Cheap Car Rentals in San Diego International Airport

Cheap Car Rentals in San Diego International Airport

San Diego International Airport, often called as Lindbergh Field, is situated in San Diego California, US. San Diego is the 8th largest city in the US along with being the largest city in the state of California by size. The San Diego International Airport is built over 663 acres of land and boasts of being the busiest single runway in the United States of America.

The San Diego International Airport is sometimes called ‘dangerous’ as well due to its close proximity to downtown San Diego’s high rise buildings, nearby Peninsular ranges, and a short runway. Taking off and landing at this busy runway is nothing less than an adventure!

There is a lot to see at San Diego like the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, the Gaslamp quarters etc. But the fun doesn’t end at San Diego. The cities close proximity to Coronado, National City, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara among others makes it a great place to holiday. Travelers can explore San Diego and also take scenic road trips to the nearby cities and towns.

It is very easy to get airport rentals at San Diego International Airport with TravelCar’s easy and affordable car rentals. Plan a holiday to San Diego and experience its many wonders and do not forget to book TravelCar’s budget car rentals to make your holiday memorable.

Cheap Car Rental Service at San Diego International Airport

Affordable Pricing & Availability

If you are looking for budget airport rental providers at San Diego International Airport, then your search ends with TravelCar. TravelCar has been providing affordable car rentals with quality service since 2012 and has emerged as one of the most popular car rental and parking solution provider in the US and UK. The company has conveniently located pick-up and drop-off car rental points at all the major airports, train stations, bus stands, and major landmarks. TravelCar’s easy availability is one of its many advantages along with its unmatched rentals. The company follows a very simple yet effective business model where it merges its parking solutions with car rentals. Customers who park their car in TravelCar’s long-term parking centers are given the option of renting out their cars to tourists who visit the city. This way TravelCar does not need to have a separate inventory of rental cars and the customers who rent out their cars do not need to pay any parking charges. This works out for the best for customers who park their cars as well as customers who rent out cars as both save money. The company ensures that the rental cars are equipped with all the modern features which provide the utmost security and comfort for their customers. TravelCar also ensures that all the rental cars are fully insured. It will be difficult to find a car rental agency which provides affordable airport car rental services like TravelCar.

Ease of Booking

There are many car rental providers in San Diego but none provide the comfort of booking a car as easily as TravelCar. The company’s online booking system is quite easy and interactive where the customers need to input only a few details like destination name and time of arrival. Based on these details, the website provides you with various rental packages. The company offers a wide range of rental cars as well as the option of booking a car for a day, a week or for long-term. For customers who are averse to technology, TravelCar’s rental booking can also be done via their customer care centers. The company offers the flexibility of booking a rental in advance or after reaching the destination airport. TravelCar is one of the very few rental service providers who have booking centers at all the major airports so you don’t waste any time after landing at the airport. TravelCar provides complete ease of booking and is definitely the most affordable and comfortable way of exploring the city of San Diego.

Professional 24/7 Customer Service

TravelCar is the best example of providing cheap rentals with the utmost quality and customer service. The company employs trained and professional staff who run the 24/7 customer care service centers. No matter what time of the day it is, you can always call TravelCar’s helpline number and speak to a customer care executive to get your questions resolved. The customer service agents help you with booking rentals as well. Based on your itinerary, the customer care executives provide you with the best options for rental packages and also assist you with local information about the city, places to visit etc. In case of any issue with the rental car during your holiday, a call to the customer care executives will ensure that help is provided to you immediately and you do not have to face any hardships. TravelCar’s budget airport rentals at San Diego International Airport are the best way to enjoy a stress-free and fun-filled vacation in the city.

A Wide Range of Vehicles in San Diego International Airport

No one customer is alike and thus their requirements are bound to be different. Keeping this in mind, TravelCar offers a wide range of rental vehicle options to its customers. For smaller families or single travelers, the Mini Car or the Compact Cars are ideal. For the thrifty travelers, the Economy Class Cars will be quite appealing where they can save a buck or two. Large families with lots of luggage can opt for the company’s Large Family-sized Cars with greater trunk and leg space. For people who like traveling in style, TravelCar offers their luxury edition cars fitted with all modern amenities. Experience the luxury at an affordable price only with TravelCar! Their SUVs and vans are popular with large groups. For people who like exploring the city at their own pace, TravelCar also provides self-drive cars. With so many options to choose from, you are bound to find the right car which suits your requirements and budget.

Driving around San Diego International Airport Area

Visit the San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is rated as the number one tourist attraction in the city and rightly so. The Zoo, which is spread across 100 acres, houses more than 4000 animals belonging to 800 species. This is a fun place to explore not just for kids but adults as well. The San Diego Zoo incorporates all types of ecosystems ranging from tropical forests, deserts, ice-cold weather etc. Besides being an amusement attraction, the zoo is also a conservatory with a number of projects running in the background aimed at conserving and saving some rare species of animals. It is only at the San Diego Zoo that you can see a Polar Bear and Giant Pandas at the same time. It takes 12 mins by car to reach the San Diego Zoo from the San Diego International Airport and can be easily traveled using an airport rental car like TravelCar.

