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  The Indianapolis International Airport, the largest in Indiana, is seven miles southwest of downtown Indianapolis in Marian County, Indiana, United States. It extends over an area of about 7,700 acres and was opened in 1931. It is owned and operated by the Indianapolis Airport Authority. Many international airports such as North Kentucky, Louisville, and Fort Wayne, and also domestic airports are in the surroundings. It has 1 terminal, 3 runways, and 46 gates. The airport can be accessed by road, bus, shuttle services, taxis and private cars. Passenger traffic in 2017 was close to 9 million. TravelCar, the world’s major airport parking and car sharing service provider that offers cheap parking solutions has a presence at major airports, train stations, and cruise ports.

Indianapolis International Airport address and map    

Airport’s legal address 7800 Col. H. Weir Cook Memorial Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46241, USA
Airport type Public
Phone number +1 317-487-9594
Airport’s traffic Passenger traffic in 2017 was close to 9 million
GPS Coordinates 39°43'1"N   86°17'39"W

  The airport, largest in Indiana, is seven miles southwest of downtown Indianapolis in Marian County, Indiana, United States and is owned and operated by the Indianapolis Airport Authority. It extends over an area of about 7,700 acres and was opened in 1931. The Indianapolis Airport is the eighth largest cargo center in the United States. Ten airlines operate out of Indianapolis International Airport to destinations across the world. The Indianapolis International Airport has three runways- two of which are concrete and one asphalt. It has one main terminal with 40 gates and two concourse structures A and B. International airports in the vicinity are:

  • North Kentucky international airport in Kentucky
  • James M. Cox Dayton International Airport
  • Fort Wayne International Airport
  • Louisville International airport

  All these airports are under 130 miles from IND. Many domestic and local airports are also located near the Indianapolis International Airport. TravelCar, stated to be the world's largest airport parking and car sharing provider has a presence at all major airports and is gradually extending its outreach to provide cheap parking solutions to travelers.   Cheap Parking at the Airport   Passengers arriving at the Indianapolis Airport have access to a free cell phone car park that is located at a short drive from the arrivals section of the airport. In addition, passengers can opt for the parking garage that is just across the terminal, the economy car park or the long-term car park- both of which are connected to the terminal through a free shuttle service. Parking rates vary from $18 (parking garage) to $9 at the economy car park and $12 at the long-term parking.   Millions of travelers use this airport and finding a good parking spot near the terminal is always nearly a ‘lost cause’. Many passengers find the airport parking rates very prohibitive but find a good alternative in TravelCar, which offers low cost parking.   Parking lots that are assigned by TravelCar are pretty close to the airport (invariably accessible in less than 5 minutes) and as it provides free shuttle services, passengers can reach the terminal well in time for their flights. The shuttle service is excellent, easy to access and very frequent- passengers need never wait long to be transported to the terminal.   For those who don’t want to be bothered with the hassles of parking, TravelCar offers valet services. Valets take charge of your car on arrival to the airport and the passenger can then afford to forget about the safety and security of his vehicle. It’s driven to a parking lot and cared for till the owner re-claims it. In addition, TravelCar offers a free parking option also that travelers can avail of.   TravelCar parking locations   TravelCar is headquartered in Paris and has an authoritative presence in more than 10 European countries. Near airport terminals, TravelCar has cheap parking solutions in numerous private, off-site parking lots which are secured 24/7. It has parking options at airports, train stations, cruise ports and even downtown areas.  

  • Airports: Kansas City, San Jose, Miami, Orlando, Houston, JFK, SFO, and many other airports. TravelCar’s parking solutions are invariably very close to the airport- just minutes away- easy to access and easy to travel from or to the terminal.
  • Train Stations: Grand Central and Penn Station in New York, South and North Station          in Boston, Union Station in Chicago and Washington D.C are some of the major stations that are always buzzing with activity.


  • The Amtrak station is on South Street (at Illinois St. in Indianapolis) on the southern part of downtown. The bus terminal is also housed there- a limited number of short-term parking spaces are available. Crawfordsville is an Amtrak station on the Cardinal and Hoosier State lines in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Tens of Thousands of passengers use these train stations every day and parking solutions are always in demand.


  • Cruise Ports: Baltimore, Charleston, Cape Liberty, Mobile, New York are some of the cruise ports close to Indianapolis. These ports are no less crowded than train stations and airports. Hence the question of parking spaces is always uppermost in the mind of the travelers.

