spots online. What works in TravelCar’s favor is that it offers cheap parking that puts it well ahead of its competitors.

TravelCar parking locations

TravelCar is headquartered in Paris and has a presence in more than 10 European countries. It offers parking solutions at airports, train stations, downtown areas and even cruise ports.


LAX, SFO, JFK, Atlanta Airport, Miami, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Houston and many other major airports.

Airports are busy locations and with millions of passengers arriving and departing, it’s very hard to find secure and inexpensive parking spaces. TravelCar provides low cost parking solutions that are very convenient. It is constantly expanding its US presence and extending its free parking solutions to cover more airports.

Train Stations

: Penn station in New York and Baltimore, Union station in Washington, Los Angeles, Portland and New Haven, South Station and Back Bay in Boston are some of the major train stations.

Like airports, railway stations are always full of passengers that are getting on and off. Accessing and identifying parking lots is a frustrating affair, but TravelCar makes things simple by offering low cost parking spots that are easy to access.

Cruise Ports

: Port of Long Beach, Port of San Diego, Port of San Francisco and Port of Los Angeles in California, Port Everglades, JAXPORT cruise terminal, Port of Miami and Port Canaveral in Florida are some of the major cruise ports.

With the cruise industry growing rapidly, these ports are gradually becoming busier and busier. Travelers that stop at the ports are finding it difficult to locate parking slots. TravelCar provides relief by assigning parking spots close to the port without any difficulty.

TravelCar’s parking spots are safe, secure, and convenient with CCTV surveillance, security guards and ‘on the go valets’ that make parking a breeze.

Gates Presentation

Terminal A

17 gates  A1 to A17

Terminal B

8 gates     B1 to B8

  • Terminal A, which was previously called Terminal 1 essentially caters to international carriers. It is served by Alaska, Aeromexico, Allegiant, American, Delta, Interjet, Frontier, Southwest and also Volaris. A new federal inspection facility was opened in June 2017. Arrivals take place at the ground level, which houses the information booth, airline baggage office, baggage belts and customs and immigration. The upper level caters to ticketing and departures. There are also some amenities and services for passengers.

  • Terminal B, which was opened in 2010 is served by United Airlines and American.

    The ground level deals with arrivals and houses the information booth, baggage office’s, baggage belts and USO, while the upper level caters to departures, having ticket counters and security checkpoint to the B gates.

Advantages of booking through TravelCar

Pricing and Credibility

There’s more than one reason to choose TravelCar over other similar service providers. Its booking services are very simple and smooth, so much so that travelers are never frustrated. TravelCar offers a credible, trustworthy and environmentally friendly alternative to all other car rental services. Its low parking prices are so affordable that they don’t burn a hole in your pocket. TravelCar ranks very high on Trustpilot and other rating services. It scored a well-deserved 9+ for its professional approach. There are no hidden fees and its cheap parking coupled with credibility and professionalism make TravelCar an automatic choice for travelers.

Most importantly, TravelCar’s low cost parking lots are close to the airport and this is a boon to travelers, who are in a hurry to catch their flights and have to reach the terminal in time. TravelCar’s friendly shuttle service ensures that you catch your flight with lots of time to spare.

Prompt Valet Services

Valet services are priceless, especially when passengers are in a hurry to catch their flights or depart from the airport for an important business appointment. When you opt for such services, you don’t have to worry about parking your car or about its safety. TravelCar understands the frustration of travelers and it offers this convenience so that passengers can focus on their trip and not bother about parking their cars or worry about its safety. When you want to park your car, a valet takes the responsibility of doing so and when you want your car after your trip, a valet is at hand to fetch and help you into your car. That sounds luxurious, doesn’t it?

Valet services are a way of showing travelers that TravelCar really cares about them. A valet takes your car keys and drives off with the car to a safe and secure location. That is truly a relief to passengers that are always in dread of not being able to find a parking spot. When they need the car, all that needs to be done is to inform the valet while you are collecting your baggage. Before you reach the exit, your car will be waiting for you!

TravelCar’s valet services ensure that cars entrusted to the valets are maintained and cleaned when the cars are taken back. The company’s valet parking services add a personal touch when the car is brought up to where the passenger is and have the valets open the door for them.

Courteous and Efficient Customer Service

The customer always comes first for TravelCar and its service teams make the parking process as easy and simple as it can. Right from when the booking process starts till your car is parked, customer care professionals are on their toes to ensure that everything goes well. They are known to even extend help in areas where they are not required to.

TravelCar is open to queries and patiently replies to every single question about booking and reservations. The highly efficient customer service team is professional in its approach and is open 24/7 to help passengers in the booking process and addressing general queries. Any problem that is experienced is resolved in the quickest manner possible.

Access to San Antonio International Airport

Shuttle Services

If you are looking to get to the San Antonio airport, there are shuttle services that can take you there from downtown San Antonio. SuperShuttle and ExecuCar offer rides to its passengers. These can be in the form of shared-rides, a luxury sedan or an SUV. This San Antonio Airport shuttle service offers inexpensive ground transportation for airport travelers. The shared rides are suitable for single travelers or budget conscious groups as these are cheaper than taxi rides.

Public transport

San Antonio's public transportation system is called VIA Metropolitan, which includes 89 bus lines and a small streetcar service downtown. Its stop is located at the west end of terminal B. Bus route 5 operates to and from the airport to downtown San Antonio for under 2 dollars. The journey time is only 30 minutes. Route 5 runs every day from 6.00 AM to 9.30 PM every half an hour during the day.

San Antonio Airport car service

Limousine or private car service to or from San Antonio International Airport is available 24/7. The traveler’s flight is tracked to ensure that the car is waiting for them when they arrive. The service also picks them up from a specified destination when they want to travel to the airport.


Loop 410 and U.S. 281 are the two highways providing access to the main entry points while traveling to the San Antonia International Airport. The airport is located on the northern side of the I-410 interstate, while the US-281 lies to the west. Those traveling from San Antonio city center need to travel along Loop I-410 (East or West), take the airport boulevard exit and follow the signposts to reach the airport.

Other information

When you have to catch your flight, you need to have peace of mind when you reach the airport. While getting there well before flight time does reduce stress, having your car parked and looked after till you return is bliss. TravelCar’s professional services take this responsibility off your hands and ensure you have a tranquil trip.

Trust TravelCar to give you the best of service, reduce your stress and enjoy your ride to the airport. They definitely help avoid the hassles of parking which can be a nightmare for anyone who is urgently looking for a spot- and offers cheap parking, making your onward journey a lot more pleasurable!