Philadelphia Airport Parking

Philadelphia International Airport Parking

Philadelphia International Airport Parking : Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is in Tinicum Township in the county of Delaware. It is adjacent to the Delaware River and is just 10 miles southwest from downtown Philadelphia.

PHL extends over an area of 2,302 acres and has 4 runways and seven terminals. The airport is well served by SEPTA bus routes and the SEPTA Airport Line metro, hence connecting to downtown Philadelphia is very easy.

Philadelphia International Airport is considered to be the busiest airport in the state of Pennsylvania and the largest in the state and in the Delaware Valley. In 2017, passenger traffic was almost 30 million. Parking at the airport can be a real hassle as demand for parking spaces is high.

Thanks to TravelCar's ability to provide cheap parking facilities at airports, train stations and city centers, busy airports can cope with the demand for parking spots, easily.

Philadelphia International Airport Address and Map

Airport's legal address 8000 Essington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153, USA
Airport type Public
Phone number +1 (215) 937-6937
Airport's traffic In 2017, passenger traffic was almost 30 million
GPS Coordinates 39° 52' 36.1153" N, 75° 14' 28.2671" W

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is the largest airport in Delaware Valley and in Pennsylvania. It is very close to downtown Philadelphia- just 7 miles southwest of it.

The airport is owned by the city of Philadelphia and the operations are conducted by the Philadelphia Department of Commerce, Division of Aviation.

It's not only a hub for low-cost airlines but a regional cargo and international hub for other airlines. Currently, about 30 airlines operate flights to 130 destinations of which 38 are international. It also provides non-stop service to more than 100 destinations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Mexico, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

As a result, passenger traffic is high and the demand for parking spots is exponential. TravelCar, a unique parking provider aids low cost parking and thus caters to the passenger requirement of parking spaces.

Cheap parking in PHL

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) serves Philadelphia, one of the largest cities in the United States. TravelCar's ability to provide low cost parking spaces at busy airports is a boon for travelers looking to save some money. By being able to provide cheap parking spaces close to the airport or the hotels where they reside, TravelCar has succeeded in forging ahead of its competitors.

Pricing and duration of stay are inter-related in the sense that the more you stay, the more you pay. TravelCar with its offer of free parking for longer durations and low parking fees for those who stay for shorter spells is highly acceptable to passengers that need to park their cars when they are away.

As TravelCar's parking lots are consistently very near to the airport and as it offers free shuttle services from and to the parking lots, travelers are assured that they can reach the terminal in time to catch their flight. The shuttle services are very comfortable and are frequent enough.

In addition, TravelCar offers other temptations such as valet services and automated parking and that too for a song. That its parking lots are secure is another boon for those who are worried about the safety of their cars. No wonder then that travelers throng to avail of TravelCar's services.

Going a step further, TravelCar tries to provide additional benefits and income to travelers. If you allow your car to be rented out to TravelCar bonafide customers, you stand to earn some money by way of rental charges that accrue.

TravelCar's parking locations

TravelCar has been extending its reach across Europe and the United States- that's why parking at airports and train stations is a lot easier now than it was previously.


Philadelphia International airport, Philadelphia Trenton-Mercer airport, Los Angeles International, O'Hare International, San Francisco International are all major airports which hum with passenger bustle. TravelCar provides cheap parking solutions that help people access parking spaces in an affordable manner.

Train Stations:

Jefferson Station and 34th Street Station in Philadelphia, Chicago Union Station, Union station Washington, Union Station Los Angeles are important train stations that are always crowded with passengers. Demand for parking being high, TravelCar provides for low cost parking spaces at these places.

Cruise Ports:

The Port of Philadelphia, Port Baltimore, Port of Mobile, Port of San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco in California, Port Everglades and Lauderdale in Florida are primarily busy ports that are never without visitors and passengers. That being so, parking is always scarce, but with TravelCar making its parking lots available to the public, the problem is somewhat assuaged.

TravelCar's parking lots are secure as they are under constant video surveillance. The lots are also gated and security personnel constantly keep a watch to ensure the safety of cars under their custody.

