Albuquerque Airport Parking
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Albuquerque International Sunport Parking

Albuquerque International Sunport Parking : Albuquerque International Sunport is a public airport that’s situated in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. It’s operated by the City of Albuquerque Aviation Department and owned by the City of Albuquerque. It is considered to be the ‘largest commercial airport’ in New Mexico and is well served by taxis, shuttles and public transport. Major commercial airlines operate from this airport that lives up to its name- very sunny and friendly. It handles about 5 million passengers annually and offers non-stop services to many major U.S. cities. The airport extends over 2,039 acres and has three runways, one Terminal and 25 gates in four concourses (this includes a commuter airlines area). The Santa Fe Municipal Airport is in the vicinity. Though the airport has parking facilities, they are invariably expensive.

TravelCar, the global innovator in car sharing is offering low cost parking without compromising on the quality of its services.

 Albuquerque International Sunport Address and Map

Airport Type Public
Phone Number +1 505-244-7700
Airport’s traffic Passenger traffic about 5 million in 2017
GPS coordinates 35°02'15.00" N   -106°36'19.79" W

Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ) is a public airport that is located in Bernalillo County, New Mexico, United States. It is very close to downtown Albuquerque and the central Albuquerque business district. Not for nothing is it considered the largest commercial airport in New Mexico- it is served by 8 commercial carriers. Regarded as the “main transportation hub” for New Mexico, it handles about 5 to 6 million passengers annually. ABQ offers nonstop services to 24 U.S. cities, and also serves Denver, Santa Fe, Taos and White Sands, and Albuquerque. The Albuquerque Municipal Airport opened in 1939 and was renamed as Albuquerque Sunport on April 17, 1963. Once it commenced its international operations, the airport was known as Albuquerque International Airport. In 1994 it acquired its current name- Albuquerque International Sunport. It has three runways, which it shares with Kirtland Air Force Base, one Terminal with 4 concourses.

Cheap parking and pricing

Anyone who has tried to find cheap parking at any airport is sure to end up in despair- going in circles. With thousands of passengers boarding flights every day, parking is extremely difficult. However, TravelCar is able to offer parking spaces that are not only closer to the airport but also a lot cheaper than any of its competitors. It has been able to make great inroads into providing low cost parking by partnering with local parking operators. It has thus been able to offer travelers good parking locations not only close to the airport but also close to the hotels where travelers reside before they catch their flight. To give travelers a better deal, TravelCar even provides free shuttle service that transports passengers from their parking spots to the airport. Shuttles are easily accessible and frequent. The distance to the terminal is usually covered within 5-6 minutes.

Valet services

TravelCar understands what travelers go through when they have to drive long distances and sometimes get caught in traffic jams that delay their arrival at the airport. Imagine their plight, if, in that frame of mind, they are unable to find a parking space to park their cars! Well, TravelCar has another ace up its sleeve- valet parking. No sooner than you enter the airport, you find a valet waiting to take charge of your car and park it safely in their parking lots. That’s a huge relief, especially if you know you’re short on time. Valets look after your car and ensure that it is safe in the parking place. In case travelers agree to rent out their car to bonafide clients during their absence, they are guaranteed free parking and will also get a portion of the rental charges that TravelCar earns on it. Those who don’t opt for the rental scheme can automatically opt for thelow cost parking options.Either way, it’s a win-win for all concerned.

TravelCar’s different parking locations

TravelCar offers cheap parking, valet service, and even car-wash service at almost all airports in the United States, major train stations like Grand Central, and cruise ports like Port Miami.

  • Airports

    : San Jose, Miami, Orlando, Houston, JFK, SFO, Kansas City, Dallas, and Denver are some of the main airports in the country. TravelCar’s parking solutions are invariably very close to the airport- just minutes away- easy to access and easy to travel from and to the terminal


  • Train Stations

    : South and North Station in Boston, Union Station in Chicago and Washington D.C, Grand Central and Penn Station in New York, are some of the major stations that have ceaseless passenger activity. TravelCar understands the implications of such a hectic buzz and that’s why it touts its low cost parking facilities.


  • Cruise Ports:

    Santa Teresa, Port Columbus, and Port Antelope Wells are main ports of entry in New Mexico. The ports are used to move cargo to either the coasts or to Chicago. That means traffic is heavy and consequently, parking becomes a problem. TravelCar, with its ubiquity, helps people to access parking spaces that are cheap and provides top-notch services.


TravelCar takes care of parking and also ensures the safety of the cars. The parking lots are gated and the whole area is monitored by security and guards.

