Kahului Airport Parking
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Kahului Airport Parking

Kahului Airport Parking : Kahului Airport (OGG), which is at a distance of three miles east of Kahului town is built on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. It is in the vicinity of the Haleakala and West Maui mountain range and is 5 km from downtown. It extends over 1,391 acres of land and is regarded as a primary international gateway for Kahului city and the Maui Island in Hawaii, United States. There are a couple of commuter airports in Maui-Kapalua Airport in West Maui and Hana Airport in East Maui. The airport has two runways, two terminals and 40 gates in the south and north area of the main terminal. It can be easily accessed from downtown and other places. It is the 2nd busiest airport in Hawaii and has varied parking options. TravelCar, a leader in airport based parking, provides low cost parking and also offers affordable valet services. Its parking rates are the lowest on offer.

 Kahului Airport Address and Map

Airport’s legal address 1 Keolani Pl, Kahului, HI 96732, USA
Airport type Public
Phone number +1 808-872-3830
Airport’s traffic 2nd busiest airport in Hawaii
GPS Coordinates 20°53′55″N 156°25′50″W


The Kahului Airport is often referred to as the Maui Airport and lies on the land ridge between West Maui mountain range and Haleakala. Though there are three other airports on the island, Kahului is not only the biggest regional airport but also the only one with an international status. It is just three miles east of the town of Kahului and is considered to be the second busiest airport in the State of Hawaii. Commercial airline operations commenced in June 1952. The airport code-OGG- was established in honor of Hogg, who helped aviation authorities operate the new radio equipment on Maui.

There are two intersecting runways that are used by domestic, interisland and overseas flights. The airport is also home to an asphalt helipad. Many airlines offer direct and non-stop flights to the island of Maui but the busiest route is between Kahului Airport and Honolulu. The State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, Airports Division owns and operates the airport.

Cheap parking

Public parking is provided by the airport authorities and the main public parking lot can be used by electric vehicles. There is also an electric charging station which can charge up to two vehicles at the same time. A cellular Telephone waiting lot is also available to pick up passengers that are arriving- this lot can be used free up to a period of one hour. Parking tickets can be had at the entrance itself. Parking charges vary depending on duration.

Though parking charges at the Kahului airport are not as outrageous as those in other cities, car rental providers such as TravelCar provide parking lots near the airport at rates that are much cheaper than its competitors. Though most of the parking spaces are less than 5 minutes from the airport, the availability of free shuttles makes transporting to the terminal easier. These shuttles are very easy to access, are comfortable to travel in and are very frequent. This means that every passenger can get to the terminal well in advance of the flight. In some cases, it may be necessary to book the shuttle in advance.

Valet Services

Opting for TravelCar’s valet services can actually be beneficial. Firstly, travelers don’t have to worry about finding a parking space for their cars, secondly, they don’t have to bother about it being safe and secure and most importantly the cars are well conditioned and maintained, so the engines keep ticking when the owners return from their trip. You can opt for services like a car wash, oiling, etc., during the booking. One other advantage that TravelCar confers on its customers is free parking. Owners of cars can opt to rent out their vehicles to bonafide TravelCar customers and that earns them a percentage of the fees. The advantage is that such travelers are not required to pay parking fees. That surely is a win-win situation for all the parties concerned.

TravelCar’s Parking Locations

  • Airports:

    Kansas City, San Jose, Miami, Orlando, Houston, JFK, and SFO, are some of the major airports in the country. Hilo International Airport, and Hawaii Island Honolulu International Airport are major international airports in Hawaii. TravelCar’s dominating presence has been all-pervading as it has been gradually extending its outreach to provide low cost parking solutions to many more airports.

  • Train Stations

    : Grand Central and Penn Station in New York, South and North   Station in Boston, Union Station in Chicago and Washington D.C are some of the major stations in the United States, where TravelCar has a strong foothold. The Honolulu Rail transit, an urban rail rapid transit system is in the making.

  • Cruise Ports

    : Kahului is home to the seaport, Kahului Harbor. Many cruise ships halt here and the harbor is a buzz of activity. With passengers embarking and disembarking, parking lots are filled very quickly. TravelCar helps people to get low cost parking slots close to the cruise port.


TravelCar has made a name for itself by providing top class services as a parking provider. In addition to providing cheap parking, it also very responsibly ensures the safety of vehicles entrusted to it. Its parking lots are well fenced and gated, security and guards are always to be seen and video surveillance is mandatory. In short, TravelCar provides a secure and safe atmosphere for its customers’ cars.

