Kansas City Airport Parking
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Park conveniently next to Kansas City Airport

Kansas City airport can get a little crowded at times and that may mean that less parking spaces are available for you. To avoid this conundrum, you should park your car conveniently next to the Kansas City airport using TravelCar service.

The Kansas City Airport parking area

The Kansas City airport is an international airport and is located 24 km northwest of downtown Kansas City in Platte County, Missouri. Originally, it was known as the Mid-Continent International Airport. The airport’s largest carriers are Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines. A total of 11.04 million passengers used the airport in 2016. To this day, the airport has never had an Air National Guard unit assigned to it and remains a civilian airport only.

Cheap parking next to the Kansas City Airport

Kansas City Airport is thoroughly busy throughout the year. A lot of passengers pass through this airport daily and this makes it tough for a lot of passengers there to find an available parking space in the parking area of the Kansas City Airport. These passengers then look for an alternative and that alternative is to park near the airport for cheap prices. And you can do that with ease through the services of TravelCar. TravelCar provides you with a number of parking locations that are close to the Kansas City airport and you have a choice to select any parking location that fits your criteria. After you choose a parking location, look for an available parking space there and your parking space will be successfully booked. Many clients who have used TravelCar’s services go for a parking location which is quite close to the airport and some clients chose a parking location that is near the hotel they’re staying at. So, choose a parking location very wisely. The parking fee is also very little compared to the over-priced parking fee at the airport parking area. That is a major reason why many clients have used the TravelCar’s services. You may also be interested in knowing that valet parking is also available at TravelCar and should you be running a little late for your flight, book your car using valet parking. The probability of vandalism or theft happening to your car is zero as there are cameras installed in all of the parking locations so there will be video surveillance on your car 24/7.

The staff at TravelCar is very friendly and one of the most helpful staffs out of all the car parking services. Whatever problem you encounter with your booking, just let the staff know and they’ll sort out your problem. If you are not satisfied with your designated parking space, you ask one of the staff members for a change and they’ll happily oblige.

Since the TravelCar has been established, 90% of their clients have trusted them enough to keep the keys of their car with them. So, if you are planning to go on a trip of a week or 3 months, it would be smart to keep your car keys safe with the TravelCar. And you will be delighted to learn that the parking fee is free of cost for you as your car will be rented while the owner is away.

Shuttle to get you to Kansas City Airport

Due to the request of a lot of our clients, we have launched a new shuttle service. This shuttle will take you to the airport you wish to get you to from your parking location and drop you right in front of the departure terminal at the airport. There is no fee for this shuttle and you can travel in this shuttle as you please. The average transportation time for one shuttle is recorded to be 6 minutes so you will be transported fairly quickly. If you feel bored in the shuttle, you can read the magazines that are available for your entertainment.