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Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Parking : The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is located 8 miles southwest of Public Square at Brookpark RD and Riverside Dr, and 9 miles to the southwest of the central business district, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Stated to be the 45th busiest airport in the United States in passenger traffic it is also the busiest airport in Ohio, it serves more than 9 million passengers annually.

The airport was built on 1,040 acres of land at the Brookpark and Riverside intersection and it was opened on July 1, 1925. The airport offers many parking options and can be easily accessed by many modes of transport. It has a single terminal, 3 concourses and 54 gates- A1-14, B1-11, C1-29.

TravelCar plays a big role in providing the best parking solutions at airports. Its affordable valet services and cheap parking rates are a welcome relief for passengers seeking low cost parking options.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Address and Map

Airport’s legal address 5300 Riverside Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135, USA
Airport type Public
Phone number +1 216-265-6000
Airport’s traffic 9.1 million passengers passed through Hopkins in 2017
GPS Coordinates 41° 24' 20.8746" N,   81° 51' 13.9208" W

The airport is located 8 miles southwest of Public Square at Brookpark RD and Riverside Dr and 9 miles southwest of the central business district of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. It is stated to be the busiest and largest airport in the state of Ohio and the 47th busiest airport in the US by way of passenger numbers.

The Cleveland Hopkins International airport is the only one in Ohio to offer nonstop transatlantic flights to anywhere in Europe. The airport is also a major hub for low-cost carrier Express Jet Airlines that connect to many North American destinations. Cleveland’s easy accessibility and its nonstop flight options find favor with businessmen.

The airport has many firsts to its credit- it was the first municipality owned facility of its kind in the United States, it  was the first US airport to directly connect to local and regional rail transit systems and it was also the first to employ a 2-level design to separate departures and arrivals.

Cheap Parking at CLE

Cleveland Hopkins Airport offers 5 different on-site parking options and gives travelers many choices for parking their cars safely and securely. It offers covered parking too and its fast park facility is a little more than a mile from CLE. The CLE smart parking garage charges $20 a day, the Red Lot (via credit card) charges a daily rate of $18.00, the Blue Lot (via credit card) cost $15 daily while the Brown lot cost $11.00 daily. It also offers curbside valet parking with a range of services.

However, as there are limited parking spaces at Cleveland, travelers have to be lucky to get a vacant spot there. TravelCar is a very good alternative to CLE parking as you can park your car effortlessly and can choose from the plentiful parking locations available to you. You can opt for parking spaces close to the airport. Even if they are a little away from the airport, TravelCar’s free shuttle service will ensure that you are at your terminal well before your flight takes off. Its low cost parking offers much lower rates than any of its competitors.

Most of TravelCar’s parking lots are less than 5 minutes from the airport and the free shuttle service is easy to access. In addition, shuttles are frequent, so you need never have to worry about missing a shuttle service. If you call for the shuttle you are picked up from the designated parking space and then dropped off at the departure terminal of the Cleveland airport. Free parking is also an option with TravelCar if you allow the provider to rent your car to verified customers during your absence. This is actually a great win-win option for all those concerned- TravelCar, the client, and of course, the car owner!

There are always hassled passengers running late for their flights and TravelCar’s valet parking options or automated parking options come in very handy. Opting for valet services ensures that your car is maintained well and kept spic and span when you are away. As parking lots are placed under surveillance, you can rest assured that your car remains, safe and secure. The valet service is customer-centric and that’s why travelers find it easier to choose TravelCar’s services over the others.

TravelCar’s different parking locations-

  • Airports:

    Kansas City, San Jose, Miami, Orlando, Houston, JFK, SFO, are some of the major airports in the country where TravelCar has a strong presence. The car-sharing provider is gradually extending its outreach to local and regional airports that are in the vicinity of CLE. The provider’s parking solutions have been gaining in popularity because of its low cost parking solutions.

  • Train Stations:

    Grand Central and Penn Station in New York, South and North Station in Boston, Union Station in Chicago and Washington D.C are some of the major stations that are always subject to a constant stream of passengers.  

  • Train Stations near the airport:

    - Airport station, Triskett, West Park Station

Madison station, Brook Park, Puritas station and more are covered by the Rapid transit lines. TravelCar is present in so many stations that passengers find it easy to park their cars and rest assured about their safety.

TravelCar’s eye-catching presence at airports and train stations makes the act of parking a simple and easy process. The parking lots are gated and indoor video surveillance and the presence of security ensures the safety of all vehicles entrusted to its care. Above all, its cheap parking rates are indeed tempting.

  • Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Gates Presentation

1 Main terminal Concourse A Gates A1- A-14
Concourse B Gates B1-B11
Concourse C Gates C1-C29
Concourse D currently remains unused

There are three long concrete runways and one passenger terminal. The terminal is subdivided into a series of four different concourse areas as shown below. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has a two-level Main Terminal with Concourses A, B & C.

The TravelCar Advantage

There are many reasons as to why passengers opt for TravelCar over other rental parking providers. Most importantly, TravelCar’s booking process is extremely simple and this a huge point in its favor. The last thing that passengers need is giving lengthy information, filling up a whole lot of details just to book a parking space. TravelCar understands customer needs and frustrations- hence it has simplified its booking process so that passengers needn’t spend too much of time on filling out online forms.

Many rating services and important ones like Trustpilot have rated TravelCar highly. In fact, its superior score of 9 speaks for itself. The provider has lived up to its reputation by adopting a systematic and professional approach in all its dealings. This helps to solve problems faster or even better ensure that they don’t crop up. Its performance in all the countries, where it has a presence, has been uniformly excellent and mention worthy. Moreover, it has always drawn a line against overpricing or charging high- that’s why it’s parking rates are the lowest. Its cheap parking options coupled with its service-oriented mindset has found favor amongst the millions of passengers that throng the airports every day. As the parking lots are invariably close to the airport, passengers heave a sigh of relief at having been saved a long walk to the terminals.

Its valet services are one of the best. Valets take charge of your car and ensure that it is well maintained and cleaned when you come back for it. They change the oil, do a bit of detailing and waxing so that your car is in good shape on your return. The very thought that your car is in good hands makes your trip easier and so much more pleasant. The valet working hours are from 6 am to 12 am and these hours are largely adhered to.

Exceptional Customer service

TravelCar always wants the best for its clients and that’s why they are constantly looking to improve their services. The customer service professionals do their best to sort out any issues that passengers may have. Complaints that are lodged are looked into seriously and immediately so that a solution is found quickly. The friendly and knowledgeable professionals ensure that your parking is as peaceful as can be. Every customer is important to them and every vehicle in their car is ‘their responsibility’ till you reclaim it. Patience and ability to put themselves in the customers’ shoes has helped them to consistently provide excellent service. This has helped to set TravelCar apart.

Access to Airport

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is just a 12-mile ride from Downtown Cleveland. It can be reached through taxi and limo service or car rentals, as well as ride-share options or by Regional Transit Authority (Red Line) that leaves the airport at intervals of 15 minutes.

It's very easy to travel by train from Downtown Cleveland’s Tower city station to the airport. It’s a short 12-mile ride to and from Downtown and takes 30 minutes. RTA's Airport Station is on the lower level of the terminal complex and it can be reached by using the elevators or escalators near the ticketing or baggage claim levels. The Red Line operates 7 days a week from approximately 4 am until approximately 12:30 am- each ride costs $2.50.

RTA's regular service makes this the most convenient and least expensive way to travel. The Red Line stretches from the east side of the city all the way to the west side and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. During late night/early morning hours, service is provided by the #22 Lorain bus from Downtown Cleveland to the airport.


RTA also operates three bus rapid transit routes. The Healthline bus rapid may be got into at the Public Square, i.e., north of Tower City, at a station across the road. Various bus lines service Public Square and Tower City as well, and some routes could touch the Cleveland Hopkins International airport.


Taxis are available from Downtown Cleveland to the airport- the distance is about 19.2 km and it takes about 15 minutes. The drive from downtown to the airport by car is the same. There is also a town-car that takes you to the Cleveland Hopkins airport.


This service is available whether you want to go to the airport or leave the airport and go to someplace. You need to book your trip in advance, give instructions about the pick-up location, whether you want a shared ride or want to go alone and you’re done. The shuttle service picks you up at your designated point and transports you to the airport.

Other information

All of us have been there a couple of times or more- no matter how much you prepare when it comes to flight time, it’s always a rush to reach the airport. Finding a good parking space is always tough and by the time you’re done, you're drained. With that on your plate, you have to see your check-in baggage, get your pass and reach your terminal in time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be spared the parking woes at least?

Well, turn to TravelCar, the car-sharing provider that offers low cost parking solutions and always has answers to all your parking problems. Its top-notch service is sure to reduce your stress levels and calm your beating heart by the time you reach the terminal. Moreover, you get to have a pleasant trip with the knowledge that your car will remain in safe hands till your return!

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