Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking
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Park cheaply near Fort Lauderdale Airport

Fort Lauderdale airport is one of the busiest airports in Florida, United States, and finding an available parking space there can be hectic for a lot of passengers. The ideal alternative is to park your car near the Fort Lauderdale airport using the cheap services of TravelCar.

Fort Lauderdale parking area

The Fort Lauderdale airport is located in Broward County, Florida, 5 km southwest of downtown Fort Lauderdale and 34 km north of Miami. This airport is the focus city for Allegiant Air and Southwest Airlines. The airport saw a massive 29.5 million passengers pass through in 2016 which is a solid increase of 8.4% from 2015. Among these, 6 million passengers were international which an increase of 10.1% from 2015.

Convenient parking near the Fort Lauderdale Airport

In the United States, the Fort Lauderdale airport has been ranked as the 21st busiest airport, in terms of passenger traffic. The high amount of passenger traffic translates to less amount of parking spaces being available for a majority of the passengers at the Fort Lauderdale airport. To counter this problem, passengers park their car near the airport using the cheap services of TravelCar. There’s not better parking service at the moment than TravelCar. With TravelCar, you get a multitude of parking locations to choose from and you can select any parking location you feel suitable with. Make sure to select a location which is close to the Fort Lauderdale airport or near the hotel that you may be staying at. These parking locations will have multiple available parking spaces and you should book any one of these parking spaces, according to your liking. As most of the passengers traveling through the Fort Lauderdale airport may already know, the parking fee at the airport’s parking area is quite lavish and not affordable for a common person. TravelCar service is free of cost and that is one of the biggest advantages to use the TravelCar service. You should know that the parking fee is free at the moment only as your car might be rented while the owner’s away. While you are booking your parking space, you may get an option of valet parking or automated parking. You may choose any of these options and they won’t affect your parking cost. But, as from the experience of TravelCar, passengers who are running a bit late for their flight use the valet parking service and a majority of the others select the automated parking option. If you’re worrying about the security of your car, you need not do that. The parking locations supplied by the TravelCar all have cameras installed so video surveillance of your car will be available 24/7. The workforce of TravelCar has been regarded as one of the most hard-working and friendly workforces among all of the car parking services. Any complaints you might have, you can talk to them about it and they’ll try their absolute best to see to it that the complaint gets rectified. A lot of the clients keep the keys to their car with TravelCar for safekeeping. This ensures the client that their keys won’t be lost when they are out on their journey.

Shuttle gets you to Fort Lauderdale

TravelCar has made traveling even more comfortable for you with its newly launched shuttle service. This shuttle service is very rapid and responsive to the clients’ demands. The system of the shuttle works as follows: The shuttle picks up the client from the clients’ parking space and drops the client right in front of the departure terminal at the Fort Lauderdale airport. If a client is coming back from their trip, the shuttle picks up the client from the arrival terminal at the airport and drops off the client at their designated parking space. There is entertainment available for the clients as well when they are traveling in a shuttle, in the form of magazines and comic books.