  TravelCar’s parking solutions are a reprieve to harassed passengers looking in vain for parking spots. Its affordable valet services and low cost parking solutions are a boon for those that want to rid themselves of the worry of parking and security of their vehicles.   <H3>Indianapolis International Airport Gates Presentation</H3>  

Terminal 1 Concourse A                             23 Gates Concourse B                             23 Gates

  The New Indianapolis Airport features a modern 1.2 million-square-foot terminal and is located between the two main runways. This new terminal is named in honor of Col. Harvey Weir Cook. It has room for 44 domestic gates and 2 international gates.   The southwestern ends of concourse structures allow for future expansion- that’s why gates are numbered from A3-A25 and B3-B25 leaving room for A1-A2 and B1-B2, which are yet to be built.   Busiest routes are: Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Charlotte and Dallas   The TravelCar Advantage TravelCar is on a mission and its novel parking solutions and car-sharing options are all aimed at helping people to spend less on parking and more on travel. It’s out to provide travelers with low cost parking solutions without compromising on customer service and quality of service delivered. According to TravelCar, its rates are roughly 50 percent cheaper than the traditional rental car services. Its booking solutions are so simple that before travelers are aware of it, the process is complete. The seamless booking, impeccable service, professional approach and superior rating on TrustPilot and other rating agencies are responsible for its phenomenal success. The car-sharing provider offers competitive parking pricing that holds its own against prices of other car rental and parking providers. Given the fact that parking slots close to the airport are normally expensive, TravelCar provides these at the cheapest prices. It has redefined the rental car industry by offering discounted rentals to its trusted customers seeking a car for a short period. It’s a win-win for both- TravelCar gets revenue in the form of rentals and the customers can get a rented car for less than the market rate. The actual owner of the car also gets a portion of the revenue and need not pay any parking fees. Valet Parking: Valet parking is a parking service that is offered by many businesses to help travelers park their cars. The valet takes on the responsibility of parking the traveler’s car for them. This is especially useful as parking space is hard to find at busy places like airports. Even if space is available, it’s offered at a premium. TravelCar’s booking process is as painless as its parking charges. No wonder it touts the fact that it offers low cost parking that easily competes very well with the other parking rental charges in vogue. Not having to worry about your car when you’re away is a blessing and having it maintained and ready for your return is ‘the icing on the cake’. Valet services are usually expensive, but with TravelCar, nothing is prohibitive or exorbitant. The working hours are generally from 6 AM to 12 AM, although there could be slight variations.   A customer service that builds trust   TravelCar offers excellent customer support right from the time when you book your parking slot. Over the years it has built a strong rapport with its customers and the reasons are very apparent. It’s a unique service that always ‘puts customers first’- all the time, every time. TravelCar’s customer team is not averse to answering queries regarding booking and is available 24/7. Any problems are resolved as soon as possible and always to the satisfaction of the customer.   The provider’s relationship with its customers is based on trust- one that has been earned over a period of time. The traveler trusts TravelCar enough to hand over their car keys without thinking twice before going away on his trip. They are absolutely sure that their cars are in good hands and will remain safe and secure during their absence. In many airports, TravelCar rents out cars to verified customers- the owners not only get free parking but also a portion of the rental revenue that TravelCar makes.   Access to the Airport   Bus IndyGo (the City bus) connects downtown Indianapolis with the IND airport. Route 8 Washington bus. It takes about 45 minutes to cover the distance. The Green Line is another non-stop route that between Washington Street and the IND airport. This service is available from 5 am to 9 pm. Tickets for the Green Line are priced at $7 as against $1.75 by Route 8.   Express Bus The airport shuttle service Go Express operates between downtown and the airport every half-hour. It takes 20-30 minutes from downtown to the airport and tickets are priced at $10.   Shuttle services Airport shuttle services operate between downtown Indianapolis and the airport every 30 minutes. Shuttle buses- operate from Purdue University and Lafayette to the airport. Star of America (a shuttle service) makes nine runs to and from the airport every day.   Taxi The city has 30 cab companies and Yellow Cab is one of the largest. You can call them in any of the downtown areas well in advance of your flight. That way, you will reach the airport in time. It usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes from downtown Indianapolis to the IND airport depending on the traffic. The fare is usually between $30-35.   Ride-sharing app. Uber or Lyft both operate in Indianapolis from downtown and other areas to the airport. Fares are usually less than that of regular taxis- average around $25-26. The quality of service and speed is generally friendly. Approximate time from downtown to airport is 20 minutes. By Road The Indianapolis International Airport is located off I-70 via exit 68, just five minutes west of I-465. After passing through Plainfield, it enters Marion County and passes just to the south of IND. This freeway serves as the main access point from I-70 to the new midfield Col. H. Weir Cook Passenger Terminal Building. Other information   Getting to the airport in time is important for you, but the woes of parking is an impediment. Parking your car is more difficult than actually driving it - finding a parking spot, especially when you’re in a hurry, is next to impossible. Remember, you also need to take care of the luggage booking and boarding formalities!   TravelCar to the rescue! It takes the burden of parking your vehicle off your hands and suddenly you feel free and uncluttered. You can even take on those mighty queues without blinking an eyelid. This car-sharing provider offers top notch services and lightens the heart of travelers before they board their flight. This augurs for a good trip.