Long Beach Airport Parking
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Cheap parking available near Long Beach Airport

Long Beach Airport Parking : Parking at the Long Beach airport can be quite troublesome for you as the parking area is quite small and passenger traffic is in abundance. What you should do instead is park near the Long Beach Airport using the cheap services of TravelCar.

Long Beach Airport parking

The Long Beach airport is located 3 miles northeast of downtown Long Beach, in Los Angeles County, California. It was formerly known as the Daugherty Field. The airport is quite small compared to the LAX airport or Chicago O'Hare International Airport, which is located 29 km northwest to the airport. Long Beach airport has one terminal in the Streamline Moderne style, which is a historic landmark. The airport is under one of the strictest ordinances in the United States on airport noise.

Park your car near Long Beach Airport

As the Long Beach airport is not quite as large as many other public airports, the parking area of the airport is also very small. To find a parking space that is available in that parking area is a very difficult task and on top of that, the parking fee is quite expensive as well. The best workaround to this problem is for you to park near the Long Beach airport via the services of TravelCar. The parking fee near the airport, in comparison with at the airport, is almost nothing. This is a huge advantage for people who do not want to overpay for a parking space at the airport. You also get to choose your own parking location in which you wish to park your car. It’s better to choose a parking location that is close to the Long Beach airport or near the hotel you’re staying at. After choosing the parking location, you’ll be provided with multiple choices of available parking spaces in that location and you may choose a parking space as you please. You can even change your parking space if you feel discontent with it. There may be occasions when you may be in a hurry to catch your flight and you may not have the time to park the car yourself and that is where the TravelCar’s valet parking will help you out. Just give your car to one of the valets and they will park your car in your designated parking space. There is automated parking available as well for people who don’t wish to choose valet parking. TravelCar also guarantees complete safety of your car as there is video surveillance available 24/7, thanks to our cameras placed throughout the parking locations.

TravelCar has one of the best staff among all the car parking services. The staff is communicative and obliging and will help you out with any issue you have. If you have any complaints regarding the service that you received from the TravelCar, let the staff know and they’ll send on the information to their superiors and they’ll try their best to rectify this complaint. You may also get the option to keep your keys with yourself or with the staff for safekeeping until you come back from your trip. While you are gone, you won’t be charged for your parking space at all as the car is rented while the owner is away.

Get a shuttle to the Long Beach Airport

To make your traveling even more effortless, TravelCar have launched a shuttle service which picks you up from your parking space and drops you right in front of the airport. The shuttle will be available for you when you are coming back from your trip as well. It takes very little time to transport you to the airport. The shuttle seats are extremely comfortable and you’ll feel very relaxed. If you get bored while you are in the shuttle, you can read the magazines that are available. There are also some comic books available for people who like to read those.