Pittsburgh Airport Parking
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Pittsburgh International Airport Parking

Pittsburgh International Airport Parking : The Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) is located in the Findlay and Moon townships of Allegheny County, about 20 miles from Downtown Pittsburgh. It was opened on May 31, 1952, and all operations were transferred to the new Midfield Terminal that was opened on October 1, 1992.

In 2017, it served almost 9 million passengers. It records an average of 414 flights per day to 74 destinations on 17 airlines. It has 4 runways, a Landside Terminal and an Airside Terminal that has four concourses for departures and arrivals. The airport can be accessed using public transit, shuttle services, taxis, and cars.

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Pittsburgh International Airport Address and Map

Airport’s legal address 1000 Airport Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15231, USA
Airport type Public / Military
Phone number +1 412-472-3525
Airport’s traffic In 2017 it served 8,988,016 passengers
GPS Coordinates 40°29′45.6″N, 80°14’45.6″W


Pittsburgh International Airport is a top class passenger as well as cargo airport located between the cities of New York and Chicago. It is 266 miles away from Washington D.C. Formerly known as the “Greater Pittsburgh International Airport,” it is positioned in the townships of Finlay and Moon in Allegheny County and is around 20 miles west of Downtown Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Airport is the busiest in the state of Pennsylvania and the second-busiest in the state. Though it is regarded as a civil/military international airport in the Eastern United States, it is primarily a passenger airport that caters to the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. In 2017, it served almost 9 million passengers. It records an average of 414 flights per day to 74 destinations on 17 airlines and has had immense success in attracting new low-cost carriers and international carriers.

PIT, with its wide, open layout has four runways- three east-west parallel runways and a fourth crosswind runway. As the two longest runways are 11,500 and 10,775 feet in length, the airport can handle the largest airliners easily. Also, with three parallel runways, simultaneous landing and take-off can be performed without any difficulty.

Cheap Parking in PIT

Pittsburgh Airport offers on-site parking- The Short Term Garage, The Long Term section and The Extended section, which has regular parking shuttles. Although there were lots of parking spots, they fill up pretty fast with the passenger traffic at PIT on the rise. Some of the parking spots are close to the terminal (expensive ones), while others are a little away from the airport.

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In case you opt for valet services, your worries are further lessened! Your car is washed, detailed and well-oiled so that it will purr when you re-claim it on your return. It is also kept under close surveillance, night and day, to ensure that your car remains safe and secure till you come back for it. Services generally remain open from 6 am to 12 am and regardless of the hour, TravelCar personnel ensures that customers get exactly what they want.

TravelCar parking locations

  • Airports

    - Lax, SFO, Atlanta, Miami, Denver, Dallas, JFK and other major airports. TravelCar’s presence at the major airports and its increasing outreach in the local and regional airports speaks volumes for its commanding presence in the world of car-sharing and car parking.


  • Train Stations

    - Penn Station in NY City, Union Station in Washington and Chicago, 30th street station in Philadelphia, South and North Station in Boston are some of the busiest train stations.

TravelCar helps passengers by offering low cost parking facilities at train stations. Its parking lots are easy to access, cheap and secure.

  • Cruise Ports:

    Port of Pittsburgh, Port of Erie and Port of Philadelphia are the three ports of Pennsylvania. Cruise ports like train stations and airports are always humming with activity and passenger traffic is immense. Naturally then, parking lots for passenger cars are always at a premium.

TravelCar’s responsible presence at cruise ports affords travelers a viable alternative with its low cost parking alternatives and top quality services. Its parking lots are easy to access and all vehicles remain safe and secure.

TravelCar’s parking lots are under 24/7 video surveillance and they are gated. Guards are also posted for the safe keeping of cars as TravelCar takes trust and responsibility, very seriously. Passengers can rest assured that their cars are safe with the car-sharing provider.