Take a Walk in the Balboa Park

Balboa Park is another very famous tourist attraction in San Diego. The Balboa Park is spread across 1,200 acres of land and houses close to 17 museums, theatres, shops, cafes and most importantly the San Diego Zoo. The Imax theatre at the park and street performances is a must-see experience. Balboa Park is a great destination to spend quality time with family and requires a day or two easily to be explored. Passes for all attractions in the park are available at the entrance and you can spend your day lazily visiting one museum after another. When you get hungry, stop over at one of the cafes for a tasty bite and then resume the exploration. Besides the attractions inside the park, the Balboa Park site is also blooming with beautiful flora which enhances the whole experience. If you are at San Diego, then do not miss taking a walk inside the Balboa Park.  The park is very close to the San Diego International Airport, approximately 9 mins away and the journey to the park can either be made on foot or by hiring a rental car.

Drive Down to the Gaslamp Quarter

To feel the pulse of San Diego, you need to drive down to The Gaslamp Quarters in San Diego.  At the entrance of the Gaslamp Quarters, a board announces that this is the “Historic Heart of San Diego” and it is absolutely true. The place is buzzing with activities all-round the year and features museums, restaurants, Boutiques, theatres etc. If you need to experience the true spirit of San Diego then there is no better place than Gaslamp Quarters. It is bordered by lovely coastline on one side and Downtown San Diego on another. The Gaslamp Quarters are ideal for those who are interested in shopping, experiencing the San Diego nightlife, tasting the best of the best food and tracing the history of the city. In short, the place has something for everyone. It’s situated only 12 minutes away from the San Diego International Airport and the best way to reach it is via rental cars like the ones offered by TravelCar.

Take a Trip to the Harbor Island

Harbour Island in San Diego Bay is a man-made Peninsula created in 1961. The Harbor Island is directly opposite the San Diego International Airport. The island is only 3.2kms long and not very wide. It is connected to the mainland by a single road called the Harbor Island Drive. The Harbor Islands are popular with tourists as it houses many Marinas, restaurants, hotels, and the Harbor Island Drive Park. It’s a nice experience walking on the narrow road and feeling the cool ocean breeze in your hair. If you are at San Diego, do take out time to take a trip to the Harbor Island.

Visit the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

If you are a nature lover then visiting the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve should definitely be on your itinerary. The Torrey Pines Reserve is situated some 21mins away from the San Diego International Airport on the outskirts of La Jolla community. It features natural cliffs, the Torrey Pines State Beach, and a lagoon. It is mandated as a reserve as it is home to migrating seabirds and the rare Torrey Pine Trees. The reserve is also abundant with flora and wildlife. It’s a great way to spend your day amidst nature and serenity. You can reach the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve in 21mins from the San Diego Airport and the fastest way to travel is by road.

Driving to cities near San Diego International Airport


Coronado is situated just 20 minutes away from Downtown San Diego and is ranked as one of the best beaches in the United States. The island is perfect for a family getaway and entices you with white sandy beaches, bustling main streets and some great hotels. The island is home to the very famous Hotel del Coronado which is a national historic landmark and was built in 1888. There is so much to see and experience at Coronado like taking a ferry cruise or lounging at the beach, visiting the Coronado Museum of History & Art etc. It’s a fun road trip from San Diego to Coronado which is made on the bridge connecting the two cities and provides a lovely and scenic landscape.

National City

National City is situated at the border of Mexico and the United States. It lies towards the south of San Diego and is a great multi-cultural city. It is home to Victorian architecture, museums, art galleries, some great restaurants, and budget-friendly hotels. People visit National City as it provides easy access to San Diego attractions as well as Mexico. Tourists can visit Mexico in the morning and come back in the evening to the city and stay at an affordable hotel. The city is only 20 mins away from San Diego International Airport and is the best place to stay in San Diego if you are on a budget. Take a trip to National City if you want to experience the old-world charm and take a quick detour to Mexico!

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in California and its proximity to San Diego give you all the more reason to visit this city. The city is known for its Hollywood Boulevard, Sandy beaches, Universal Studios and much more. It’s a haven for kids and adults alike. It’s a city everyone wants to visit once in their lifetime and you should not let this opportunity miss you if you are in San Diego. The journey from San Diego International Airport to Los Angeles takes only 1hr by road and the best way to travel is by airport rental cars.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is very close to Los Angeles and is one of the best places to stay in the United States.  It is also called as the ‘Riviera of the West’ and has some great weather and scenic landscapes. The city houses some impressive beaches, great architecture, and lots of bars and restaurants. It’s a delight for the tourists and has everything that you need to relax and have a good time. Visit Santa Barbara from San Diego and experience the joy of living in style.

Driving in San Diego, United States

Driving in San Diego can get challenging at times due to the heavy traffic. The maximum permissible speed limit on highways is 65-70 mph and it is recommended to drive at a speed lower than the one mentioned on signboards. If you are a tourist in San Diego, it is advised that you explore the city by hiring a rental car. This way you can concentrate on the lovely attractions in the city rather than on the traffic.


Maximum Speed limit on Highways

65 mph

Maximum Speed near Schools

25 mph

Maximum Speed at Blind Intersections

15 mph

Maximum Speed near Railroad tracks and Alleys

15 mph

Maximum Speed in Residential or Business Districts

25 mph

TravelCar offers great airport rental packages to explore San Diego as well as adjoining cities.