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Palm Beach International Airport Parking

Palm Beach International Airport Parking : Palm Beach airport is highly accessible for it is very close to a number of counties that include Jupiter and Boca Raton. It is also next to the Interstate Highway (I-95), just 45 minutes from Fort Lauderdale, two hours from Orlando and 90 minutes from Miami. The airport began operations in 1936 and in 2017 the passenger traffic was more than 6 million. It has three runways that is spread over an area of 2,210 acres. It has a Main Terminal, three concourses and 30 gates. The airport can be easily accessed by road by various modes of transportation. Parking facilities are available at the airport.

Major International airports in the area are:-

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Palm Beach International Airport Address and Map

Airport’s Legal Address 1000 James L Turnage Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33415, USA
Airport type Public
Phone Number +1 561-471-7400
Airport’s Traffic In 2017  passenger traffic was 6,322,452
GPS coordinates 26°40′59″N  80°05′44″W

Serving the Miami metropolitan area, the Palm Beach International Airport is located in

West Palm Beach, about 3 miles from west of Palm Beach, Florida and  2.5 miles west of downtown West Palm Beach. The airport, which began operations in 1936 is the responsibility of the Palm Beach County’s Department of airports. Previously known as Morrison field (named in honor of Miss Grace K. Morrison), the airport got its current name on August 11, 1948. It was again renamed as Palm Beach Air Force Base in 1951 and in 1962 got back its original name- Palm Beach International Airport.

PBI (Palm Beach International)  is easily accessible from all places in Palm Beach County- Jupiter is just 15 miles to the north and Boca Raton is about 20 miles south. The airport has three runways that are spread over an area of 2,210 acres, all them asphalt paved and edge lighted. The longest runway is 10,000’ long by 150’ wide. As many as 34 air carriers operate from this airport.

Cheap parking

There are numerous parking options available in PBI- curbside drop-off or short-term parking for those who are being driven, and long-term parking for those who need to park their vehicles when they are away. Tri-rail offers parking (at your own risk) on a first-come-first-served basis. TravelCar, a global leader in airport based parking is a good workaround for all those that are looking for safe, secure and cheap parking. The provider has a reputation for offering the least expensive and safest parking not only near airports but also near the hotel that you are residing in. Parking lots are near the airport- hardly five minutes away- and the fact that TravelCar also provides free shuttle services to and from the terminal means that at no point in time will you be stranded. The distance to the terminal is covered in just around 5 minutes.

Valet services are offered by TravelCar for the convenience of travelers. More often than not, valet parking at airports is expensive. TravelCar’s valet services though are highly affordable. Leaving your car under valet care is good for the car and for you too. Your car is under 24/7 surveillance and the risk of theft is greatly minimized. That being so, you have one thing less to worry about on your trip. In case you avail of all the services like car wash, oiling, detailing and painting (if needed), then your car is in ‘good running condition’ even when you come back after three months. That’s something to really look forward to.

TravelCar’s different parking locations

TravelCar is headquartered in Paris and has a dominating presence across the United States and also in many European countries. It offerslow cost parking options at airports, train stations, cruise ports and even downtown areas.

  • Airports

    : San Jose, Miami, Orlando, Houston, JFK, SFO, Kansas City, Dallas, Denver are some of the main airports in the country. TravelCar’s parking solutions are invariably very close to the airport- just minutes away- easy to access and easy to travel from to the terminal.

  • Train

    Stations: Grand Central and Penn Station in New York, South and North Station in Boston, Union Station in Chicago and Washington D.C are some of the major stations that are always full of passengers- either alighting or arriving. TravelCar understands how important parking is and that’s why it offers cheap parking.

  • Cruise ports

    - The Port of Palm Beach is ranked among the top 20 busiest container ports in the US. It has the distinction of being the only port facility in South Florida to own a rail system, hopper, and intermodal cars. Also, by being the 4th busiest container Deepwater Port in Florida, activity is high. TravelCar considers it appropriate that such ports have cheap parking lots that passengers can access easily.