The Landside Terminal Entry point for passengers flying from PIT
The Airside Terminal 4 concourses-- Gates A, B, C, D

Concourse A      A1-A25 25 Gates

Concourse B      B26-50 25 Gates

Concourse C      C51-61 11 Gates

Concourse D      D76-89  14 Gates


The landside terminal includes ticketing, all baggage claim areas, security checkpoints, and ground transportation. The transit level of the Landside passenger terminal is connected to the Extended parking on the east.

The Airside Terminal houses four levels (Immigration and Customs, International Arrivals, Mezzanine and Airmall. The Airmall leads to the concourses A through D on 3rd level. Although the Airside terminal has 75 gates only 69 are apparently being used.

TravelCar’s advantages

TravelCar, the innovative parking lot provider, started on a mission to help people spend less towards parking. It lived up to its promise of delivering low cost parking services at without compromising on quality and customer service. Its free parking scheme finds great favor among passengers that aim to be away for long durations. By offering discounted rentals (with prior permission from the owner) on cars left under their care, TravelCar ensures that everyone stands to gain.

Parking is a huge problem at airports, cruise ports, and train stations and if you find a spot to park your car, you can consider yourself very lucky. TravelCar takes away the hassles from parking by allowing passengers to book their parking spots online at the lowest costs.

What’s even better is that most of the spots are very close to the airport- so reaching the terminal on time is not a problem. This is made even easier by TravelCar’s free shuttle services that transport people from their parking space to the airport in just about 5 minutes. As shuttle services are frequent and comfortable, passengers opt for the service.

As TravelCar grew its outreach, rating services began to sit up and take notice. Trustpilot rated the provider with a score superior to 9 and other rating agencies have been similarly impressed with its services.

People parking their cars for less than 3months are not entitled to free parking; however, parking charges are low when compared to the airport’s parking fee.

Valet Services

With TravelCar, you can either opt for automated parking or valet parking, both of which are extremely affordable. In case you’re in a hurry to catch your flight and don’t want to be bothered about finding a parking space, you can just hand over your car and the keys to TravelCar’s valets. You can opt for covered or uncovered parking. All the valets are highly trained and can park easily at any spot. If you decide that you do want valet service, you can mention it during the booking process.

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You can rest easy that your car is in safe hands while you’re away. Valet services are usually available from 6 am to 12 am, though at times the timings are flexible.

Friendly Customer service

The TravelCar customer service is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day and the service teams are ready to answer any questions that you may have regarding the booking process. At airports, it allows you to compare its cheap parking options with that of other providers and offers excellent customer support while dealing with booking and parking issues.

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Access to Airport

There is no rapid transit to Pittsburgh International Airport.

Public transit

Bus service to the airport is available from Downtown Pittsburgh and the University District (Oakland).

28X Airport Flyer from Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland

Bus No.16 from Manchester Academic Charter School to PIT - 92 minutes

Bus No. 31 from Bridgeville to PIT - 94 minutes

Bus No.38 from Green Tree to PIT - 93 minutes

Bus No.21 Coraopolis to PIT - 95 minutes


The airport is located at Exit 53 of the Interstate 376 and Western terminus of Pennsylvania route 576 inside of 10 miles of the Interstate 79 and 15 miles of the Interstate 76. Just past the Interstates 70 and 80, is the interstate 77 on the west and the Interstate 68 on the south. Both are inside of 90 minutes from the airport.


SuperShuttle is the cheapest and most efficient form of transportation- the 28X Airport Flyer departs every 20 minutes from many downtown locations. This shuttle service provides door-to-door ground transportation to 33 airports including PIT.

Other Information

There can be nothing worse than having to run hastily to catch your plane! Even if you’re driving, car stalls or traffic jams can put you off track. With so many airlines and flights operating every day, PIT is a very busy place. So leave early and give yourself lots of time to make your flight. When you get to the airport- remember there are so many things to be done- pass through security, check into your flight, check in your baggage- there are queues for all this and with thousands of flights taking off, it becomes crazy.

If getting to the airport is difficult, then parking is worse- getting a spot is virtually impossible, especially if you’re running late. So entrust yourself into TravelCar’s hands and avail of its valet services. You need never have to worry about parking or keeping your car safe. TravelCar offers cheap parking options and highly affordable valet services.