Philadelphia International Airport Gates Presentation

7 Terminals A West A14 to A26 (13 Gates)

A East A2 to A13 (except A5) (11 Gates)

B B1 to B16 (except B12) (15 Gates)

C C17 to C31 (15 Gates)

D D1 to D16 (16 Gates)

E E1 to E17 (17 Gates)

F F1 to F39 (except F8) (38 Gates)

Additional gate- F 22A

There are seven terminal buildings in PHL and these are divided into 7 concourses


A West International Arrivals

A East Domestic and International Arrivals

B & C They are the oldest terminals and were opened in 1953. Both are connected by the Philadelphia marketplace

D & E opened in 1973 and house many shops and restaurants. Connected to B and C through a security walkway

F opened in 2001

Advantages of booking through TravelCar

Pricing and trust:

TravelCar is a seasoned and reputed parking provider that has an edge over its competitors. Starting from its booking process to reservation and allotment, everything is easy and seamless. Moreover, the parking fees have been kept low and affordable without affecting the quality of service meted out. The kind of environment that TravelCar offers, its friendly approach while dealing with customers evokes credibility and trust.

TravelCar is even trusted by rating services such as Trustpilot, which assigned it a 9+. Coupled with its low cost parking offerings, professionalism, and superior customer service, TravelCar presents a picture of confidence and growth.

In addition, though most of TravelCar's low cost parking lots are close to the airport, it provides complimentary shuttle services to transport passengers from the parking lots to the terminals. This is to ensure that travelers never evince discomfort of any kind at any time.

Prompt Valet Services:

Valet parking is a huge advantage to that category of people who are always in a rush and want to save themselves the bother of finding a parking spot at the airport or near it. This is a convenience that the parking provider offers and that too at a price that's extremely affordable. After all, no one wants to spend precious time either searching for a parking space or trying to locate their car from among hundreds of similar looking ones.

A valet is the symbol of efficiency and he quietly takes your car and parks it in a secure space. Hassled travelers can rest assured that their car is in good hands and will be taken care of well. This gives travelers the necessary impetus to focus on their upcoming trip. Valets lend a personal touch that goes a long way to bring peace of mind to passengers- before the trip and even after it. Valet parking is no longer a luxury but a necessity and valets have become an inevitable part of TravelCar's arsenal.

Courteous and Efficient Customer Service

Customers are an asset - that's what TravelCar believes and rightly so. That's why it takes great care to ensure that they go away satisfied and content. Right from when booking begins till the time the customer is done- TravelCar works ceaselessly to render service on all fronts. It strives to see that no issues crop up and if they do, ensures that they are resolved immediately without any delay.

Naturally then, its customer team and other personnel, toe the same line. They are highly approachable and extremely friendly and can be depended on to help in times of need. TravelCar never sleeps and if it does- one eye is always open to tend to customer's queries and problems. Travelers can rest assured that their claims will be attended to without any delay.

Access to Philadelphia International Airport

Public transportation

The SEPTA Airport Line metro and other SEPTA bus routes help connect downtown Philadelphia to the airport. Regional rail stops at PHL terminals.

R1 Airport line- provides connection between City Center and Glenside PA to PHL. Trains are frequent and are available from 4:52 am to 11:52 pm (City Center). Stations that are on the Regional Rail Line - Terminals F, E, C, D, B and A (east) and some city center stations.

SEPTA- bus service to and from the airport

  • Route 37- plies between Chester Transportation Center and PHL Journey time is 27 minutes
  • Route 108 - runs between 69th Street Transportation Center and PHL. Journey time is 45 minutes
  • Route 115 - operates between Darby Transportation Center and PHL
  • Route 115 from Suburban Square in Ardmore to PHL


  • From City Center Philadelphia- Take I-95 south or I-76 East to get to the Philadelphia International Airport
  • From Delaware- Take I-95 north to access PHL exit
  • From NJ Turnpike- Exit 3 to Walt Whitman Bridge- then take I-95 south to PHL exit
  • From PA Turnpike- Reach the Mid-County exit via PA Turnpike

From there take route 476 to reach I-95

I-95 north to PHL exit

Taxi Services

Taxicabs are available at Zone 5 and serve the Philadelphia metro area and many of the surrounding counties.

Other information

Reaching the airport on time is an adventure by itself- combating traffic on roads, getting stuck in traffic jams, looking for a parking space at the airport and weaving through baggage and security lines at the airport. In most things, you don't have a say, but as far as parking goes- you do have an option to save time and effort. By entrusting yourself to TravelCar, your parking worries are over and you can focus on other things.

TravelCar has a reputation as a 'trusted parking provider' that wants to make a difference in the lives of its customers.