Kahului Airport Gates Presentation


Main Terminal 40 Gates- 1-16 in the South area and 17-40 in the North Area


Kahului Airport has two terminals- a Commuter terminal and the Main terminal. The Commuter terminal caters to inter-island flights, while the Main terminal caters to overseas arrivals and departures. This terminal has two levels- the lower level deals with arrivals while the upper level deals with boarding and departures. Security checkpoints for both terminals are in the middle- connecting both the terminals. There are two runways and a helicopter terminal too.

There are 40 gates and the Main passenger terminal has two areas- North and South. Gates 1-16 are housed in the South area, while 17-39 are housed in the North area. Odd numbered gates are fitted with jetway systems and even numbered gates lead to emergency exits and to the ramp below. There are six gate hold areas- A-F that have three jetways each. The Commuter Terminal and Heliport have pay stations for parking.

Advantages of booking through TravelCar

Those who have actually booked a parking space know how simple or how complicated the process can be. TravelCar has the interests of travelers at its heart- that’s why its booking process is simple and quick. Any problems or issues that arise thereof are settled almost immediately. It’s this aspect of TravelCar that customers appreciate. TravelCar’s affordable services and low cost parking invariably makes even worried passenger smile. The fact that its parking lots are close to the airport and there are free shuttle services to drop travelers off at the terminal only reiterates and reinforces TravelCar’s efficiency. Professionalism counts a lot and the teams at TravelCar are highly systematic in their approach. This has earned them kudos from rating services such as Trustpilot, which assigned it a superior score of 9. Other rating agencies have also applauded TravelCar’s efforts. All this adds up and that’s why TravelCar has been recognized as a leader in airport based parking.

Valet Services

Valet services are often in demand where people traffic is high and airports, train stations, and cruise ports invariably offer such amenities. The concept of valet servicing is simple- you get your car looked after by a professional agency that offers such services. For the payment of a fee, you can escape from worrying about your car and its safety. However, airport valet services don’t come cheap. In contrast, TravelCar’s valet services are highly affordable and passengers very often opt for them. Valet services take away the pain points associated with parking. The responsibility of your car is taken off your shoulders and you can jauntily walk to the terminal or be shuttle driven if you so want without a care in the world. Valet services are usually offered from 6 am to 12 am, although the timings may vary a little.

Superior Customer service

TravelCar customer service professionals belong to the top bracket- they deliver the goods in the way it ought to be done. Patience, willingness to listen and help, ready to walk that extra mile are the hallmarks of a good customer service rep- the teams at TravelCar excel in whatever they do and treating customers well is their forte. The number of loyal customers in its database is ample proof of the same. The customer service is open 24/7 to help anyone that needs assistance either with the booking process or with any other issue regarding the parking space. All personnel are friendly and knowledgeable and so easily approachable that passengers don’t feel stressed out when they have a problem. They know that it will be attended to in the quickest and best manner possible. Customers are always their first priority.

Access to Airport

By Road

Kahului airport can be accessed easily by car drivers either from the Honoapiilani or Hana highway. In case the driver is coming to the airport via Kihei, then they must access the Piilani Highway and then drive onto the Mokulele Highway towards Puuene Avenue. Drivers arriving from Lahaina need to use the HI-30- the Honoapiilani Highway, sixteen miles south. Then six miles on the Kuihelani Highway, to the Hana Highway. Once they reach the Hana Highway, the airport is easily accessible. The entire journey may take a little under three hours- but more if there is heavy traffic.

Public transportation

The public transit system affords a limited service to the airport- the Maui bus stops in front of the terminal. The bus operates seven days a week- holidays included. All the buses are ADA accessible.

The upcountry Islander- route 40 runs from 6 am – 11 pm and starts a little later during winter. The Haiku Islander also runs every hour and a half-   5.30 am - 9.40 pm and from 6.45 am - 9.45 pm in winter.

Shuttle services

The Maui Airport Shuttle Service offers one-way as well as roundtrip services between Maui lodges in  Kahana, Kahului, Lahaina, Kihei, Makena, Napili, and Wailea, Honokawai, Ka’anapali and the Kahului Airport- from 5.30 am- the last flight.

GO shuttle service is available in Maui and the Hawaiian Islands- You can either choose a private ride to the airport, opt for limousines, sedans, town cars, black cars or luxury vans.

Rental cars and taxis

Many rental car companies are situated in the airport. They pick up passengers from designated stops and transport them to the airport.

Other information

It’s always a mad rush to get to the airport no matter how ready you are- last minute things to take care of before you leave home. Remember though, driving is tiring and when you arrive at the airport if you can’t find a parking space- it’s enough to drive one crazy. Even if you manage to secure a parking space, you have to pay through your nose. However, with TravelCar around, it is simple! When you book a parking space through this car rental and car sharing provider, you get to choose your parking spot. The best part is that it doesn’t cost the earth- for TravelCar’s popularity is because of its low cost parking and excellent customer service.