 Albuquerque International Sunport Gates Presentation

Concourse A 13 Gates- A1 to A12 & A14
Concourse B 9 Gates- B1 and B3 to B10 (B2 was removed in 2005)
Concourse C (Originally the West Wing) 1 Gate- C1
Concourse E (Commuter gates) 2 Gates- E1 & E2


Albuquerque airport has three runways. Two runways are concrete paved while one is paved with asphalt and concrete. The Albuquerque International Sunport has the Main Terminal with three main levels:

Level 1- This is the arrivals level- it also houses the ground transportation counter, baggage claim offices, information center, and car rentals. This level is connected to the parking garage

Level 2- This is the check-in level. It also houses the commuter airline gate area and A and B concourses for commercial airline gates

Level 3 is the Departures level, security checkpoint, Aviation department offices, shops and restaurants, and passenger greeting area. It also connects with the concourses on level 2.

The parking area is located near the terminal and has four levels- the long-term and dedicated parking spaces can be found near the elevators.

TravelCar’s advantages


TravelCar, the reputed and much-touted peer to peer car sharing platform for travelers will help you save precious dollars by reserving your parking space at a very low cost. In just a few clicks, travelers can complete the booking process and that’s a relief for many. Long drawn bookings are anathema to people in general and rather than complete the whole process, they prefer to abandon it. TravelCar cares about its customers and wants to give them deals that they cannot refuse. Most of its parking lots are near the airport and even if they are a little away, the parking provider will offer free shuttle services to transport you to the airport terminal. Highly professional in approach, it does things systematically and efficiently. Such agencies are taken seriously by customers as they believe that everything will get done at the earliest possible time- be it a booking, a re-booking or sifting of issues. That it scored a rank of superior 9+ on TrustPilot and is respected by other providers in the market makes TravelCar unique and special.

Valet Services

Valet services are offered in many places where there is a flurry of people activity- at airports, cruise ports, and train stations, travelers are always in a hurry to catch their flights or trains. This leaves them with very little time for other things like parking their cars, which can really turn out to be a nightmare. Opting for valet services ensures that their cars are parked safely and looked after till they can reclaim them after their trip. Once you arrive at the airport, valets take charge of your car and you’re left free to focus on your trip. This is a great relief as most of us don’t want to have too much on our plates when we embark on a journey. In your absence, you need never give another thought to your car for it will be secure at all times. Surveillance of the parking lot, strict security, gated parking lots and constant monitoring keeps cars safe from intruders. TravelCar’s official timings are from 6 am to 12 am, but it is always available to its customers. No wonder the provider can boast of a strong and loyal customer database.

Customer service at its best

Good customer service is the hallmark of any company or organization that has ‘customer welfare’ at heart and believes that ‘all customers are important’. This is not a new concept but one that has been slowly evolving with time. TravelCar, the peer to peer car sharing provider believes that ‘good customer experiences’ translate into customer satisfaction. That’s why it has always been willing to go beyond customer expectations and make things work for customers. Its parking facilities are one of the best- easy to access, close to the airport and inexpensive. Its motto has always been to ensure that customers get a good deal, no matter what.

Access TO the airport

Getting to the ABQ airport is literally a breeze with so many modes of transport from downtown and its surrounding areas.


Bus no. 350 operates between the city center and the airport’s shuttle area. It is generally available 5:50 am until 6:08 pm from Monday to Friday. This is a free service and is infrequent. Journey time is generally about 15 minutes.

Bus No. 50 operates between downtown Albuquerque and the airport’s shuttle area. It is available between 7 am and 8 pm during the week and every 70 minutes from 9 am to 6:30 pm on Saturdays.

Bus no. 222 has a similar schedule but operates between Rio Brava and Kirtland, and the airport.

Sue Cleveland High School Concert Hall, Rio Rancho to ABQ, Bus 251, 790 and 50

St Portable, Albuquerque to ABQ, Bus 50

Telephone Pioneer Museum, Albuquerque to ABQ, Bus 50

The Pit, Albuquerque to ABQ, Bus 50

By Road (driving)

From North and South

Take Interstate 25 South/ North to reach exit (no.221) of Sunport Boulevard and follow the signboards that will help you reach either airport parking area or the terminal.


Rio Bravo Station is the closest to the airport and there is a shuttle bus that runs to the airport. Bus No. 222 stops at the west end of the shuttle island at the airport. Also, there is a train from Santa Fe to Albuquerque and from the train station, you can get a bus or shuttle.


Door to door shuttles and taxis are also available. These will transport you from Albuquerque city center to the airport terminal. You need to book in advance, though.


Sandia Shuttles operate between Santa Fe locations and Albuquerque International Airport- there are many pickup points in Santa Fe and other locations. Shuttle reservations can be made online.

Other information

If you don’t want to feel stressed before going to the airport, it’s best to order a cab or taxi that will take you there. If you want to drive, then you have to be well prepared for traffic jams and parking troubles at the airport. No matter how much of airport parking there is, there’s always demand for low cost parking. This is where TravelCar differentiates itself from other operators and parking providers. It offers customers cheap parking< and provides top-notch services. It also offers valet services that are a boon to those who cannot afford to waste time circling- looking for a parking space that suits them. TravelCar has a reputation of ‘understanding customer parking pitfalls’ and providing ‘understanding service’.