Cheap Car Rentals At Salt Lake City International Airport

Cheap Car Rentals At Salt Lake City International Airport

Salt Lake City International Airport is located around 6.4 kilometers to the west of Salt Lake City. It is a civil cum military airport and one of the highest ranking airports in the US for it on-time arrivals and departures. It also has the least number of flight cancellations. This airport is wholly owned and operated by the Salt Lake City Airport Department. Salt Lake City International Airport is the only self-sufficient airport in the US with zero debt outstanding. On average, as per the 2017 reports, this airport showed around 900 aircraft operations per day. This increased to around 342 daily aircraft operations in January 2018. It is ranked as the 25th busiest airport in the US and the ranks 85th worldwide in the number of passengers. TravelCar offers the most affordable, economic and cheapest car rental services at this airport.

Cheap Car Rentals at Salt City Lake International Airport

TravelCar offers a range of rental services with options to book a variety of car models within a few clicks on your phone. You just need to mention your preferred car type and time duration required, the TravelCar website calculates the exact price for you. Check it with other local car rentals and you will be surprised at the price difference! With TravelCar you can book any car model (from Economy to Luxury) at unbeatable prices. All types of rentals are available; few days, weeks, monthly, short/long term and so forth. It has no reservations on the distance of your destination, you may please go ahead and book your car; TravelCar will accordingly assign you their service. All this and more, just with few clicks on your phone!

The cost of your car service is purely dependent on the location you wish to travel (whether you wish to make single/multiple stops on the way), the type of car you select and the time duration for which you avail the services. A wide range of car models are available at your fingertips and you are free to choose your car as per your desire and liking. Rental charges are calculated on per day basis.

Apart from the rental charges mentioned above, you will also need to pay a security deposit to avail this service which will be refunded to you post your car usage. This deposit again is determined basis the location, time duration and car model you select and the prices vary accordingly. Few car packages also come with included airport service charges (Charged by few airports) and if you are lucky, you can also avail the 48-hour prior cancellation with zero deductions.

The staff is specially trained to treat customers with curtsey and respect. They are also very much capable to cater to any special requests you may have as their customer. For example, if you have a senior citizen in your group, the drivers will take extra care to ensure that they are at ease while getting into the car as well as during the drive. Any extra amenities will be taken care of by the driver at no extra charges. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to Salt City and avail this unique service at unbelievable prices. While most of the other service providers charge you per service, TravelCar is the only service which will bill per day and not per service. You may compare all service providers and their rates, do not believe every word we say. However, we are 100% sure that you will come to the same conclusion that TravelCar provides the cheapest car rentals at Salt Lake City International Airport.

A Wide Range of Vehicles in Salt Lake City International Airport

TravelCar offers a wide range of luxury cars which you can select from. Car models with approximate price ranges are listed below. Prices may vary as per distance, time and car model selected.

  • Economy: This is for single travelers on business trips. The cost is approximately $42 dollars per day. Car models are mostly automatic with air condition facility, 5 seats, and 2 doors. If you are on business travel and wish to go around the 3 best spots in the city (post your business hours); TravelCar can make sure your car rental is the cheapest with the Economy car pack.
  • Compact: This is for travelers on business/personal trips for a short duration. The cost is around $41 dollars per day. Car models are again automatic, 5-seaters with air condition.
  • Mini: This is one of the cheapest car rentals available for families. Cars allotted are classic 7-seaters with Air Conditioning and 2 doors. These come at a range of $300-350 per day. Taking the family out on a holiday? Don’t worry when TravelCar is here. Just book a mini from our car rental packages, lay back and relax as the city streams past you.
  • Intermediate: This is a family pack and comes at a cost of $73-80 per day. It is an ideal choice for a group of friends OR families on a leisure trip or vacation. You will be allotted a 5-seater or 7-seater car as per requirement complete with air conditioning and 2 doors.
  • Special: This is for a large group of people who are looking for minivans and similar vehicles for rental. The standard costs are $250-300 per day.

Driving in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has a number of places to visit. The visit will be even more pleasurable if you are in a car.

Driving to the Temple Square

The Temple Square is located just a 15 minutes car ride away from the Salt Lake City International Airport. Temple Square is a complex own by the LDS Church spanning 10 acres in size. It attracts approximately 3-5 million visitors in a year. The Gardens and the grounds often are an ideal venue for concerts and many other events. Do not miss the lightening of the Temple Square wherein Christmas Lights decorate each shrub and tree there from early evening till almost 10 PM in the night. TravelCar will help you experience this rare sight with their cheap car rental services. Do not wait, just go ahead and book your TravelCar.