Palm Beach International Airport Gates Presentation

Concourse A A1, A2, 2 gates
Concourse B   B1-B14, 13 gates (gate 13 omitted)
Concourse C C1-C16, 15 gates (gate 13 omitted)

PBI consists of 4 levels and 3 passenger concourses and holding areas. The terminal, located on James L. Turnage Blvd, extends over an area of 600,000 sq. feet. It can be accessed from the Interstate Highway 95/ Australian Blvd.

Level 1 is the arrivals level- it houses the automated reservation centers, the baggage claim area and also ground transportation and rental cars.

Level 2 deals with departures. In addition to all the gates being present at this level, there is a travel service center, a club room, TSA recheck, a few private nursing suites, a spa, the lost and found department, shops, and restaurants.

Level 3 deals with ticketing- it is the check-in level and houses the ticket counters and offers passenger check-in and curbside check-in.

Level 4 is reserved for short-term and roof-deck parking.

TravelCar’s advantages

Booking processes can be stressful- complicated and a pain in the neck. Many people abandon booking before they’re half-way through. That’s why TravelCar has made it a point to keep its booking straight and simple. Giving the customer exactly what they need has always been its motto. That it provides honest and incomparable service in terms of parking spaces is a point beyond dispute. Its parking lots are close to the airport- they are the cheapest available and they are safe and secure. Travelers know that their car is in safe custody till they return from their trip. In addition, shuttle services operate to and from the terminal, offloading and taking on passengers who are due to catch flights. This service is frequent and very comfortable.

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Valet Services

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Customer Service

TravelCar is built on trust and credibility- it connects with customers in the best way possible, ensuring that they have an enjoyable experience. Its honest and incomparable service leaves nothing to chance and all its teams work as one to cover all the aspects of customer care. Customers get deals that suit their exact needs and TravelCar gets their loyalty. It takes care to ensure that customers get the best deal possible when it comes to price, security and parking spots. Its strong customer base is proof of its willingness to go that extra mile if need be to solve an issue or placate an irate customer. Good customer service translates into customer satisfaction and that converts into loyal customers.

Access to the airport

Palm Beach International Airport is a friendly airport and easily accessible using self-driven cars, taxis, or even shuttles.

By Road

In case you are driving, then from Interstate-95, take exit 69 towards PBI- that is the James L. Turnage Blvd. Go along the curve and the terminal ends up on the right. Arrivals are on level 1.

If you choose to take the toll road from Florida Turnpike South, then head for exit 98 for Jog Rd. When you reach Belvedere, turn left, head to Morrison Avenue and turn right. The bend of the road takes you to James L Turnage Blvd and the terminal is on the right. If you’re coming in from Florida Turnpike North, take exit 99 for Okeechobee blvd., and turn right onto Military Trail. Once you turn left and reach Belvedere, the instructions are the same as above.


The Lyft Line offers shared rides- go to the pickup zone, select the kind of ride you want- (in this case shared rides) and watch out for your driver. This facility is available in certain select US cities.


Palm Tran Buses- route no. 44- provide services to and from the airport. The bus stop is just outside level 1 and runs throughout the week from 7 am to 5 pm from Mon-Saturday and from 8 am to 5 pm on Sundays.

Shuttle services

Tri-Rail - free shuttle bus service to and from Palm Beach International Airport. The service operates between West Palm Beach Station and PBI. The ride takes about 10 minutes and it is a very convenient way to travel in South Florida as it connects to the Miami International Airport, Hollywood International Airport, and also the Palm Beach International airport. If you want to get to Palm Beach airport, first take the Tri-rail to West Palm Beach station and then take the shuttle to the airport.

GO Airport Shuttle also provides shuttles and private cars from the surrounding area to the airport. The areas include Pompano Beach, Del Ray Beach, Miami, and West Palm Beach. You need to book your shuttle in advance to ensure that you get a place to the airport. GO also provides private cars to Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beach International Airport.

Other information

You know that when going to the airport, it’s good to give yourself a lot of time to make the flight, lest you have to run half the length of the airport to catch your plane. If you land early at the airport, you can check into your flight, get through security and check in your extra luggage. Sometimes there is a change of gates and then you have more running to do. Hence, drive in early so that you can take it nice and easy. And that means allowing TravelCar to take charge of parking your car. Its cheap parking options won’t burn a hole in your pocket. After all, you want to fly without any worry and hassle.