Las Vegas Airport Parking

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport Parking : LAS is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world, and its airport is one of the busiest in the nation.  Numerous regional airlines focus on McCarran, and the airport is located close to the heart of Vegas.  Since Vegas is a city of entertainment and casinos, traffic can become heavy along the Vegas Strip.  TravelCar can help you get the parking you need for prices that won’t take away from your trip budget.  Las Vegas McCarran is a unique airport in that it offers plenty of entertainment right within the airport, making it a great airport for visitors waiting for the rest of their traveling party.  TravelCar can help you get cheap parking at McCarran with better service that you’ve ever had with parking companies.  TravelCar’s lots not only service McCarran but also many other major destinations such as stadiums, ports, and train stations.  TravelCar lots are safe, clean, and secure.  Choosing a lot at McCarran International takes seconds on TravelCar’s website, and you can choose lots that fit your needs since TravelCar partner lots have detailed profiles.  In addition, you can get services like carwash and valet without having to give up being nearby the airport.  Choosing TravelCar boils down to price, service, and stress reduction; you’ll pay less, get more, and have more peace of mind booking with TravelCar.  Getting to McCarran is generally easiest when driving, but public transit options do service the airport.  TravelCar can help you have an easier check-in by offering valet right to the curb, so you don’t have to stress about carrying luggage long distances and can focus on getting to the airport early.

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport Parking

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is, for many travelers, the first slice of American entertainment culture they’ll encounter on a trip across the states.  Each year almost 50 million travelers pass through the gates of McCarran International, making it the 8th busiest airport in the United States and the lifeblood of the Nevada desert in regards to commerce.  While unlike nearby LAX Airport Parking, Las Vegas International is not a major hub city, it is a focus city for a notably large number of airline companies.  Southwest, Frontier, Allegiant, and Spirit all focus heavily on LAS.  It is also notable that many of the most popular airlines at LAS are smaller, regional, specialty airlines such as Frontier and Spirit.

Las Vegas is a somewhat isolated city, rising like an oasis of commerce from the desert around it.  The airport itself is in the heat of the city, residing only 6 miles from “the strip,” which is the home of most of Las Vegas’ most popular destinations.  Four runways adorn the airport, whose halls are decorated with the showy banners of various high-profile magic shows, musicals, and glitzy performances hosted at the nearby resorts and casinos.

LAS was constructed in 1942, starting its long and illustrious history as “Alamo Field.”  Less than a decade later, Alamo Field was purchased by Clark County and renamed McCarran Field, being repurposed from a small airfield to a regional airfield.  In 1969, McCarran Field officially became McCarran International Airport and began accepting flights from all over the world, ferrying travelers from distant locales to sample the famous shows of “Sin City.”

LAS has a strong connection with LAX, which is comparatively nearby.  Short flights go back and forth from LAX to LAS frequently, and tour buses do so as well.  Though the popularity of private, casino-operated flights has decreased in recent years, many casinos still charter flights through McCarran, bringing high-rollers and VIP gamblers to the city.

With Las Vegas being largely centered around the strip, vehicular traffic to the airport can become severely congested during peak hours.  Likewise, parking at LAS can become incredibly complex, with on-site airport parking costing potentially hundreds of dollars over the course of a short vacation in Las Vegas.  Many nearby parking lots, however, are associated with TravelCar, a company which has built a traveler-focused network of quality parking lots that charge fractions of the usual cost of airport parking, are located close to the main terminals, and offer services on-site parking rarely, if ever, offers.  Keep reading to learn more about how you can get to and from the airport and what to expect when you arrive.

McCarran International Airport of Las Vegas: General Information

Address IATA Code Airport Type Phone Number Airport Traffic Coordinates
5757 Wayne Newton Boulevard LAS Public International Airport 702-261-5100   Approximately 50 million passengers per year 36.08, -115.152222    


McCarran is an airport designed for visitors, with a stunning selection of venues designed for entertainment, dining, and relaxation all located within the airport bounds.  Visit the stellar SkinnyFATS American Grill for top-tier burgers, smoothies, and fries; SkinnyFATS enjoys a Yelp review score of over 4.5 stars out of thousands of reviews.  How’s that for airport food?  If you’re craving something more refined and quiet, make your way over to Rachel’s Kitchen.  Rachel’s is a relaxed juice bar with a broad offering of vegetarian cuisine that is sure to delight any health-focused traveler.

If you’re looking for somewhere to shop while you wait for the rest of your traveling party, LAS has plenty of options for that, as well.  With a full-fledged Bose boutique in the main terminal, you’ll be able to outfit yourself for days of crystal clear music after nights of party and play.  Coach, Harley-Davidson, and Pandora stores in-terminal ensure that every type of shopper finds a store they can call home.

McCarran International is also unique in that it has an offering of in-terminal gaming machines for travelers to enjoy before they get the full Las Vegas experience on the strip.  After playing a few hands of video poker, travelers can find information on every show in the area, so they can plan their night before they hit the traffic outside.