Driving to Salt Lake City Public Library

The Public Library is located at a 12-14 minute drive from the Airport. It constitutes an area of 2.4 lakh square feet and is a 5-story building in the shape of a wedge. In 2004, this library received an “Institute Honor Award” for its state-of-art Architecture from the “American Institute of Architects”. Do not miss the shopping experience here and do pay a visit to the city’s own radio stations while you drive to the Salt City Public Library. This place has been in the news many times due to the multiple numbers of suicide cases that have taken place here. Sounds intriguing? Trust TravelCar to give you the cheapest car rental to explore this place!

Driving to Olympian Cauldron Park

The Park is located at a 14-minute drive from the Airport. It has 3 main highlights namely, the Hoberman Arch, the visitor’s center and the Cauldron itself. The park construction started in Oct 2002 and was completed in record time; August 2003. The Cauldron is designed with official 2002 Olympic Fire - Ice theme. The Park landscape is made up of 17 panels. Each panel aptly describes the events of each day of the Olympic Games. There are many more highlights to this place, get the cheapest car rental through TravelCar and visit the Park to know more.

Driving to Trolley Square Mall

The Trolley square is located within 11- minutes’ drive from the Airport. It is a partly closed mall, highly trendy with its high-tech shopping center. Trolley Square was first built in 1908 as a huge barn to house streetcars. In 1972, when streetcars went off the market it was converted to a 2-story shopping complex. This place has been in and out of the news for various reasons. In Feb 2007, one single gunman staged a mass killing at Trolley Square. He shot dead 5 locals and injured 4 bystanders before being caught and shot dead himself. This is absolutely one of the places you should visit if you are in Salt Lake City. TravelCar can help you here with the cheapest car rentals to and from this place.

Driving Around Salt Lake City Area

Salt Lake City has a variety of informal neighborhoods. Driving around this city, you will quickly notice that the western part of the city is more affordable than the eastern neighborhoods. The west side is also more culturally diverse in its population. The streets of the city are built wide due from old times. This was done to allow wagons to pass freely through the roads without attracting any penalty.

Another locality worth a mention is the Sugar House. It is in the south-eastern part of the city and has a lot of small shops. This locality has been a major focus area for the city redevelopment teams. Approximately 900 apartments were constructed here in 2015; a proposal for another 500 is on its way.

As you drive downtown, you will come across another locality called The Avenues.  While the entire city is built on the grid system, this locality stands out as a lane housing many small blocks. The Avenue is housed on an upward sloping area at the foot of Wasatch range. This geography is precisely the reason for the smaller blocks and lack of a grid system.

A further drive takes you the Parks of the city. The largest Park in the city is the Place, Heritage Park. This Park is built on the lines of the typical 19th-century historical structures and is spread across an area of approximately 218 acres You will also want to see the Sugar Park. Sugar Park is spread across an area of 110 acres with a 4.5-acre pond. This pond has colorful fountains in the center. The Park is known for its rolling hills architecture. It is also the site for the Annual July fireworks.

If you wish to go for a leisure drive through the city, TravelCar offers you the cheapest car rentals with knowledgeable drivers who can also double-up as your guides for your city tour. Please do ensure that your driver does not miss to take you to the exhibitions and musical concerts at Red Butte Garden.

Driving in the United States of America

Driving in the US can be challenging if you are not aware of the speed limits as per jurisdiction. In the Western US the speed limit is 120-130 km/hour within the city while in towards the eastern side, the limits are 100-120Km/hour.


Maximum Speed limit on Highways

65 mph

Maximum Speed near Schools

25 mph

Maximum Speed at Blind Intersections

15 mph

Maximum Speed near Railroad tracks and Alleys

15 mph

Maximum Speed in Residential or Business Districts

25 mph

If you are new to the city TravelCar is your best buddy. It not only offers the most affordable and cheapest car rentals with the US, but the drivers are also well versed with the speed limits to ensure the cops don't catch for over-speeding. The cars themselves come with speed sensors, so if the driver does break the speed limits, the car will ensure he stays within his limits!

TravelCar offers you a wide range of car rentals at the most economical price ranges within Salt Lake City. The drivers are well trained to NOT break the law or the speed limits not only within Salt Lake City but throughout the US. Go ahead and travel hassle-free, travel safely with the cheapest car rentals at TravelCar.