Getting Low Cost Parking at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Many travelers have resigned themselves to the idea that nothing in Las Vegas is cheap, and it’s easy to see why the city has such a reputation.  Las Vegas is the city of high-rollers and fashionistas, international super-stars and elite performers, but not everything needs to be expensive.  While on-site airport parking at McCarran International Airport can give even world-travelers sticker shock, TravelCar’s parking network in the area is not only one of the strongest of TravelCar networks but also outperforms on-site, airport-run parking in almost every metric

First off, there’s the fact that TravelCar’s unique Free Parking Rideshare program is very active in the area.  With the Free Parking program, you can park your car at McCarran completely free simply by enrolling your vehicle to be rented while not in use.  TravelCar will ensure your vehicle and will handle all scheduling, so you have nothing to worry about.  You’ll get free parking whether or not anyone actually uses your car, and if someone does rent it, you’ll get a cut of the rental fees to boot.

Even if Free Parking isn’t for you, TravelCar partner lots in the area are considerably cheaper than on-site alternatives.  Just see for yourself!  Booking online takes seconds, and, in addition, TravelCar offers unprecedented service at most of their lots.  Don’t feel like waiting for a shuttle?  Elect valet service and rest while your car is brought up to the curb for you.  Even better, many TravelCar lots offer carwash service as well, meaning that you can have your car cleaned and ready at the curb for less than it would cost to park in standard airport parking.  No walking required.

TravelCar has parking partnerships all over the world, and they’ve got lots at locations other than airports, too.  If you’re looking to swing up to the Pacific Northwest after your Vegas trip for some well-needed serenity, you can park for cents on the dollar at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport or SafeCo Field for the Seahawks Game.  IF you’re heading back to New York for a big presentation on Wall Street, you can get cheap parking all over Manhattan, and if you’re dreaming of the Carribean, you can get low cost parking at Port of Miami for fractions of what you would pay for cruise line sponsored parking.

The best part about booking parking with TravelCar is how they run their online booking.  You’ll be able to preview your lot well in advance, getting a solid idea of what security, customer service, and transport options will be available to you.  TravelCar lots are safe, secure, and clean, and you can find out before you even book whether a location will have security patrols, gate guards, or more.

McCarran International Airport Terminals and Nearby Parking Lots

To say that Las Vegas Is a busy city would be to do the city a disservice.  Las Vegas represents a comparatively small stretch of land packed full with some of the most sought-after resorts, casinos, restaurants, and boutiques in the United States.  During the day, the strip can almost feel like a perpetual gridlock.  This makes quality parking a hot commodity.

When searching for parking options, always make sure to consider how you will get to and from the lot, and how much you’ll be paying in comparison to how much commuting you’ll have to do.  For some travelers, choosing parking closer to your resort or favorite casino might actually prove to be a good option.

Thankfully, TravelCar partner lots offer quick, regular shuttles that will ensure that no matter where you park within the network, you’ll enjoy easy transportation.

Reasons to Choose TravelCar Over On-Site Parking

There are three equally important reasons to consider TravelCar instead of dealing with on-site, airport-owned parking.  The first of these is, simply, the price.  On-site parking fees are exorbitant, justifying high prices with convenience that often isn’t as convenient as it would first appear.  With TravelCar you’ll get to the terminal in the same amount of time without having to pay outrageous fees.

The second reason to choose TravelCar can be found in TravelCar’s stellar reputation.  With a long-held 9+ score on TrustPilot, TravelCar’s professional service team has proven that they are ready to help you with bookings, trip changes, and on-the-spot questions.

Finally, TravelCar’s carwash, valet, and prompt shuttle services make travel stress-free.  Travel is stressful enough as it is, and TravelCar can take away the worry out of one step that many travelers forget to plan for until it’s too late.

Getting to McCarran International

While many locals and travelers alike prefer the flexibility afforded by driving to LAS, some travelers might simply enjoy skipping the traffic altogether.  Here are a few ways that you can get yourself to and from the airport:

  1. Bus

Public transit to McCarran is robust and easy-to-navigate.  For most travelers, taking the 108 or 109 bus routes will be the easiest.  These routes carry passengers from the rest of Las Vegas to McCarran’s Terminal 1, on the bottom floor, and then head back toward the city for arriving passengers to get back into the rest of Vegas.

There are also the WAX and CX express buses, which run from the 2nd-floor departures area at Terminal 3.  All of these bus options offer convenient and affordable travel into the city.  Rides range between 40 and 50 minutes, costing $6 for a two-hour bus pass and 8 dollars for a full day pass.

  1. Taxi and Rideshare

Taxis and Ridesharing at McCarran International Airport are regulated by the Nevada Taxicab Authority and, as such, are subject to queuing and rate standards.  A list of taxis authorized at the airport can be found on McCarran’s official website.  Rates vary based on availability for both rideshare services and taxicab services; however, all taxi services charge a flat $2 airport pickup fee to all passengers.

  1. Driving

Driving is by far the most flexible commute option to and from the airport.  With that in mind, traffic surges can lead to increased trip times to and from the airport.  Most drivers coming from Downtown Vegas will take South Eastern Ave all the way to the airport.  However, sometimes it can be faster to cut around traffic on I-515 Southbound.  Both routes have considerable signage guiding drivers to the airport terminal proper, and both routes will take drivers between 20 and 40 minutes depending on traffic.

Final Trip Planning Steps

Before you’re set to go for your Las Vegas flights, always make sure to account for unpredicted delays.  Traffic in Las Vegas is particularly unpredictable; new shows, casino specials, parades, and other events can change up usual traffic patterns.  Being late to the airport is never a good thing, especially if you have extra luggage you’ll be checking.

Don’t hold off from electing a valet and carwash service; you’ll likely find that booking these services through TravelCar will still be cheaper than even economy parking at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.  Parking should not be a contributor to travel stress!